Oregairu Analysis – Finally, “Y” in Hayama Hayato’s Heart Was Revealed

Oregairu analysis focused on the person who is the crush of Hayama Hayato (葉山 隼人), the legendary “Y”. Who will be the one he has feeling for? Finally, the answer of this question will be revealed here and now!!

I watched Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru (やはり俺の青春ラブコメはまちがっている。). ss1 ep 8 and read the same question about who is “Y” (the one who Hayama likes and mentioned in LN v4) in some forums. To tell you the truth, I want to know who is “Y” too so I read many comments from those forums. Here’s the list.

but before proceed…

  • Please read Attention page first, to let you understand that my all analysis are not 100% right.
  • Spoiler alert!! And I recommend you to read/watch Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru. (やはり俺の青春ラブコメはまちがっている。), Oregairu (俺ガイル) LN/anime/manga Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabu Kome wa Machigatteiru. -Monologue- (やはり俺の青春ラブコメはまちがっている。-妄言録-) and manga @Comic before proceed.

Before I will start…

I know you want to find the answer asap. But I will recommend you to look back at the incident before the summer camp will happen. If you already read LN v2. The relationship between Hayato and Hachiman was still good ↑. Hachiman can solve his problem about ch@in m@il that made the bad atmosphere in the class.

But after the certain incident (new character appeared) in LN v3 has ended, Hayato’s conduct toward Hachiman has changed completely ↓↓↓↓↓. Although Hayato didn’t show his feeling clearly, something was leaked from his body. I will explain later about the signals he has toward Hachiman.

But before you will proceed, if you don’t know why the appearance of new character has something connected with the phenomenon of Hayato (sunshine → cloudy), I will recommend you to read this post.

Candidates For “Y”

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  • Yukinoshita Yukino (雪ノ下 雪乃)
  • Yukinoshita Haruno (雪ノ下 陽乃)
  • Miura Yumiko (三浦 優美子)
  • Yuigahama Yui (由比ヶ浜 結衣)
  • Zaimokuza Yoshiteru (材木座 義輝) (huh?)
  • Yamato (大和) (Yeah, right!!)

OK, each one has “Y” in their names so how can we find the real “Y” ? Of course, from LN v4 and 8. V4 has so many detail and super nano hints that Watari-sensei provides to us, readers. I suspect he tried to tell us who is “Y” in this vol quietly but surely.  For v8 , Hayato started to has weird expressions.

How to find “Y” is reading LN carefully.

After I suspect interesting expressions of Hayato in v8, I know I need to find any clues to confirm “Y” in my mind is the right one or not. Finally , I found the answer who is “Y” in v4 and I explore by reading again and again to confirm. However I advice you should not skip LN v3 because Watari-sensei prepared card by presenting this person before provide super nano hints in next vol.

Start to suspect Hayato’s interesting expressions and that person.

In LN v8, Haruno calls Hayato to come to donut shop but no more detail to say. After he came to donut shop, He saw she is with Hikigaya Hachiman (比企谷 八幡) and unknown 2 girls. Haruno presents 2 girls to him and said they want to meet him. Hayato has no choice but chat with them. ( Wow,  Hachiman mentioned that Hayato would stop by right after his club activities. Can you imagine he came instantly even Haruno didn’t tell him what business she needs him? = Haruno has influence over him. Just one short call and he came instantly.)
After 2 girls went out from the shop, he glared at Haruno and questioned why she did this. However, Haruno opened smile barrier to reflex his anger away. He can’t do anything but accept this destiny that he was forced to have some fun with 2 girls. This reality made him feel despair. (Hachiman mentioned again that for some reason, Hayato made gloomy expression.

Hayama Hayato (葉山 隼人) gives Hikigaya Hachiman (比企谷 八幡) interesting hint about Yukinoshita Haruno (雪ノ下 陽乃Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru. Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabukome wa Machigatte Iru. Oregairu My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, as I Expected. My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Zoku Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru. Zoku Oregairu Zoku My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU TOO! やはり俺の青春ラブコメはまちがっている。 やはり俺の青春ラブコメはまちがっている。続 俺ガイル 果然我的青春戀愛喜劇搞錯了。 果然我的青春戀愛喜劇搞錯了。續 ep3)

Why do I write Hayato feel despair?

Hayama Hayato (葉山 隼人) forces Hikigaya Hachiman (比企谷 八幡) to join in the date indirectly. (Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru. Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabukome wa Machigatte Iru. Oregairu My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, as I Expected. My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Zoku Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru. Zoku Oregairu Zoku My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU TOO! やはり俺の青春ラブコメはまちがっている。 やはり俺の青春ラブコメはまちがっている。続 俺ガイル 果然我的青春戀愛喜劇搞錯了。 果然我的青春戀愛喜劇搞錯了。續 ep4)While I finish writing this analysis, I don’t write anything happens in the doughnut cafe in Oregairu LN v8 (Zoku anime ep3) yet, so I try to explain about that period partially in this post too. But after I wrote about analysis focused on Hayato when he got call from Haruno, I will delete some information here because I explained what I found about him in “The truth(s) behind Hayato’s sacrifice for Hachiman (part 1)”. Over there, you will find his feelings (include his despair) and thoughts when he is in the doughnut cafe in full edition.

