Bakemonogatari & Corpse Party Analysis : It’s Not Worthwhile to Hold a Grudge.

Holding a grudge will never be worthwhile. Bakemonogatari and Corpse Party can show you how characters suffer because of this negative emotion.

Holding a grudge will never be worthwhile.

Let me write something about this to explain why everyone should not hold a grudge to someone, via manga, anime, LN and game I read and watched. I will pick Bakemonogatari and Corpse Party so I can tell you the stories of some characters who hold a grudge and send their negative emotions toward people they don’t like in each of these stories.

Content Warning:

  • This article contains hatred, violence, abuse, self harm and other related. You can return if you think this post is not safe to read.
  • After this starting line, if you read or watch these stories already, it’s fine to read my post. But if you still didn’t read/watch any or one of these stories, I recommend you to explore them before read my post. However, if you still want to read this post, I will not stop you anymore. Dozo.

My motivation in writing.

I should tell you about why/how I decided to write this post first.

  1. Before I decided to write, I ever read/watched Bakemonogatari and think its story is very interesting stories in my opinion. However, I am just a consumer, so I still have not any motivation to write this post at all.
  2. Later, corpse party is next. Its story is very interesting too and I think read/watched both of them many times. I found out later these two stories are similar in term of “grudge and curse”. And the endings of characters who put curse to other people are the same ending. So that’s why I bring the same point of these two stories and wrote in this post.


But before I will start to analyze some characters of two stories, let me introduce you these two stories first.


In all three stories, this is the first story I read and watched from LN and anime. In Bakemonogatari, there’re many stories divided in each female characters who involved with protagonist, Araragi Koyomi and all kinds of apparitions, deities, ghosts, mythological beasts, and spirits.So I will pick one of stories and that is in Bakemonogatari LN v2, Monogatari Series: First Season anime ep 9-10.

The story I focused on for this post is when Araragi Koyomi (阿良々木 暦) and Kanbaru Suruga (神原 駿河) (Araragi’s kouhai) are trying to save a girl named Sengoku Nadeko (千石 撫子). She is one of friend of his younger sister Araragi Tsukihi from the snake curse, jagirinawa. The people who cursed her are one of her classmates.

Corpse Party

This is the survival horror game/manga/anime that can shake your nerve. Just read the title of this story, you would figure it out there’s no way there’s just only one body. The story is about a female teacher who died accidentally at Heavenly Host Elementary School. After that, this school was torn down because of the murders and disappearances of several of its staffs and kids. However, who will think the horror within this school still continue and it’s about curse as well.

To this point, I will end this introduction and move to the real start. Long words in each stories and I will pick Bakemonogatari first.


Bakemonogatari, v2, Nadeko Snake
Monogatari Series: First Season, Ep 9 – Nadeko Snake, Part One.

Araragi Koyomi and Kanbaru Suruga goes to do a job for their acquaintance (Oshino Meme (忍野 メメ), an expert in the supernatural, who helped them before),  at an abandoned shrine in the center of the town they live. There, while they are climbing lonnnng stairs, a girl runs down to their way and passes them. When he sees her face, he wonders he might meet her before. However, he and his kouhai reaches the shrine but they sees many snake’s corpses are impaled onto the tree at shrine’s area. After saw this scene, he remembers that girl’s name. Sengoku Nadeko, friend of his younger sister.

Sengoku Nadeko is researching something at the bookstore.

Araragi sees that girl again at bookstore. This time, she is reading book and runs out before he can call her. When he checks books she read, it appears she is interested in snake curse. Her weird behaviors at that shrine and this bookstore makes him decides to find her. He requests Kanbaru to go to that shrine with him again because he needs someone who can be nice to younger girl.

Luckily, they found Sengoku at the shrine but she is going to kill snake again so they stops her from doing that and takes her to his home. After he and Kanbaru makes her feels relief, she decides to tell them what is happening to her by showing scale-like marks all over her body. While they are watching her marks, she started crying and  asks him to save her.

Bakemonogatari, v2, Nadeko Snake
Monogatari Series: First Season, Ep 10 – Nadeko Snake, Part Two.

