Oregairu Analysis – The TRUTH(s) behind Hayato’s Sacrifice for Hachiman (Part 1)

Welcome to the Oregairu analysis focused on Hayama Hayato (葉山 隼人) during the doughnut cafe – double date. As this blog’s title mentioned, I will reveal the truths behind his sacrifice for Hikigaya Hachiman (比企谷 八幡), the loner who is looked down by Orimoto Kaori (折本 かおり) and Nakasomething (in LN v8, anime Zoku ep3-4, manga -Monologue- v7).

Since this analysis about the truths is too long for just one post, I decide to divide to parts. But I don’t think they will have many parts like Haruno’s operation Fire Doughnut. In this analysis (part 1) will concentrate about Hayato’s thoughts/feelings, during he rushes to doughnut cafe by Yukinoshita Haruno (雪ノ下 陽乃)‘s command call.

Yukinoshita Haruno summons Hayama Hayato via smartphone. (Oregairu Zoku ep 3)

If my Oregairu analysis about the truth of Hayato reaches to the end, I intend to write the last part of the truth(s) behinds Hayato’s sacrifice and Haruno’s operation Fire Doughnut in one post. Because I tried to write Haruno’s operation Fire Doughnut (the last part) but will not reveal Hayato’s true intention in that post. I wrote 80% but it seems the result of my attempt is not good like I hope, because I can’t hide some of very important information while I’m writing Haruno’s operation Fire Doughnut (the last part). So after I think over and over, I decide to combine

  • The TRUTH(s) behind Hayato’s Sacrifice for Hachiman (The Last Part)

  • And Then, Yukinoshita Haruno Launched Operation Fire Doughnut! (The Last Part)

in “one post”.

If I combine these two analysis (Haruno and Hayato’s point of view) in one big shot analysis, I can explain every questions and suspicious moments during the double date.


  • Please read Attention page first, to let you understand that my all analysis are not 100% right.
  • Spoiler up ahead. And I recommend you to read/watch Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru. (やはり俺の青春ラブコメはまちがっている。) LN/anime Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru. Zoku (やはり俺の青春ラブコメはまちがっている。続)/manga Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabu Kome wa Machigatteiru. -Monologue- (やはり俺の青春ラブコメはまちがっている。-妄言録-) before proceed.
  • I wrote Oregairu analysis about “Y” in Hayama Hayato’s heart. This analysis will reveal that person that I analyzed from many clues/hints. If you read this post, you will understand what I try to explain about Hayato’s thoughts/feelings when he comes to Haruno with speed of light.
  • Actually, this part 1 will has the same story progress with Haruno’s operation Fire Doughnut part 3. If you still don’t read, I recommend it before you will read this analysis. Because I will not explain in every detail again.

OK! It’s time to dive!

Master Donut, Chiba Perfecture, Tokyo,
Evening with the setting sun,
LN v8, Anime Zoku ep 3-4, Manga -Monologue- vol 7

I’m so happy she calls me.~♥

In LN v8 c3, Haruno says to Orimoto and co. to introduce Hayato. So she calls to him and says just come now.

If you already read my analysis (“Y” of Hayato & Operation Fire Doughnut part 3) via links above, you would know what I want to describe. If my analysis are not wrong, I will assume that when Hayato was told by Haruno to come to her, can you imagine how he feels? In LN, I have three truths that help me conclude how he feels while he is coming.

  1. The truth that he comes to her immediately although she didn’t tell him what business she needs him
  2. and the truth that he rushes to the cafe although he would be tired from his club.
  3. He never call to her and tells her some excuses.

So I will assume that Hayato feels so happy . If the one he has feeling for but never need him, changes her mind and calls him to come to her now, I imagine he thinks he might be alone with her in the cafe she told him♥♥♥ (Don’t forget she didn’t tell there are other people and Hachiman (his love rival) over there too.) Although he doesn’t know why she wants him to come, it’s not important because he will get that answer when he reaches the cafe.

In 3) above, if Hayato is tired from the club and doesn’t feel for Haruno, he would use his phone to call her and gives her some good excuses. If it’s him, I am sure he can find some reasonable excuse. But we can see he didn’t call her back.