Talk about Hayato’s despair, it’s because everything is not like he expects. Whatever he finds out in doughnut cafe makes his hope turns to opposite emotion. Haruno calls him for the certain purposes and she needs him to do. In case you want to know what I mean and what she wishes him to do, you can read in Haruno’s operation fire doughnut (part 3). Over there, even doughnut is melting, let alone Hayato’s condition.

But please don’t forget I’m writing about “Y” topic.

Or Maybe Hayato’s “Y” is …

OK. And with all these interesting expressions of Hayato, I started to find any more clues to confirm that Haruno is “Y” or not in LN v4. But before that, Watari-sensei arranged plot for us already so I will talk about v3 a little bit.

Pin it.

Yukinoshita Haruno (雪ノ下 陽乃) attacks Hikigaya Hachiman (比企谷 八幡) with her finger. (Oregairu ep6)
tease this boy more

In LN v3, Watari-sensei presented older sister of Yukino, Yukinoshita Haruno. She met with Yukino and Hachiman in the shopping mall. So I want you to remember that this event happened before summer camp period.

In case you want to know why Haruno thinks Hachiman is very interesting, you can read in this post – “Oregairu Analysis – When Yukinoshita Haruno Also Gazes into Hachiman.” He observes this woman, but he doesn’t know she does the same thing.

OK, I will start collect and analyze Hayama Hayato’s data in v4.

Finally, “Y” in Hayato’s heart was revealed

In LN v4, I will focus on Hayato again. I will collect all behaviors/expressions of the being called Hayama Hayato (葉山 隼人) that will let me reach to the answer and look for the meaning of behaviors/expressions of him. (What am I , stalker?)


When Hachiman and his friends are retrieving their baggage from the car as they came to the Chiba village, he sees a minivan arrives and he finds out that one of people in that minivan is Hayato. He greets Hachiman by calling him “Hikitani-kun“. (Why did I think word “Hikitani-kun”  is fishy? In LN v1-2, I don’t think Hayato called him that name is fishy but in v4, it is. I will explain later why it is.)


During prepare to make curry, Hachiman is preparing the fire and sees Hayato looks at him. When Hachiman asks him “What?”, He answers “nothing”. So Hachiman glares at him but Hayato still says the same answer. However he gives up because Hachiman glares at him every 5 seconds. He starts to say “Hikitani-kun, about Yu” but was interrupted by Totsuka. After that, Hachiman asks him to continue but Hayato says he will tell him later. (I wrote he starts to say but in my opinion, he wants to ask something between Hachiman and someone that has name with “Yu”. Too bad because Hayato never continue about this again.)


Tobe Kakeru (戸部 翔) reveals his crush. (Oregairu ep8)After prepare to sleep in bungalow, Tobe Kakeru (戸部 翔) wants to talk about who he and other people like but Hayato doesn’t want to talk about this. However his refusal can’t stop Tobe to continue, he comments Ebina Hina (海老名 姫菜) is cute and asks Hayato’s. Hayato still refuse to say even if Tobe importunes him so Tobe has no choice but want just the initial. Hayato gives up and says “Y“. After Tobe heard this, he still find in his head who is “Y” but stops because Hayato is upset and was told to sleep. (I can tell this is sensitive topic for Hayato because from his reaction, he doesn’t want to talk about this to anyone, not to his friends. However, you still want to know the full answer, right?)


In the meeting, everyone consults how to solve Tsurumi Rumi (鶴見 留美)‘s problem. When Hachiman explains about the most frightening people and many things. After that, Hayama glares at him directly but starts to understand a little why that woman looks out for Hachiman. He decides to go with Hachiman’s plan. (You might not know but Hayato got so mad at Hachiman. He agrees to follow Hachiman’s plan but he never accept Hachiman’s ideal.)

Data#5 (New!)

In the same period as Data#4, Hayato’s words about “that woman looks out for Hachiman.”, gives me another hint.


After everyone solved Rumi’s problem. Hayato talks with Hachiman. Hayato still calls him “Hikitani-kun” and in the end, he announces he would not get along with you, Hikigaya-kun(So he knows collect name of Hachiman and still calls him Hikitani-kun except this time, huh?)

It’s time to analyze Hayato’s data.

With Haruno has influence with Hayato so much and his expressions when he is with Haruno in donut shop in LN v8. I will analysis with a hypothesis that “Y” is Yukinoshita Haruno.

As I wrote before that Watari presents Haruno in LN v3 before summer camp period. So if I suspect Haruno is “Y”. I will anticipate that Hayato and Haruno would meet somewhere after Haruno met Hachiman and Yukino in the shopping mall and before summer camp happened.

With this I will start to explain Hayato’s behaviors/expressions during summer camp.

Hayama Hayato is suffering. (Oregairu episode 7)
…Why me?

Decode Data#1

When Hayato greets Hachiman, He calls wrong name “Hikitani-kun“. Many people think he still call Hachiman’s name wrong but unintentionally. However after they solved Rumi’s problem, Hayato calls his name “Hikigaya-kun”. With this, it means Hayato intends to call “Hikitani-kun” even if that’s not Hachiman’s name.

Hayama Hayato, Miura Yumiko, Ebina Hina and Tobe Kakeru arrive Chiba village (Oregairu episode 7)
Why Hikitani?

