Greeting, everyone. Welcome to this “Yahari Bento” blog. Here you might find some posts that interest you from LN, anime, manga and games. Plus, you will find from menu that I will provide reviews from those media I mentioned earlier too, little by little.

I’m not sure you will like it or not but all analyses in this blog are my own effort with hard work. I want to say every analyses in this blog were published by my own thought/experience + review via many media. And here has no the perfection. You will see my own mistakes more than accuracy because this is my own journey.


  • I want to say I’m not smart/clever/bright/intelligent/sharp/wise enough to write something such as analysis to brag/boast/show off others. In the opposite, I’m just a normal human who read/watch media to improve myself.
  • All analyses I did are evidence that I am still unwise but to analysis is to work, in other words, let my brain works continuously.
  • I will never claim all results in my analyses are absolute right or prove your opinion is wrong, I win, you lose, I’m smart, you’re not, etc. My objective for writing analysis is to find the answer or prove that my assumption would/may/might be the right answer or not.
  • All analyses in this blog done by me, the unwise, so my works will always have fault/error/gig/mistake/vice. If you seek for absolute answers or perfection, I don’t think you will find them in my blog. My blog is like adventure for me. I will get multiple mistakes, I will guess, I will fail, etc. However, I will search for the answer, I might find out something, I might be lucky, I might reach the goal, etc.
  • I admit I will always put my thoughts, my guess in every analyses. That’s why my work will not be perfect or make everyone be satisfied.
  • Moreover, my posts in this blog may make you get upset because I will write bluntly/forthright/directly. If you get upset because of my works, I will apologize in advance (and I mean that).
    However, like I said earlier, I can’t make everyone be satisfied. My analyses might make your favorite character(s) be in not good position. So if you feel you are not ready to read, you should return.

Before you read my analyses, I want to warn you every posts contain spoil. If you still never read that light novel, manga, watch that anime, play that game, please explore that original reference first. However, if you think you will read/watch, feel free to read my posts. I suggest you to prepare your mind first before read because my analysis might be not as you expected.

Like I said earlier,  The result from analyses can be right or wrong, so you can share your comment. For comment, I need comments to improve my analyses very much so dozo.


About review, I will pick from LN, anime, manga and games that are very interesting in my opinion and I need high motivation to write a review too. You can search my reviews from menu above or if you can’t find it, write some keywords in “search”.

Of course, if you have anything to say after reading my reviews, comment is your place. And if you think any review is interesting for sending to some people you know, please share it via social button below each posts.


Since the world, universe, and dimensions need the good things or the high vibrations, all comments that are written in this blog will be filtered. All thoughts and emotions that are lower vibrations that do not serve the light, will be deleted (not include the comments that were published before I announce this condition).

Other things

English and Japanese are not my native languages.


For analysis request, If you have interesting story you want me to analyze, feel free to ask. However, I will not promise to answer every requests because to write analysis, I need to have enough materials to present.

39 thoughts on “Attention”

  1. Hello there, YahariBento,
    I’m Hslippery from the Oregairu Fanfic website. I wasn’t really sure how to contact you since I cannot reply to your messages via PM on the website, and your web address just comes across as ‘.com’.
    Anyhow, it’s a pleasure to hear from another person who definitely enjoys analyzing some of the more complex motifs of a quite…difficult personality, shall I say.
    And while I’m at it, your analysis of the Y of Hayama Hayato was one of the first analyses I had ever read, and it certainly impressed me as something rather unique.
    As for your request regarding posting the fic on your site, I don’t know if I want people to be reading such shoddy writing. But if you insist, I can agree to your request on the condition that you never call my writing ‘on another level’. It’s just not there yet, and I would really hate for myself to start thinking I’m going somewhere when I’m actually not.
    To be sure, I have been following your analyses- let me commend you on the fantastic work you’ve done so far- and yes, to be sure, we can continue our analyses in our ways. They don’t have to agree, and I understand a lot of what I’m writing is probably going to be wrong, but hey, that comes with the challenge of ‘figuring out’ a character as complex as Haruno. As for the others, I’m not really all that interested. I would most definitely find Hayama boring. I cannot bring myself to anywhere near the level of enthusiasm I have in puzzling out Haruno’s character, so if you don’t mind, I’m going to stick to Haruno for now.
    It’s been a pleasure communicating with you and I sincerely hope you let me know what your opinions are regarding the theories and observations I’ve made, so that we can further discuss this all to engrossing topic. Conversations with people like you constitute a large part of why I like writing such fics, because of the possibility of meeting people who actually think about what and why the characters are doing, and learn from it.
    Just leave a message on my PM or continue using the review section, and I hope to keep in close touch with you.
    Yours, Hslippery

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    1. Thanks for reply.
      I already pasted my blog address ( in review section of your fanfic in fanfiction web, but it seems my review are delayed and my blog address became “.com” only for some reason. I’m sorry if this problem made you got trouble.