And if you think it’s because Haruno is like his Onee-san who took care of him since he is still a kid, that’s why he can’t refuse, this can explain why he decides to go to her too. But with my assumptions about his feeling below, this assumption can be cut. Let’s see what’s next.

It’s wrong from what he expected.

When Hayato arrives the cafe and notices there are other people with Haruno too. He looks at Haruno (first), unknown characters (second) and Hachiman (the last). His stare stops at him. When he asks Haruno, she says these girls want to be introduced to him!

Like I assumed earlier about Hayato thinks Haruno would be alone in the cafe. So when he finally arrives to that place, it’s not like he thinks. There are other people with her too. So it means he will not meet with her alone. I think he would be surprised first. But it’s not only that.

When “Hayato’s scan mode” activates, he starts with the one who calls him first -> two girls he never met -> unexpected man, Hachiman. When I read that Hayato’s stare ends at him. To this point…

  • it can mean nothing
  • or it means he doesn’t understand why his love rival is with the one he has feeling for too. His doubtfulness increases but he doesn’t show it. Because he decides to ask Haruno later. But his bad mood increases because Hachiman is with her, I will explain why I think he is upset later.

Moreover, when Haruno announces Orimoto and co. want to be introduced to him. Hayato understands that she is not the one who needs him, those girls do. If you want me to explain his feeling that time, I would say he feels depressed. Because Hachiman notices he sighs after he says “I see.”. It means he feels disappointed because he thinks she calls him because she needs him. That’s why he sighs but tries to hold his bitter feeling for now and greets those girls instead. 

The little truth behind his nice mask.

When Hachiman looks at Hayato, the nice popular guy acknowledge whatever those girls say, he thinks this is the skill only allowed by handsome guys only. If he is average boy, it would be he was indecisive or be ignored completely.

It seems Hachiman always thinks Hayato is still a nice guy from head to toe. I agree with him but I think in another point of view too. When he thinks if it’s average boy, it would be he is indecisive or be ignored, I think Watari-sensei wants to write like this to describes about Hayato right now but sensei explains indirectly. I assume sensei wants to tell us that Hayato doesn’t agree or refuse those girl’s ideas so it means he is the one who is indecisive and his opinion is not important. Don’t forget he is not the one who wants this to happen. When he nods to those girls’s idea, it is not like he agrees, he just follow the flow.

And this is the moment Haruno found the chance from those girls’ ideas to go have some fun. So she wraps him together with those girls together by supporting their ideas. You can see those girls pump up because she approves their ideas. I feel sorry for you Hayato.

Surrender to her bright.

After Orimoto and co. leave from that cafe, Hayato’s nice smile changes to cold expression. He glares at Haruno and questions her why she would do something like this. She replies “it looked like it’d be fun” and smiles without a hint of shyness.

When Hayato sees Orimoto and co. leaves from the cafe for sure, it’s time for question! He asks Haruno because she is the one who called him but set the trap so he needs explanation from her. From what I wrote earlier, I assume he doubts Haruno’s intention and he doesn’t get why Hachiman is with her too. He feels upset why she did something like this so he needs answer from her first.

But Haruno activates brimming smile to dispel Hayato’s negative emotions. You can say she wants to protect herself with her bright aura. That’s why she says and smiles like that. So she will be safe from his anger. And we can see it’s work or not. Hayato can’t dig her mask so he responses with sigh instead. When I read Hayato says “That again?”, I assume that she knows this bright smile works with him, because she would use this trick to him before. That’s why he says like that (it means he surrenders).

So he changes the target. – Why is this guy here?

After Hayato can’t ask anything from Haruno, so he changes his target instead. He turns his head toward Hachiman and asks her why he is here too. Because he doesn’t get why he got involved in this situation. This time she answers “the girl one with the perm” was someone Hachiman liked a long time ago. She wonders how her sister will feel if she knows about this. After he heard her answer why Hachiman is here too, he feels gloomy.

Please don’t believe in Haruno’s words completely. If you don’t know why I say like this, you can read in Operation Fire Doughnut part 3 so you will know Haruno’s true intention behind this answer of her.

Yukinoshita Haruno is just interested about Hikigaya Hachiman liked Orimoto Kaori. (Oregairu Zoku ep3)

After Hayato heard Haruno’s answer about the girl one with the perm was someone Hachiman like a long time ago, I can say he finally get why Haruno calls him and sets him to go with those girls. That’s why in LN and manga -Monologue-, you can see he feels gloomy. Because…

she wants to use him so he and Orimoto and co. get big trouble.