So I suspect Hayato met Haruno before and she mentioned about a dead fish eyed boy who is in the same school as him and Yukino named Hikigaya-kun. If she talks about him, I will not be surprised if Hayato realize she met him. However she would talk about him so much and happily that makes him feel jealous.

If you watch anime in ss 1, you would imagine how she talks Hikigaya-kun this , Hikigaya-kun that or Hikigaya-kun is very interesting. In LN v8 , Hayato told Hachiman that Haruno seems to be fond of him, so I will buy that too. If a woman you loves so much starts talking about another guy happily, what do you feel?

[In case you want to know what so important about Haruno meets Hachiman for the first time in LN v3, you can read in analysis “When Yukinoshita Haruno Also Gazes into Hachiman.” Over there you will know how she thinks he is interesting.]

After talk with Haruno, Hayato meets Hachiman again in summer camp. The first feeling he would feel is upset. He knew Hachiman’s name already because Haruno but he still want to punch Hachiman silently and doesn’t want to call his name correctly, so “Hikitani-kun”.

[In case again you are curious about why Hayato chooses to hurt Hachiman by calling him “Hikitani” instead his collect name. This is …Hayato’s way. I don’t know you got experience like when your naughty friend tries to call you with name that bent from your own collect name. When they call you that, that hurts you. They’re so happy they can bully you but you are not happy. This is how Hayato uses to hurt Hachiman (I will not explain why he did this anymore). But we are talking about this Hayama Hayato. He creates “nice guy” persona, so he can’t act like he is bad guy. If he acts like bad friend I mentioned earlier, people around him include Hachiman will know his malice. This is Hayato’s fear. He can’t let people realize his feeling, let alone his ill will. He can’t destroy his persona he tries so much to create it just want to hurt love rival who catches that person’s interest. So that’s why he chooses to use method that can send invincible jab to Hachiman and people can’t notice his intention. It’s Kanji’s fault that makes him call Hachiman like that. However, in LN v10, he can’t stand Hachiman can’t see through his malice (it’s not Hachiman’s fault). He feels inferior toward him because that person never change her feeling toward him again. Moreover, that guy who can see through evils from people, is the one who doesn’t even try to look at him. This is worse more than … you can read in the second memorandum in LN v10. Over there, you will see the owner’s suffering.]

And please don’t forget again I’m writing about “Y”. My bad, sorry.

Decode Data#2

Hiratsuka Shizuka is casting fire magic to cook curry in front of kids. (Oregairu episode 7)
I will show you my fire magic!

During prepare to make curry, Hayato stares at Hachiman (chiii~). He wants to understand why Haruno is very interested in him so much until he almost ask him about “Yu–“. I am not sure what Hayato want to ask him but if I need to guess, Hayato wants to get some information from Hachiman about a woman named “Yukinoshita Haruno”. I think “Yu” is the initial of her surname because when you mention about someone who you never mention about this person before, you would use his/her full name.

And when Hayato says “Yu” like this, it means Zaimokuza and Yamato can’t be the “Y” automatically. …We lost two bananas in one go. Ebina’s dream can’t come true.

So the remained candidates are 4 girls (Yukino, Haruno, Yuigahama and Yumiko).

Decode Data#3

Tobe asks Hayato who he likes but he refuses. However Tobe importunes him, Hayato doesn’t want to talk about that but he is the nice man who never say no to anyone, or should I say “can’t say no”. He knows he need to give Tobe the answer or else Tobe  will be mad at him.

So Tobe wants him to say the initial only. If my hypothesis is collect, Hayato needs to say “H” (Haruno) but he can’t say that so he chooses “Y” (Yukinoshita – Haruno’s surname)  instead with many reasons.

The reasons why uses “Y” instead of “H”.

  • If he said “Y” , he still tells the truth but can hide the truth at the same time. I can sense he doesn’t want to tell a lie to Tobe. So he uses her surname because it is name too.
  • With “Y”, he can hide her name “H” by using other girls who has the initial “Y” in their names. I mean if he uses “Y”, Tobe will start to find who is “Y” in his clique. He will know there are Yumiko and Yui. I think Hayato wants Tobe to think “Y” is Yumiko. With this, Tobe will be curious and might ask Hayato more about “Y” but Hayato won’t talk about this anymore and tell him to sleep.
  • I wrote earlier that Tobe might find girl who name with “H”, but when I think carefully, there’s one. Ebina Hina. If he thinks this might be her, how can you imagine what will happen next to Hayama? Tobe would not believe Hayama likes Ebina, but the curiosity and worry can overcome anything. He would try to find out by ask him to reveal who really is this “H” girl of Hayama. Hayama is nice guy who can’t refuse anything directly or else he will lose a friend (Tobe). Tobe would never accept if Hayama will lie to him or doesn’t reveal this name. So Hayama might has no choice but say that name. And this will be the bad end. So no matter Tobe will think this “H” will be Ebina or not, “H” is forbidden.
  • Hayato will get more trouble if his answer is “H”. It’s possible that Tobe can’t find any girls who has initial “H” so you can imagine he will be super duper curious and want to know the full name. Hayato knows Tobe has a big mouth. Tobe might slip about this within his clique and one of his friend will be hurt (Yumiko). It is possible his clique will be shattered because Yumiko might go out from this group (if Yumiko do that, Ebina and Yui will have no choice but stay with her too). That’s why Hayato can’t say “H”, so “Y” is the best/safest choice.
  • When Tobe asks him, there’s not only him but Hachiman and Totsuka are there too. Hayato feels extremely awkward.
  • Hayato knows Hachiman is listening his answer. I mentioned earlier that Hayato feels jealous after Haruno is very interested in Hachiman so that’s why in Hayato’s mind, Hachiman is his love rival automatically.  So he will never tell the answer to Hachiman. Why does he need to reveal the secret (that he never say to anyone, not to his friends) in front of love rival who got attention from his crush?

