Inspiring Dishes in Shokugeki no Soma (食戟のソーマ) that Might CATCH Your Eye! (Set 1)

You can’t defy your own overwhelming feeling when see these magnetic dishes in “Food Wars!” at all.

Inspiring Dishes in Shokugeki no Soma.

Like post title said, dishes in Shokugeki no Soma (食戟のソーマ) are very interesting, some dishes I never see before, some dishes are colorful, some dishes are look normal in the first place, but all of them might catch your eye! I watched many dishes in this anime and manga, they made my eyes big like eggs and I need to confess I am almost hungry.

So I pick some inspiring dishes that made my stomach growl, this anime review post was posted in order to not just catch your eye, but to make your stomach growl too. You can escape from this post for now if you don’t want a certain organ inside you work like crazy.

Warning: please don’t read this review when still nighttime or you are still on the diet. This is off-limit area. …If you still insist, pass the yellow line and proceed.

Fried Rice (ep 1, ch 1)

When I watch Shokugeki no Soma anime for the first time, I didn’t expect anything so much but I want to try it just once since this anime is food anime and I ever watch Ben-to anime before. I like Japanese food anyway so why I don’t try watching this anime too?

Yukihira Soma presents his fried rice dish. (Shokugeki no Soma ep1)

I started ep 1 (of course!), I didn’t expect to see dish so suddenly but I don’t mind, or should I say, my eyes were caught by the first dish in this episode, Fried Rice. Protagonist, Yukihira Souma (幸平 創真) and his father, Yukihira Joichiro (幸平 城一郎) present the same fried rice dishes to his friend (Kurase Mayumi (倉瀬 真由美) and Koganei Aki (小金井 アキ)) for tasting. Yeah, I remember this scene back then…

Yukihira father and son present fried rice dishes. (Shokugeki no Soma ep1)
but I want you hungry, so one more~ (The first has shrimp but the second has narutomaki.)

Those 2 fried rice are the same if you ask me but what I want to say is their dishes made me want to eat them instead of Soma’s friend. Those BIG rice in dish were arranged to be in “bowl shape” made me imagine that this dish will make me full and satisfied. :d Chinese spoon in dishes can send rice to your mouth in big spoonful.

Yukihira Soma's friend will enjoy fried rice. (Shokugeki no Soma ep1)
That’s my face.

I’m the another one who enjoy fried rice and jealous of Soma’s friend who can taste Yukihira family’s dishes. Why not me? Why?

Roast Pork, Just Kidding (ep 1, ch 1)

I ever ate roast pork but never hear there’s roast pork with potatoes inside before. It’s not one of my favorite dish but never hate this at all. Soma cooked this dish for Minegasaki Yaeko (峰ヶ崎 八重子) and two officers from urban life planner (?). He prepared steamed potatoes and minced & kneaded mushrooms, wrapped them with thick slices beacon and roast it.

Ahhhh… just write how to do this dish and I can imagine when I fried beacon, the fat came out just like this dish. The beacon is crispy and the fat too, it’s delicious, the fat juice flew in my moth, just like that woman, one of officers who tasted Soma’s Pork Roast said. However, for this dish, when I imagine I eat beacon and steamed potatoes, I can feel the delicious and unique taste of potatoes. Hot beacon and potatoes in manga made me feel so delightful just imagination! ;d

ps. I like this dish in manga version, the beacon’s skin is not smooth like in anime so it’s more realistic.

A beautiful woman visits Yukihira Soma's restaurant. (Shokugeki no Soma ep1)


Transforming Furikake Gohan (ep 2, ch 2)

I ever saw a chef made boil chicken for other dishes and I knew later that is called “chicken broth“. It is little salty but delicious. ;9 So this dish in anime made me so surprised because all broth I ever know are soup but not jelly. Soma made this dish for Nakiri Erina (薙切 えりな) to taste. When I saw furikake gohan, it’s so normal to me and I don’t know he will pass the test if he presented this dish. However he prepared “chicken winged jellied meat broth“.

I shall melt.

I imagine chicken broth I ever saw, was cooled down. When it becomes jelly, cut it into dice shape. When golden jellied meat broth melted with hot rice, both of them upgrade to “transforming furikake gohan”!

Yukihira Soma makes Transforming Furikake Gohan for Nakiri Erina to taste. (Shokugeki no Soma ep2)
…Like Omelet. :9

I never taste this dish before but I still remember the taste of chicken broth so if it combines with furikake, it would make me ask for second!

ps. I don’t understand why jellied meat broth is golden when you just add sake and light soy sauce. It should be brown.

Pepper Mackerel with a Purée Garnish (ep 4, ch 8)

Just watch the first dish of Isshiki Satoshi (一色 慧) in this anime made my soul calm. He cooked this dish for Soma after welcome party for him and Todokora at Polar star dorm. I ever ate fried mackerel so I know its taste more or less (it’s very delicious, of course!). However, when I saw this dish, the first word in my mind is “beautiful”. Gentle color of mackerel and light green color from garnish made I want to keep looking. This anime presented this dish as the spring theme.

