The vampire, Train Heartnet (トレイン ハートネット), the sexy demon, Rinslet Walker (リンスレット ウォーカー, Frankenstein, Sven Vollfied (スヴェン ボルフィード, the witch, Eve (イヴ), the werewolf, Kirisaki Kyoko (キリサキ きょうこ), & the duo mummies, River Zastory (リバー ザストリー) & Kevin McDougall (ケビン·マクドゥーガル) in Halloween theme. (Black Cat ブラック・キャット 黑猫)

Anime Halloween Recommendations (Trick or Treat) for You.

Another happy day that we are looking forward to. Let's see what I will treat (or trick) you in this post. Happy Halloween!! 😀 Although I wrote "anime" but there are manga that have Halloween theme. Vampire, werewolf, witch, along with cute anime like black cat, the partner of the witch girl. But the only … Continue reading Anime Halloween Recommendations (Trick or Treat) for You.

Series of Christmas cakes & Christmas log cakes. (The Idolm@ster)

Christmas Anime Recommendations (in Various Styles) for You.

Let me feed you Christmas anime in various styles. Boys, Girls, Chibi, Pokemon & more are waiting for you.~