With these reasons, that’s why Hayato says “Y”.

Decode Data#4

In the meeting, everyone consults how to solve Rumi’s problem. Hachiman explains 2 quotes. (LN v4 c7)

Hachiman Quotes (Short version)

The most frightening people are the one closes to you. You would never think he/she would stab you in the back. That person could be your best friend.

People will show their true colors in extremely bad situations. When they’re so scared, they’ll do anything to protect themselves from danger. They can’t think about other people. They’ll even sacrifice one of their own to save themselves. No way you can get along with someone once their ugly side is revealed.

After Hachiman finish his quotes, he doesn’t know his speeches is making a fire tornado near him. Do you remember Hayato is very depressed by his past (when he and Yukino was in the same elementary school). I will bet Hayato met a situation in the past that he has no choice but do nothing and end up sacrificing his close friend. However his nightmare is not end yet.

After that, I don’t know Yukino will tell about her bulling to her family or not (I bet she won’t, because she has her own pride and doesn’t want anyone see her as a pathetic one.(just like Rumi)) but her sister, the one who is very smart and still be together with her back then, noticed something bad happened to her younger sister. I don’t know again Yukino told her or not (I will bet again, not…) but Haruno can ask someone who is in the same school, Hayama Hayato. If she asked him, he has no choice but tell her everything (Yeah, big sister who he admires asks, how can he resist, right?). Can you imagine what happen after he confessed everything to her?

A boy who Haruno thinks as her younger brother and Yukino’s close friend, she likes him, plays with him, teases him a lot, but when Yukino was in big trouble, he was so scared and didn’t save her, hmmm~  I will let you imagine Haruno will transform to another fire tornado and crush him or not (and I didn’t mean she will harm or kill him.). Haruno can’t trust Hayato anymore and yes, hates him from that day. OK, back to the present.

Rumi’s problem made Hayato reminisces and suffered by his bitter past more than enough. Besides his love rival started to give him quotes that he doesn’t want to hear the most because all of that is him. This made Hayato’s anger becomes fire tornado. (the evidence is he glared at Hachiman directly and commented that Hachiman has a nasty side to him (Hachiman thinks that Hayato looks at him with disgust).

Yes, I found his expression this time is kinda weird. Hayato doesn’t need to be angry to Hachiman. (like Yui and Totsuka feel after listening to his speech.)

Hayama Hayato starts to understand Hikigaya Hachiman a little bit. (Oregairu episode 8)
Hayato-kun, your eyes are scary…

However his fire tornado started to weaken as he understands why that woman looks out for Hachiman.
Right now, I can say confidently that “Y” and the woman who looks out for Hachiman is the same person = Hayato’s crush.

So with this conclusion, Hayato decides to follow Hachiman’s plan but his objective is to prove Hachiman’s ideal can’t save Rumi. Hayato still think his own ideal can save her and if Hachiman can’t solve Rumi’s problem, it means Hachiman’s wrong, he’s right!

I can say again this would be the first time Hayato begins to feel inferior to Hachiman but he can’t accept this so easily, he can’t accept that woman thinks Hachiman is very interesting but not him. So Hayato uses Hachiman’s plan to prove his own ideal.

ps. all of this happened in Hayato’s head… the battle between 2 boys!!

Decode Data#5 (New!)

In case my analysis above until now, still can’t convince you enough, let’s see about this. When Hayato says about he understands a little bit why “she/kanojo” is looking out for Hachiman, no wonder “she” he mentions, is the one he has feeling for. So his word this time gives me important hint to find out who is “Y”. it’s the only one who can fit in this hint. I will explain why.

Please imagine when Hayato says “she”, I will ask you…

  • that person who he mentions is the one who is in the same room in pic below
  • or that person is the one who is not near him right now.

Hayama Hayato's ideal is vastly different from Hikigaya Hachiman's. (Oregairu episode 8)

Although this pic doesn’t show all Y girls, but you would know who is not in this room, right? I will let you imagine who are still in the room in pic above, and who is not.

If you ask me, if “she” is in the same room and is near Hayato and Hachiman right now, if I am Hayato, I would not say “she” like that, but tries to keep quiet instead. It will not make sense to mention “she” when she is near him, won’t it?

And in case that woman is not in the same room as Hayato when he mentions about her, it would make sense or not?

Hide & Seek, who-is-she?

So this hint is so thin and can’t see it so easily, but its sharp can slash between the only one from other candidates.

