Anime Halloween Recommendations (Trick or Treat) for You.

The vampire, Train Heartnet (トレイン ハートネット), the sexy demon, Rinslet Walker (リンスレット ウォーカー, Frankenstein, Sven Vollfied (スヴェン ボルフィード, the witch, Eve (イヴ), the werewolf, Kirisaki Kyoko (キリサキ きょうこ), & the duo mummies, River Zastory (リバー ザストリー) & Kevin McDougall (ケビン·マクドゥーガル) in Halloween theme. (Black Cat ブラック・キャット 黑猫)

Another happy day that we are looking forward to. Let’s see what I will treat (or trick) you in this post. Happy Halloween!! 😀

Although I wrote “anime” but there are manga that have Halloween theme. Vampire, werewolf, witch, along with cute anime like black cat, the partner of the witch girl. But the only thing we can’t forget the popular tradition of Halloween, A jack-o’-lantern. It’s like the symbol of this day. That’s why I look for anime, manga that have Halloween theme.

ps. Let me say something. Most images in this post are property of their respective copyright owners. I don’t own these.

Warning!!: Some anime/manga below this point, get rate R or above.

Welcome to The Halloween Time!!

Since this post will recommend you Halloween in various styles, let me guide you to anime that have Halloween theme.

Halloween Anime

Bleach ep 304

How Kurosaki Ichigo (黒崎 一護) Inoue Orihime (井上 織姫) Kuchiki Rukia (朽木 ルキア) Inoue Orihime (井上 織姫) Ishida Uryuu (石田 雨竜) Abarai Renji (阿散井 恋次) & Hinamori Momo (雛森 桃) change in Halloween theme. (Bleach ブリーチ 死神 블리치 Блич بلیچ Bleach - Sứ mạng thần chết بليتش Wybielacz anime)

How characters in Bleach (ブリーチ) become werewolf, witch, etc is very interesting. And younger sisters of Kurosaki Ichigo (黒崎 一護) will appear in this ep too, but if you want to know other characters will show up and which roles each one will take, you will know the answer when watch this ep.

Doraemon Ep 336


When Doraemon (ドラえもん), Nobi Nobita (野比 のび太) Minamoto Shizuka (源 静香) Honekawa Suneo (骨川 スネ夫) & Dekisugi Hidetoshi (出木杉 英才) are ready for trick or treat. (Doraemon ドラえもん 哆啦A夢 多啦A梦 小叮噹; 小叮当 机器猫 Đôrêmon 萬能小叮噹 도라에몽 anime ep336)

There are many times main characters in this anime start new adventure with amazing gadgets of a certain cat robot, Doraemon (ドラえもん). But it’s rare to see Dekisugi Hidetoshi (出木杉 英才) joins this team. Come to think of it, why are they serious?

Next is the list for anime that are related to Halloween. I don’t know which one is the best or 10 best or 20 best anime, because I feel that every anime have their own good points and since MAL sorts anime list, I will leave links for you. I hope you will get some ideas to watch them during Halloween.

Anime with Related Genre

Horror  ♣  Mystery  ♣  Supernatural  ♣  Fantasy    Magic    Vampire

For Horror anime, I recommend…

  • Another (アナザー)
    • Blood+ (ブラッドプラス)
      • Blood-C (ブラッドシー)
        • Danganronpa 3 (ダンガンロンパ3)
          • Hellsing (ヘルシング) – but I will recommend Hellsing Ultimate too.
            • Shingetsutan Tsukihime (真月譚 月姫)
              • Tokyo Ghoul (東京喰種-トーキョーグール-)

I don’t watch Jigoku Shoujo (地獄少女) yet, if you already watched it, please don’t hesitate to give me your opinion.

For the “real” horror anime, Corpse Party – Tortured Soul (コープスパーティー Tortured Souls -暴虐された魂の呪叫-) is my answer. I touched my forehead and closed my eyes after watched it. And I heard about Elfen Lied (エルフェンリート) but don’t dare to touch it (my stamina is low ^ ^).

Happy Halloween and pumpkin is yummy.

Author: Yahari Bento ( ^ v^)*

Eye wanna eat Quinoa Fried Rice. It would be SO GOOD! SO GOOD! ( ^ )3^)

8 thoughts on “Anime Halloween Recommendations (Trick or Treat) for You.”

  1. Great post: I love Halloween 😀 Blood C and Another are both favorite animeseries of mine. Hope you will have a great Halloween, enjoy it 🎃🎃

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love that you gave us the eo nos so I don’t have to sit through 300+ episodes to get to the one I was looking for!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I wanted to tell you this in the analysis of “who is “y”?” But the comments are closed, I loved that analysis and it pushed me to start reading the ln (already watched the anime).

    I don’t know if someone told you this before but in the volumen 2 of ln when hayama, totsuka and hikigaya were in the same team to visit the workplace they wanted, just after the service club solved the chain messages request hayama did, this guy wrote the name of his classmates on the blackboard but he wrote “hayama, totsuka and hikigaya” and even hikigaya thought “oh, so he didn’t spell my name wrong. That made me kind of happy I guess.”

    You should put this as another evidence that hayama was bullying hikigaya by naming him as hikitani since it was before the Chiba village camp.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for suggesting this useful info and visiting my blog, @Ramon. I considered this hint before, it seems we hope that it is related to spelling 8man’s name of Hayato.

      I tried to find any hints that help me find who is “Y” and the hint you suggest was the one that I thought it might be another hint I was looking for. But after I considered about it carefully with LN. Hayama never spell 8man’s name while he is writing the correct Chinese characters. Those characters can be spelled differently, such as the last character of 8man’s surname can be read as “gaya” or “tani” so it means that even if Hayato can write name correctly, it is still possible that he still misspells it. Such as Hayato can be writing it correctly while he is thinking he is writing a kanji “Tani”.

      About Hayato’s reason why he misspells 8man’s name in LN v2 is still questionable since despite he heard Yukino’s spelling many times but he stills misspells it. He is a smart guy so I think he should doubt if he misspells it or Yukino is the one who misspells it. But I can’t find any motivation that makes him bully 8man since LN v2 or else it is because of tennis contest incident but that ended well. Or he misspells it for his own amusement …is still questionable. The problem is I can’t find his motivation to bully 8man in LN v2. His mistake might occur because of his misunderstanding.

      But your opinion reminds me about Hayato’s action during Yudo incident. I can feel that he “intends” to bully 8man in various way such as misspelling 8man’s name, and choose to be the second competitor in the Yudo fight so his overwhelming bright aura & skill will make 8man feel inferior (he is in the third). These actions show how Hayato tries to bully 8man continuously and clearly while he hides his ill will. Unfortunately I am not sure when this Yudo incident happens. However, I suspect this Yudo incident happens after the first meeting between Haruno and 8man that is previous event before my theory, Haruno & Hayato’ conversation that shows how she is interested toward 8man in front of Hayato that becomes his motivation to upset at 8man as his love rival. It’s too bad I can’t confirm when Yudo incident happens.

      Your observation is awesome because it is an important skill to help you reach the hidden truth in Oregairu. I saw many Oregairu fans who have this potential and you are the one among them. If you use this skill to connect events and check the consistent between each events, your skill and effort will develop and fruit the pleasant result that is the overall image that is the story and sub topics such as characters’ feeling. Thank you again for sharing your opinion because you might not know but this makes me review the story again that makes me understand about it more or less. It is like supporting each other to find the truth.


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