      Thanks for your compliment in my analysis.

      In your fanfic, I think sensei understands about Haruno very well, & can gives her advice. She is suitable character to do that. Sometimes, when I read LN v11, I wonder why sensei didn’t try to give any advice (like she gave to Hachiman) to Haruno. So I guess Watari-sensei wants Hachiman to do this job instead. Maybe Yukino can do, but I can’t see how she will do this job. So I guess again the wise’s position will be Hachiman’s. This is my own assumption only.

      I’m ok with any answer of yours, @Hslippery. It’s not easy to have a chance reading unique fiction like yours. And your work is focused on the same character I’m interested too.

      For Hayama’s case, I’m surprised a bit you said he’s boring. But it’s good to know what you think about this character.

      For your Haruno’s fiction, I think it’s done very well. You tried to use words carefully and easy to read and explain the conversation between Haruno and sensei step by step. I understand their conversation because of that.

      To tell you the truth, I want to send you PM in fanfiction but I don’t have account. Sorry if this made you get trouble. This maybe is my excuse but I am sorry.

      I hope to read next chapter of your work. Keep up the good work.

      ps. Do you mind if I want to paste link of your fiction to my blog?

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      1. Just saw your response to my comment.
        Sure, you can paste a link to the Haruno fiction. I did bring it to a conclusion. I hope you enjoyed it.

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  2. Hi, Yahari Bento!

    I wasn’t sure quite where to put this, but I suppose this page is as good as any. Thanks so much for dropping me a nomination for the Blogger Recognition Award! I’m not sure quite how you found me since you don’t pop up in my followers and I’m not exactly a very active presence around the blogosphere, but I appreciate it.

    The last month’s been crazy for me, and I’m still in finals for school right now. I’ll get to the award post as soon as I can, hopefully over this winter break.

    I just wanted to drop by and introduce myself, I suppose. I’m Cloud, but I guess you kinda figured that. Do you have any tips for getting more involved/getting my name out there in the aniblogging sphere? When I do have the time to start writing regularly again, I hope to discover many more great blogs and grow my own.

    Thanks again!

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    1. Thanks for reply, @cloud0ix.

      Take your time & good luck in final. I forgot how I found your blog (maybe your blog link appears in other anime blogs?).

      About your question, I kinda am new to aniblogging sphere too, so I don’t know the right answer either. But what I’m doing are write comment, like post I like, give blog award when I am nominated.

      If you want to find great blogs, you can search from tag in WordPress.

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  3. Hello YahariBento, have you heard “Seishun Zettai Tsubusuman na Ore ni Sukuihairanai” Light novel? any thoughts regarding to the similarity with oregairu?

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      1. unfortunately no, since I don’t have any basics from japanese language, and I assume you know how to read japanese so I introduced you this light novel. Not sure if you are interested but you should look up to it despite the similarity it from oregairu. The cover, the character, the synopsis, and not to mention it is from same publisher. What worries me that rumors, that this will be the replacement for oregairu if there is no news for next volume. huhu

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  4. I think I’m a bit late to the party but still, great work on the analysis, I’m always curious what people think of Haruno and your works are splendid as they have provided me with compelling material so I can come to my own answer for her character. Cheers.

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      1. Hi, I really dont get the full picture of the Haruno story. If its true and she gets a kid early on why is it terrifying? I genuinely want to know could you give me a clear explanation? Thanks!

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        1. Hello. Sorry for late reply. For your question, that concept about Haruno is not scary but I want to present Hiratsuka’s feeling when she knows the truth of her friend, has a kid already.
          Also, she tells her and her friend’ story during the test of courage and they need to share some ghost stories.

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  5. Hi, can you somehow pm me or let me know the full explanation of the haruno ghost story thing.. I dont understand it. Whats the devastating part?

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