Decode Data#6

After everyone solved Rumi’s problem. Hayato can’t sleep so he talks with Hachiman. In Hayato’s mind, he finally accepts his defeat. Hachiman’s plan can save Rumi so his ideal is right. However if Hayato accept his defeat, he must accept another reality that it’s understandable why that woman decided to look out for Hachiman. Because he understands about people more than him, because he tries to understand just at first sight.

If he think like this, it’s not surprising if he wants to imagine a different situation, right? He wonders what happen if Hachiman and him went to the same elementary school. Hachiman answered with confidence already but do you know what’s in Hayato’s mind?

If Hachiman can save Yukino successfully (like Rumi’s case), Yukino might be friendly with him and Haruno will notice her sister talks about an unknown boy often. Haruno will asks her and start to be interesting in him later. Can you imagine Hachiman, Yukino and Haruno are under the same spotlight and Hayato is in different place and looks at them? (that’s why Hayato said a lot of things would end up differently if Hachiman went to his school.)

If Hayato imagines like that, it will not be surprising if he will be so upset. So with this upset and accepting his defeat, that’s why he tells to Hachiman…

“that even so, I would not get along with you, Hikigaya-kun.

Hayato admits his defeat. (Oregairu episode 8)
So you remember his name.

And this is the first time Hayato accepts Hachiman as his real love rival by calling Hachiman’s name collectedly. Too bad Hachiman doesn’t know about Hayato’s thoughts & emotions right now.

The Conclusion of “Y” in Hayato’s Heart

With my super extremely long analysis, I will summarize (or I don’t need to?) that “Y” in Hayato’s Heart is…

Yukinoshita Haruno!!

Yukinoshita Haruno descends from limo. (Oregairu episode 8)
Here she comes!

In “LN v4 – the last chapter” and “anime  ss1, ep8”, Watari-sensei presents her again at the end of this ch/episode to reveal about who is “Y” to everyone silently but surely. You can look for the name of this episode. It said…

“One Day, They Will Learn the Truth”.

And that’s my analysis in “Y”. (full edition, oh wow! I never write long range post like this before.)

  • If you find any viewpoint that I didn’t write, please write your Comment below, I like to read yours too!!  (and you don’t mind if I might improve my analysis because of your great comment, right?)
  • Please share other analysis that writing about “Y” by commenting here or paste link. I don’t mind if those analysis will give the same result like mine or different result. Any is OK!
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Yukinoshita Haruno warns Yuigahama Yui Hikigaya Hachiman belongs to Yukino. (Oregairu episode 8)
haha, don’t be shy. What do you think? I’m the true answer or not?

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This analysis concentrates Rumi’s case that happens at the same time as Hayama reveals the name of the girl he likes.

With these two analysis (part 1 & 2) that explained what happened during doughnut shop (LN v8, anime Zoku ep 3), you will know why Hayama decides Hachiman to be his rival. Everything have their own reasons.

Don’t believe my analysis above until you will see other clues! This analysis will let you see image clearly if Hayama has feeling for Haruno or not.

If the result of “Y” in this post is correct, you will find out why Hayama feels despair after he arrives the doughnut cafe.


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  2. Wow, great analysis<<< This data is surely a masterpiece that can be only done by hard work, Truly by this information it is well confirmed that it is Haruno besides the fact that it will be too straightforward for it too be Yukino… Anyway, I can see you have a very great skills for this kind of work. :)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your praise & thanks more for reading my analysis, @JA REBADOMIA. :3

      • My analysis is based on Hayama Hayato is very interesting & smart character. (in the same level as Haruno and smart more than me, my IQ is very normal.) He can solve problems effectively even if he has short time (like in case of Tobe importunes his answer.)

      • Again I am grateful after you praise me about my skills but to tell you the truth, the reasons I did these analysis is not to show my skill but if you want to know my objectives, you can read in “Attention” page in main menu of this blog.

      • To tell you the truth, I’m interested to read other analysis that talk about “Y” of Hayama as well. If you know the source, please tell me too.


  3. this is a good analysis. however, at some point from s1-s2… I really did think that the Y (Hayato mentioned was pointing out to) = Yukino and not Haruno, although they share the same last name with initial of “Y”. Simply because their past (Hayato and Yukino) seemingly more tied/connected than how Hayato’s relationship with Haruno from the past up to present…(?) I think, we can only be assured of their relationships if Watari-sensei made a part II of the LN and fill up the past of Haruno, Hayato and Yukino which will clear all the blurry parts of the story.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, @KYASH39 to visit & read my work.

      I like to read everyone’s comments and to know what my visitors think after read my work is one of my happiness.:3

      Your mention that Hayato & Yukino would have closer relationship than Haruno & Hayato’s, is very interesting.

      They are in same age, their parents are friends, and 2 kids would attend to the same school= “the closest childhood friend”

      I agree with you that their relationship still are not clearly and hope Watari-sensei will reveal so we will know what happened to their relationship. :3


  4. This is really a good work. I did some analysis like this one on my blog for Spanish readers. Do you mind if I translate your posts to Spanish and put on my blog? I’ll give you the credits of course.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t mind, you can translate my work, @GIORY26. But I need you to do some conditions.

      If you agree to do this conditions, way to go! :3

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I’m glad when someone saw my work is worth enough to translate to other sites.

          I’m looking forward to read my work in Spanish version and your other posts too. :3

          Liked by 1 person

  5. The best interpretation I have read so far, I honestly cannot refute any of your statements. I enjoyed the read a lot, thank-you !

