Unbelievable! Flying Witch Petit (ふらいんぐうぃっち) – Knockout by Max Kawaii Anime!

I were sent flying by this 2 minutes short anime. The overwhelming kawaii magic from Flying Witch Petit is too much for me…

Kowata Makoto, Chito, Kowata Akane & Kuramoto Chinatsu are enjoying with tea time. (Flying Witch Petit ep 1)

Please read Attention page first, to let you understand that my all reviews will full of spoil and etc.

This is the first anime review, not analysis of my blog. Let me start with anime I never watch before (?). Yes, I mean that, because anime still was not aired yet and this anime is Flying Witch (ふらいんぐうぃっち). But what I will review is not Flying Witch (main series), today I want to present you SUPER KAWAII short anime of this anime, “Flying Witch Petit (ふらいんぐうぃっち ぷち)“.

Story when before meet it for the first time

Yes, like I said I never watch Flying Witch anime before so you might wonder why I want to write about it so much. Last week, I read my news feed from Facebook like usual when I am not busy.

I remember I am bored while push Page Down button to look for interesting posts. However, I didn’t expect I will find any of it, but that day, it’s not like I expected.

Play automatically, watch automatically.

I found a video post from source I forgot completely, I think this should be an anime trailer, I didn’t think to watch it but that anime clip played automatically. The scene in that clip started to move so it made me watch it automatically as well. (I can’t underestimate the power of facebook, really.) I realize later that this anime clip I watched is not anime trailer like I think before. It is the 1st episode clip.

Maybe Chito is Muh*mmad Al*.

I compared kawaii 3D power from one of characters in Flying Witch Petit to the boxing. So I hope you will not be confused.

Start with soft but quick jab.

It seems this clip has 2 minute length only. In the moment the door of this first episode of Flying Witch Petit was opened, I was attacked with a soft but quick jab in 0:04 of this episode! (This picture below is not 0:04.)

Kowata Makoto is serving tea. (Flying Witch Petit ep 1)
Let’s have some tea, Chito.

What I mean a jab is when I saw a 3D super cute and almost chubby black cat is sleeping in that room! The name of this super cute cat is Chito (チト). This Chito-san made me feel numb from the instant punch.

Combo with left & right hook.

It looks like Chito-san saw I am still numb so s/he took this gold chance to throw left and right hook punches to my head and body! What I mean hook punches is when I saw Chito-san started to sit when s/he is talking to the main character of Flying Witch – Kowata Makoto (木幡 真琴). (Chito is her familiar)

Kowata Makoto is eating tea leaf. (Flying Witch Petit ep 1)


Chito-san’s movement are too much for me…

Guarded but KO from uppercut.

My HP is decreasing but I managed to stand. I started to used to the overwhelming kawaii power from Chito-san. I tried to guard my body but that’s my big mistake. My opponent hoped I will not guard my chin so it’s time Chito-san’s eyes are shining like star (Wink!). S/he rotated the body to generate all power to the ground below. Spin his/her whole body and sent me deadly uppercut!

What I mean deadly uppercut is when I saw in the middle of the episode. The scene was zoomed in to focus on Chito-san’s face when Makoto is pouring hot water to the glass. Chito-san is looking at the glass closely but s/he didn’t know his/her face is too close from hot water. The hot steam made Chito-san be startled from the heat!!


Chito is watching hot water was poured in the glass. (Flying Witch Petit ep 1)

Don’t underestimate chibi cat’s power in anime.

This scene is where I mean the maximum kawaii 3D power that sent me fly like was attacked by Saint Seiy*’s punch and collapse instantly from cat uppercut. Other characters are cute too but my eyes were stolen from a certain cat in this short anime the most.

Kowata Makoto, Chito, Kowata Akane & Kuramoto Chinatsu are enjoying with tea time. (Flying Witch Petit ep 1)
Max Pink Cute 3D Atmosphere!!

I recovered from sport injury so let me tell you when you see chibi cat in Flying Witch Petit, please warm your body and soul before watch it (you can watch this streaming via link above), or else you will be like me. I heard this Flying Witch Petit was created to promote the main series that will be aired on April 10, 2016. I never read this manga yet so maybe I will read its story before main series will come.

Here comes more Flying Witch Petit!

I will not let cat-lovers out of my blog so easily.

If you watched Flying Witch Petit streaming , please let me know what you think about this short anime via Comment.If you fall in love the cuteness from characters, please Share to spread the Kawaii punches to the whole world.

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Although my heart is stolen, I can’t stop smiling at all!


Author: Yahari Bento ( ^ v^)*

Eye wanna eat Quinoa Fried Rice. It would be SO GOOD! SO GOOD! ( ^ )3^)

4 thoughts on “Unbelievable! Flying Witch Petit (ふらいんぐうぃっち) – Knockout by Max Kawaii Anime!”

  1. I watched a clip on Youtube. The CG is cute and the nonsensical Youtube auto translation subtitles were hilarious.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This seems like a good soul-healing series, and given how much I liked Shirayuki hime this is probably worth checking out. Though if I may say, having too many pictures and headings per word can make your writing seem a bit jumbled. I think at least 250 words per picture is the best way to have things spaced out well enough for the reader.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Is that so? Well, I guess you have a point. The objective I pasted images and headlines in almost every time you scroll mouse or click “page down” button to not let my readers feel bored and they can stop for a while from reading just only text, and continue to read text again when they are satisfied images.

      For “headlines”, this is my way to have many headlines in my posts so my readers will know what I want to explain. I ever visited a blog that tried to improve posts to easy and friendly for everyone to read. So I took his suggestions and tried to write posts that will be friendly for my readers as well.

      However, my writing roles are not strict every time. When I found images that can explain what I wrote, I will never hesitate to paste them even if they are too much.

      I understand you saw my images and headlines in this post are too much when compared to text. However, this anime length is 2 minutes and I can’t explain my feeling when watched this anime more than this. So my post is short, just like Flying Witch Petit is short.

      For images in my Flying Witch Petit post, I understand that they are too much but I can’t delete them because they’re too cute!! Like I said I were KO. from this anime so I absolutely can’t do it.

      Anyway, thanks for your suggestion, I like to read other comments so I can improve my posts better and better. ;3


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