Araragi decides to leave Sengoku in Kanbaru’s care and consults this problem to Oshino. After he told Oshino her story, he realizes this is jagirinawa, the snake curse that was sent by someone’s evil intentions. From Sengoku’s story, a boy who her friend likes, confessed his feeling to Sengoku but she rejected him. That’s why that girl would hold a grudge against her.

After she knew her friend put curse on her, she tried to stop it by researching at bookstore and did as she found in book but it didn’t work but got worse. Araragi assumes she did wrong in some way but Oshino doesn’t agree. He thinks Sengoku would did it right as book wrote but removing curse is more difficult than putting it. Moreover, she is an amateur in spiritual.

Oshino Meme, the Hawaiian priest.
Can you believe he is the priest?

Before Araragi will go home, Oshino gives him an amulet to remove curse from Sengoku and tells him to take her do a ritual at that abandoned shrine. While he and Kanbaru gather everything they needs for ritual at storage room, he tells her about Sengoku’s condition. He explains that they need to hurry because snake’s marks on her body will reach to her head soon and if that happens, she will be killed by curse.

Araragi explained after listening to Oshino more that actually, it’s impossible the curse that was put on Sengoku will work because her friend who curses her is an amateur as well. However, she is so unlucky because of the combination of mistakes. Sengoku killed many snakes at abandoned shrine named Kita-Shirahebi that respects snake god. That’s why the snake curse on her activated. If the shrine is abandoned, “something bad and unknown” will gather there instead and they would activate the curse when she was there and tried to kill snakes.

Sengoku Nadeko prays to repel jagirinawa.
She can be the model.

After they reached shrine and prepared everything, Sengoku holds that amulet and started to pray for lifting the snake curse. Soon the snake’s marks on her body started to disappear slowly but surely. Return to the scene when Oshino is talking with Araragi. He warned him about lifting the snake curse means it might runs rampage and attacks him since the curse might return to the caster (Sengoku’s friend) like in the saying, “Curses, like chickens, come home to roost.”

And Araragi’s reminiscence has ended because Kanboru notices something is wrong about Sengoku. She is in pain while praying. The snake’s mark still is on her whole body. When she is praying, snake’s mark disappeared completely but this snake’s mark can be seen clearly and doesn’t disappear. He finally understands that there’re two snakes on her body! He forgot about that boy who was rejected by Sengoku. He is the one who hates her so this can explain why there’s another snake curse.

Amulet can encounter one snake curse only so this time he tries to tear snake away from her by force even if he can’t see it but he can touch it because Oshino suggests him to do the ritual at the abandoned shrine, “something bad and unknown” that still are here will let him can touch snake curse.

The snake runs rampage and attacks him instead, he tried to fight it but it’s too strong because snake is the powerful beast. He might be killed for real if Kanbaru doesn’t pull him away from snake. He doesn’t want it to go away and returns to kill one of the casters but Kanbaru tells him he should not mistake who he needs to save. Her reaction this time makes jagirinawa changes target and returns its caster who cursed Sengoku so it means the destiny of the one who summoned it, is decided.

Corpse Party

Well, I know about this game but I will talk about its story in manga version instead. The reason is characters in manga show their expressions clearly more than in game. When I saw a certain character scream, it’s like I can hear that person’s voice too. There’re many manga in corpse party but I will pick Corpse Party: Blood Covered (コープスパーティー
 v9, because I am writing about “holding a grudge” of a certain person.

Like I wrote before in Introduction. The female teacher who died accidentally is a school nurse in Heavenly Host Elementary School named Shinozaki Yoshie (篠崎 ヨシヱ) (I will call her Yoshie-sensei). Her cause of dead is falling down from stairs at this school. However, her death is not an accident, like teachers and students understand she slipped and fell down.

She was killed twice

Why did I write this?

Shinozaki Yoshie is hugging Sachiko.
Her pride and joy.

The day this incident happened is birthday of Yoshie-sensei’s only daughter, Shinozaki Sachiko (篠崎 サチコ). The one and only she cherished the most. Her husband is dead so her daughter is her precious treasure. And that day is Sachiko’s birthday so she bought present (black cat doll) and intends to give it to her daughter.