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I didn’t know oregairu was this deep since season 1 but when i don’t understand some of season 2 I did some bit of researching and stumbled on reddit and this was linked over. My thinking of the plot is deep so as I say but in truth my understanding was too shallow. Thanks for this, it is very interesting.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Can you give me your research? I want to read every Oregairu research (story and characters). :9

      ps. I’m glad, you like my work, @zapxcero.


  7. uhm..why are the main characters names start with same letter as their surname ? .i dont know why but it seems fishy. was it intended by the writer or pure coincidence. and the haruno theory was pretty good too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think writer intended since there’re many characters that are like that. But I don’t know the reason.
      Thanks for your praising, @auonni. :3


  8. Nice theory, and because this I watch again the anime, and I found another clue again in Season 1 episode 9, when Haruno meet Hikkigaya and Yuigahama in summer fest, when they talking in someplace while wathcing the fireworks, Haruno ask Hikki and Yui are in date? and when they answer, she says “because, if you really in a date, thats mean, Yukino has not choosen again.”

    So maybe its clue about Yukino and Hayama relationship, that Hayama has choose Haruno than Yukino.

    PS: Sorry for my bad english.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for praising, @Nurdin

      I agree with your theory that Hayato has feeling for Haruno (as my analysis mentioned who is Y). So when Haruno says Yukino has not chosen again, I think the same as yours.

      ps. I’s OK. I understand your comment. I’m not good in Eng language either. ;3


  9. Do you know where site I can read the complete LN on english version? Because this LN still not published in my country


  10. It’s definitely either Haruno or Yukino. I think that either Hayato rejected Yukino in the past because he liked Haruno which in turn helped to ostracize Yukino even further from the girls in their elementary school or he showed an interest in Yukino in the past which made the other girls feel jealous so they bullied her and he either tried to help her and failed or he didn’t do anything to help her which has caused their previous relationship to become strained.

    I actually read a comment recently on Reddit that said Yukinos request to the service club will be to help her to repair her relationship with Hayato because she likes him… I mean, how far off the mark can you be? Are we even reading/watching the same thing!? Anyway, I digress. You’ve definitely given me a lot to think about, I was actually leaning more towards Hayato liking Yukino before I read this but now I’m not so sure. You might be right in saying it’s Haruno.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. And I want to know what really happened between those three too. I read from LN that both Hayama & Yukino admires Haruno, the perfect sister but her existence started to pain Yukino. She feels inferior because her family wishes she will be like her too, but she can’t. And when she tries her best to reach her older sister, she feels inferior more and gives up. And plus with she was bullied in the school. Hayama, who is scared this situation, escapes to the safe zone and abandoned her.

      Later Yukino would realize Hayama has his feeling for her perfect sister. He should be the one who she can rely on, but he can’t save her because his own fear and he has the one he likes already. Her inferior feeling was peaked to the maximum. She thought she has no anyone to support her, and she can’t reach her sister. It resulted she keeps her distance from her overwhelming perfect sister. Everything was taken away from her because of the existence of Haruno. This would be wall/assumption she created from that time.

      Yukino’s request? If she wishes to repair the relationship between her and Hayato, I doubt that. Because she told conclusion (bad relationship in the past) with him in LN v10 already. So I don’t see why Yukino wants to return to him (in case of she ever had feeling to him). And I don’t see any signal she likes him either. OK. Haruno said once during firework festival that Yukino would not be chosen again. I think we can translate her words in 2 different way, directly and indirectly.

      Directly – Yukino would love Hayama, but he loves Haruno. = she was rejected.
      Indirectly – Haruno misunderstood that Yukino loves Hayama (she just rely on him, the best friend). Haruno sees her sister as cute/shy when she wants to befriend with Hayama, so I guess she can misunderstand Yukino’s feeling. And end up try to match Hayama and Yukino. Hayama can’t say anything because he loves beautiful older sister, so he shuts his mouth. Yukino doesn’t know about love since she is still a kid, but wants to be with him and her sister, so anyway is OK!

      And we are reading Watari style, so I don’t think we can translate their relationship directly or so easily. It is still be secret until now, so it should be something that… no way to guess so easily, I assume.

      I’m glad to have a chance reading your opinion (long opinion! I luv it!). I hope you will follow reading my next work that will be posted soon. It’s about the third memorandum in LN v10. You will not be disappointed for sure!!


      1. Hey! I hope I’m not too late on the comment chain haha

        Now that volume 11 is out (I don’t think it was when you wrote the original post…? Correct me if I’m wrong) I think we can piece together exactly what happened between the three.

        (minor spoilers vol. 11) We now know that Yukino made chocolates for Hayama in elementary school. If we add that on to what you said here, I think what most likely happened was that Yukino tried to confess to Hayama on Valentine’s, got rejected because “I like your sister more.” That translated into “Your sister is better than you” in Yukino’s mind. Yukino was then ostracized from the class because of the confession, and Haruno probably flipped out somehow when she found out about how Hayama did nothing.

        I’ve always guessed the “Y” was Haruno by process of elimination (e.g. she was the only crush that causes Hayama to stay in limbo) but you’ve helped me organize my thoughts very well. Thank you so much!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Oh! I remember this scene. Your assumption about confession is very interesting.