Isshiki Satoshi cooked Spanish mackarel with chinese pepper and puree for Yukihira Soma. (Shokugeki no Soma ep4)
Spring Theme

It’s pity that this ep didn’t show how Isshiki cooks this dish. I like watching people cook a lot. So I have no choice but read in recipe instead (sob). The main elements are 1) fried mackerel and 2) garnish. They were provided separately and when they are done, they were pasted in the same dish.

Sukiyaki Don (ep 6, ch 11)

One of rice bowl Soma presented. (not sukiyaki don)

I didn’t eat beef often but this meat is yummy! Thick slice of beef is no go to me but others are way to go! I never eat sukiyaki don before so just look at this dish made me satisfied. I mean, beef, grilled tofu, shirataki noodles, japanese leek, egg and others. All of them were topped on hot rice in bowl. How can you resist this don?

Soma presented many dishes for Konishi Kanichi (小西 寛一) (the president of the don research society) to taste. One of them is sukiyaki donburi! (Beef katsudon looks yummy too~) Please don’t let him taste too much, Soma. I mean, I am so hungry while watching anime.

Yukihira Soma presented sukiyaki don to Konishi Kanichi for tasting. (Shokugeki no Soma)


  • I heard you can change ingredients too such as pork/chicken, fu wheat gluten, etc. It’s up to you~
  • Normally, we see thinly sliced beef in this bowl but you can change to  beef mince as well. However, consider your utensil (spoon or chopsticks) too so you can enjoy this don.
  • About egg in bowl, they will top with raw egg in the middle. I heard many people like this but if you don’t think you can eat raw egg, you can change to onsen-style poached egg instead. These eggs catch my eye the most, the second is meat~

A5 Japanese Beef Roti Don (ep 7, ch 13)

When I saw this don, I agree with Kuraki Shigeno (蔵木 滋乃), the president of traditional Japanese restaurant Kuraki and one of the judges in the shokugeki between Soma and Mito Ikumi (水戸 郁魅). The topping were arranged in a big flower shape. Her creative art skill was presented via this dish and catches my eye. Just know Ikumi used the A5 Wagyu beef (the highest quality Wagyu) makes all judges in this ep are pleased. Moreover, I want to confess “I” never eat this meat before because it’s very expensive and what I can do is just watch only. (sob)

Mito Ikumi presented A5 Japanese beef roti don for all judges to taste. (Shokugeki no Soma ep6)
I still don’t know what this flower is.

The feature of this don is luxurious Wagyu but don’t forget about “garlic rice” below the topping! Ikumi fried it with beef tallow and butter. Beef tallow will make rice has a unique flavor. It is good fat for frying!


Chaliapin Steak Don (ep 7, ch 13)

The feature of this don is tender steak. Konishi can use chopsticks cut steak so easily. Moreover, people who have experience in Chaliapin steak said that steak is very extremely tender than they expected. Soma chose this don to the food war between him and Ikumi. When I saw this don for the first time, I knew he will present steak don but don’t expect to see many fried onions in this don.

What surprised me more is the rice, when Soma explained he mixed rice with pickled plums. His creative work made the rice, steak and sauce more delicious but didn’t fight each other. I understand when Soma commented Ikumi’s don that meat and rice fought each other. When I ate fried meat and fried garlic rice at the same time, I can’t finish them even if I like both of them. So Soma’s steak don answered this problem.

Strong favor from sauce combined with gentle favor from rice and tender steak that be easy for chewing.

And I realize one more thing. This don has steak top on the rice, so some people like to eat meat and rice at the same time. If steak is not tender, when both of them are in your mouth, it will be hard to enjoy this don. …Maybe “this don” is friendly for people from the beginning.

Kuraki Shigeno, Bitou Yoshiki & Okamoto Katsunori enjoy Chaliapin steak don so much like this don is playground. (Shokugeki no Soma ep7)
…This is not playground you know~

…There’re more inspiring dishes I want to write more but I will continue in the part 2. I don’t know which dish catch your eye. Or do you have any dish excluding dishes I reviewed? Let’s discuss about these in Comment below. If you ever cooked these dishes, please let me know too.

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Author: Yahari Bento ( ^ v^)*

Eye wanna eat Quinoa Fried Rice. It would be SO GOOD! SO GOOD! ( ^ )3^)

6 thoughts on “Inspiring Dishes in Shokugeki no Soma (食戟のソーマ) that Might CATCH Your Eye! (Set 1)”

    1. Yes, me too, @ToreishiNoblesse. It’s the only anime I intend to watch and imagine delicious dishes. 😉


  1. I liked all of the dishes you picked – maybe because I liked all of the dishes on this show! Don’t know if you have seen the breakfast buffet episode – if you like eggs it’s awesome and Soma’s omelette dish is the first I think I could try to cook in real life.

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    1. Of course, I like egg dishes, and all menu in buffet of SNS look yummy.

      For me, I want to try Erina, Erina’s cousin, Ikumi’s dish. (oh too much to choose!) 😀

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