However, after school, Yoshie-sensei still is in school and her principal of this school, Yanagihori Takamine (柳堀 隆峰) visits her at her office room and attempts to ra** her. She tries to escape by going down the stairs but she meets her daughter, Sachiko there and this makes her stop. This makes Takamine catches and pushes her down there. Yoshie-sensei was pushed at the stairs and falls to the ground. She dies instantly because of broken neck. When she dies, she becomes soul and still is near her body.

This is the first time she was killed but it is not over yet.

Takamine gets into a panic because he killed Yoshie-sensei by his own hands. He finds out her daughter witnessed this murder and has no choice but to silence her by killing her. He catches her and doesn’t know another person is watching. Yoshie-sensei sees her daughter is going to be killed so she tries to stop him but right now she is soul so she can’t do anything. The only thing she can do is watching he strangles Sachiko and her precious treasure was destroyed in front of her, by the one who killed her.

I can’t describe how I feel when I saw her screaming after knowing her daughter is dead.

After this incident, Takamine hid Sachiko’s body from sight and told police Yoshie-sensei slipped at the stairs, so it’s an accident. Everyone believed him because he is respected teacher and he is the principal of famous school in the town, so no one suspected him. That’s why no one can find out why she and her daughter died. And it appeared Sachiko is missing instead, no one can find her because he hid her body at the basement of school. It is the only place that can hide from everyone and the one who knows this place is Takamine, the principal of school only.

Shinozaki Yoshie and Sachiko news appeared in the newspaper.
And I forgot who collected these articles.

Thenceforth, Yoshie-sensei has a great malice to Takamine, who killed her and destroyed her “only pride and joy”, she put curse to his whole family line as a revenge by burning some sense. Her curse worked and made him going into a mental collapse. And at the end, he jumped from the roof of the school, ended his life. If you play corpse party game or read manga, the main protagonist, Mochida Satoshi (持田 哲志) will find out he still repeats his jumping endlessly, at Heavenly Host Elementary School that will be demolished along with him later.


When I watched Bakemonogatari and Corpse Party, I think grudge and curse are like boomerang. When someone threw it, sure it can harm people who they aimed. But it will return and harms the one who threw it. And the price they need to pay will never be worthwhile.

  • In Bakemonogatari ep 10, we don’t know what happened to Sengoku’s classmate who is snake curse’s owner but we can imagine what will happen to his/her. Because no one can protect his/her from it and doesn’t know jagirinawa will return to his/her.
  • In Corpse Party, Yoshie-sensei revenged Takamine but she still continue to suffer endlessly. When Satoshi read her diary that she still writes after her death, he found out she still suffers and lost in that school. Her revenge can’t help her find Sachiko at all. Her hatred made other people who got lost in the school, suffer too.
    In CP game, I don’t know how she can cut her hatred toward him or not. But in CP: Blood Covered manga, she is not interested about him anymore but tried to find her daughter’s body instead. She can end her own hatred and reach Sachiko’s ghost in the end.

Even if the end of characters in two stories will be different but they need to pay the price for their own grudge/hatred and they will suffer for those price. I am normal human who have bad memories because of some people as well but after I watched two stories, it seems like I learned something worthwhile. I am not sure I can cut my own hatred like Yoshie-sensei or not, but I will remind myself to never be like Sengoku’s classmates who went too far.

With this post, I don’t know my reader right now has some bitter memories because of some bad people in his/her life or not. But if you have, I hope this post, bakemonogatari’s story and corpse party’s story will help you find better choice and create good ending (or the best ending!). If you have some thought, comment form below is the place for you. If you want some people read my work, share this bento so it can reach them via social button below.


Author: Yahari Bento ( ^ v^)*

Eye wanna eat Quinoa Fried Rice. It would be SO GOOD! SO GOOD! ( ^ )3^)

4 thoughts on “Bakemonogatari & Corpse Party Analysis : It’s Not Worthwhile to Hold a Grudge.”

  1. I’m currently reviewing all the Monogatari instalments. I’ve covered 7 so far, and if you liked the story regarding Nadeko and the snakes, the Monogatari Second Season: Otorimonogatari and Koimonogatari act as sequels to this. They’re also, I feel, the best arcs thus far in the franchise.

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    1. thanks for series suggestion, @mrconair. I think I watched both of them for a long time so I can’t remember their stories. Maybe I will read your posts sometimes if you have them. :3


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