          It’s possible that Hayama might reject Yukino when she gave choco and confessed. But I doubt at the same time too. I mean, we know the nice guy Hayama. So I assume he is nice boy back then as well. When Yukino gives him choco, her sister was there too so she gave her some as well. If Yukino confessed to him, it will be something off. And with Hayama, the nice boy, would not has courage enough to reject Yukino in front of Haruno for sure. Moreover, he wants to maintain relationship between them.

          • When Yukino is still a kid, I am not sure she loves Hayama or not. But with choco she made, it would be safe if I assume that she cherished him and her sister a lot.
          • Or she just want to give choco to Hayama so she can rely on the only boy who is close friend.
          • Or in case of Yukino loves Hayama for real, I think she gave Hayama choco to present her love secretly. If I say secretly, I mean she gave some to Haruno too, so she might want him think this is Giri Choco. Love triangle spot!! Haruno might notice Yukino’s feeling as well.
          • Or all of them. Since their past is not revealed yet, I can just give some light weight assumptions only.

          I don’t really know Hayama told Yukino he loves Haruno or not. But your assumption about translation is very interesting. It’s possible Yukino will feel heavy inferior because Hayama’s rejection and the perfect being of Haruno. That’s why she lost everything (in her mind) & escaped to study abroad.

          I’m glad I can help you organize thought process. @leujohn. ;3

          Liked by 1 person

          1. You’re probably right that my guess is probably a bit too extreme. It’s a bad habit of mine, but I find it easier to start with an extreme guess and then whittle it down. Heh.

            I guess I based my guess on the assumption that Yukino, Haruno, and Hayama grew up into their personalities, rather than being born with their personalities. In that scenario, I guess the incident between the three would be the cause of their personalities in the present day. I can’t think of any evidence off the top of my head that talks about what their personalities were like before the incident though, so I’m not sure. (Except for Haruno’s constant “Yukino-chan was so cute back then!” but that’s probably dishonest narration)

            A final thought. Do you think Watari will reveal what happened back then? I can see good arguments for both yes and no, so what do you think?

            Thanks for the reply! It’s great to find someone else to talk intelligently about one of my all-time favorite works of fiction.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Actually, your assumption is interesting for real that made me tried to think about this. It’s fine if it came from pure guess. I ever think like you think often (until now I still think like this too). I read comments from other communities that came from 100% feeling only, so yours is better in my opinion because your pure guess came from your experience after read LN (even watch anime) carefully.

              And now your assumption this time is interesting again. I agree with you about their personalities grew up from environment more than born with their personalities. However, let me add my assumption continue from your assumption.

              • In case of Hayama: I think you are right about him 90%. He becomes nice guy because the environment around him, no wonder. However, I will add more that he becomes like that because he can’t fight against other people around him. The real him who can’t fight back is his true self. So 10% of him comes from his true self who born like this. (please read 2nd memorandum for understanding about him more)
              • In case of Haruno: I think her perfect being comes from environment around her 99%. 1% of her true self was sunk by environment and her own fear. So I assume this is her until now (please read 3rd memorandum for understanding about her more). Her personality sometimes wavers a bit when her emotions are overwhelming. But she tries to keep it within mere seconds.
              • In case of Yukino: i’m confuse about her.
                She was pressured by family so her personality we see until now is her own image for protecting herself 90%.
                But whenever her copy personality happens, her personality is 0%.
                However, when her determination is clear (like when school festival before concert), her personality mixed with identity, so we see her like that.
                So I can say Yukino’s personality wavers more than problematic two characters above.

              I think you are right about the incident between them causes them to have personalities until now. But I think more that their personalities was pressured for a long time. The incident between them is one of that (especially Hayama and Yukino). The incident back then is like Thor Hammer for them to have personalities like this.

              My assumption above based on pure guess after think the story in LN.

              Haruno’s opinion about Yukino in the past, we should become Haruno. So please imagine Yukino in mini size. And you are older than her. ;3

              A final thought. Do you think Watari will reveal what happened back then? I can see good arguments for both yes and no, so what do you think?
              Sure thing 1 million percent. He tries his best to hide this important information until now (and just reveal tiny clues only) in order to reveal like nuclear bomb in later volume (but I’m not sure which volume).

              Thanks for the reply! It’s great to find someone else to talk intelligently about one of my all-time favorite works of fiction.
              That’s my line! So we are the same. :D

              Liked by 1 person

  11. I just saw your post on the Blog Carnival. This is an incredibly detailed and thorough post about one of my favorite anime. I really liked it! Lots of thought and effort was put into this. Nice post! I always wondered about who Hayame liked, and I think it all came down to Yukino or her sister. Or maybe even Hachiman??? Hehe just kidding!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Many thanks for reading my analysis. After I read your comment, I feel I can fly. I’m glad you like it, @weeabootaku. HayaxHachi? This is totally OK for me. ;3

      In case you want to know Hayato feels for “that person” for real or not, I recommend you to read this more.


      ps. It’s very lonnng post like usual, please read when you have free time.

      Liked by 1 person

  12. Oh my gosh. This is so comprehensive! I’m so impressed. It’s like I’m reading a scientific report—literary style! I haven’t read this LN yet but reading this post makes me want to. But first…I must hunt it down. Thanks for sharing this to my blog carnival. Wow. Keep up the awesome work. Cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

  13. This theory of yours explains why Yukino is keeping distance away from Hayato (since he’s the one causing her suffering) and Haruno (an inferiority complex because of the difference between their achievements in life, but that might only be the front, perhaps she’s jealous her sister is the one on Hayato’s mind). So far it’s just a theory, but with the way things go, it’s becoming more likely to be true.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Possible. Maybe Yukino has feeling for Hayama, but Hayama has feeling for her older sister.

      I hope I can write about similar topic that connects to this matters (why Yukino keeps distance away from Hayato and her sister.) as well.


  14. Wow, this is what I call godlike analysis
    But let me tell you about a thing I noticed

    When you said that if Hachiman is in the same elementary school as Hayato, he was afraid of Yukino becoming friendlier and so because of Hachiman saving her, THE SAME WAY AS RUMI (Sorry for using capslocks, I’m on mobile so I can’t bold the words)
    That is if Hachiman is as pessimistic as he is right now. If I’m not wrong, I once read in this anime’s wikia that someone has stated that Hachiman once had a normal eyes but not shown to the audiences at all. Plus, throughout the anime, whenever Hachiman’s past is shown, he is still trying to be social and friendly (for some reason he is still hated, and his eyes are also covered, anytime). This indicates that if Hachiman is in the same school as Hayato and Yukino, the analysis that you’ve put has relatively small chance to be true.

    I also know that you said Hachiman answered confidently, and he said “you’ll have one more loner at your school”. For this case, I know he would say that because of his pessimism and perspective of life. (Please don’t judge me, I know because I’m a pessimist myself)

    Well, me saying all that only cover your analysis about what’s going on inside Hayato’s mind near the end of your article. I hope I didn’t waste your time if you’re reading my comment.

    Either way, what I said can’t affect the overall result. And this article, sir, is amazingly accurate ( the details ) and worth to read.

    You have high IQ right there man. But remember, no matter how high your IQ is, if you’re trying to solve a non-mystery series, we will never beat the author. In this case, it can be that you outsmart the author, or the author outsmarts you. Again I say, this is still an awesome analysis.

    By the way, good job on finding the evidences and details throughout the whole story.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading my work and giving your comment, @Blizzburn.

      About my thought in Hayama’s mind when he mentions about what if Hachiman was in the same school, I admit that is my personal thought only. So I think your thought might be right too. What I interpret in Hayama’s mind, is just assumption only and I never dare say I’m 100% right. I analyzed some incidents and expressed my conclusion only. No bragging after all, so I hope you will not misunderstand that I try to outsmart the author. You can read in Attention page before proceed my analysis, because I never think I’m smart or genius. You will find when you read more analysis of mine that there’re many faults/errors in every analysis. If you expect the absolute/perfect answers, I’m afraid I can’t provide that.

      I will not judge anyone because I don’t have any right to do that at the first place. So feel free to write your opinion. I hope to read your thoughts in the future too. I have normal IQ, and I agree with you that the only one who knows all, is the author only, at least not me for sure. Actually, to write these analysis, one of reason of mine is to wait for the author to reveal the right answer.


      1. Well, sorry if I use some words that is offensive. This this the first time I’m commenting on someone’s blog and tried to give my own opinion

        And don’t worry, all of this are simply the matter of perspective. So I’m not even slightly think that you’re trying to outsmart the author, we all know it’s impossible.

        Anyway, thanks for replying to my comments and had a little debate over this. The only thing that is important is that we all can enjoy reading/watching the novel/anime because the series itself is awesome.

        I’ve already subscribed this blog, so I’m looking forward for more analysis. Do your best of becoming a better blogger!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. It’s okay. I want to read every opinions from readers anyway.

          This series was released for a long time, but I still read/watch Oregairu. I agree with you this is awesome.

          ps. Thanks for subscribing my blog, it’s good to know there’re people who are waiting for my post. I also expect your opinion in the future too.


  15. Hello, Sir. I must commend you for your superb and interesting Analysis. Just as what have @MystesYuji said, It was a worthwile reading experience. Tho you could use some help of an editor to further polish your piece by fixing some grammatical errors.

    Back when I watched Oregairu anime S1, and was ignorant to the LN’s existence, I never thought I could dive deep into the story. And everything change when the fire na-cough wrong series. But then I began to sink when I watched S2 where the plot finally thicken, and realized how deep an ocean could be.

    Well, long story short, I find this Analysis amazing. I always admire people like you, Sir, who devoted his/her time for something which other people might think is trivial. Again, I commend you for your hard work and devotion. Please keep up the good work ^^


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your suggestion. I hope I can find the editor or program that can help me fix the grammar too, but since I didn’t write blog for business (at least for now), I can’t hire the editor to do this job (Gomenasai). <(> <|||)

      I think the same with you too. Anime is awesome but many scenes were cut so watchers can’t understand the in-depth meaning of its story and characters (I think the author would plan to use anime to make people decide to buy LN as much as possible).

      Again, I commend you for your hard work and devotion. Please keep up the good work ^^

      I will. If I publish Oregairu analysis again, I hope you will give me some opinion. :D

      Liked by 1 person

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