If you want to know Haruno’s purpose so she sets this trap for Hayato, please read in Operation Fire Doughnut Part 3. Because I will not explain more in other posts.

ps. If you are not sure about my assumption, I think manga -Monologue- v7 can help you. Because Hayato’s expression after he heard Haruno’s answer is one of clues that made me get this assumption. I can say he can’t believe this calamity will descend to him soon, and the one who causes this is the one he has feeling for.

The more he realizes, the more despair comes.

Haruno gives Hayato opinion and encourages him. She says maybe he might actually turns out to be pretty fun and go well for him. After he heard this suggestion, his shoulders drop. His gaze drops to where their feet are. It was exactly in between the two of them. He tries to say weakly that it’s no way… but she shots his words down.

If you see via Hachiman’s point of view, you would think Haruno tries to change the mood because of her teasing is too much. But I will say she doesn’t tease anyone. In Hayato’s point of view, he realizes Haruno, the one who he has feeling for, is the one who pushes him away and tries to match him with other girls. I will make you imagine if the one you actually love, are the one who cheers on you to match with another girl, how do you feel? That’s why his shoulder drop.

Another big hint Hayato has feeling for Haruno is his stare. He gazes at where his and her feet are (じー). This scene tells me that the one he wants is not those girls, but the one in front of him. That’s why I can understand why he responses “There’s no way…”. However, she doesn’t care he will agree or refuse, she just gives him sarcastic answer.

Why does Haruno hate Hayato so much?

Explain, please~
Explain, please~

I explained about this already in Operation Fire Doughnut Part 3.

The hellish progress

Before Haruno will leave from the cafe, she says if there’s any progress, let her know too.

I explained about this already in Operation Fire Doughnut Part 3.

His opinion proves that he knows her true purpose.

Hayato tells Hachiman that Haruno is quite fond of him. Hachiman doesn’t believe this, because she would just messing around. But Hayato tells him more that at least she looks interested. And then Hayato’s voice tone changes quickly when he says if she is not interested in something, she would not act so cheeky like that. She would not do anything. She will meddle so much with what she likes to the point of killing it. But she will go the extra mile to crush what she hates.

After Hayato saw how she treats to both guys (him and Hachiman), it’s different completely. When she acts with Hachiman and when she acts with him. When she says she gotta go, there’s only person in her eyes (guess who?). I assume like this because what I read/watch in LN and anime ep3. And when she will talk with Hayato, she will talk anything that involved with her operation only.

I can say Hachiman doesn’t realize about Haruno’s plan after all. He is the only civilian she spares because he is not her target anyway. So while Hayato is still injured heavily from her sarcastic goodbye, he tells him difficultly that she is quite fond of him, he can’t believe it and misunderstands that she is just messing around. Because he would be confused why she calls Hayato but can’t get why she did that.

Hayama Hayato tells Hikigaya Hachiman that Yukinoshita Haruno is fond of him. (Oregariu Zoku ep3)
I feel jealous, you know that.

After Hayato When Hayato tells to Hachiman about how Haruno will do to what she likes/hates, I think he is serious/telling the truth after what he faced earlier, because his voice tone changes. And when Hachiman won’t believe his opinion, he tells him more that she would not act like that to him if she isn’t fond of him. You can see from how she cares for Yukinoshita Yukino (雪ノ下 雪乃), she is the one who Haruno meddle so much too.

And when Hayato is thinking about himself, her doing earlier is the same as he describes about how she will do to what she hates. And when he uses the word “what”, I assume that he doesn’t say “who” directly because Hachiman might realize what he means. So that’s why he uses the word “what”, not “who”.

From how Haruno throw three despairs to Hayato, he realizes how she really feels for him. It’s different from how she feels for Hachiman completely.

Hayama Hayato gives Hikigaya Hachiman interesting hint about Yukinoshita Haruno. (Oregairu Zoku ep3)

And then again, Hachiman can’t understand Haruno and Hayato yet, so he thinks Hayato’s words is some advice or warning for him. But I don’t think it’s like that because there’s nothing to suggest or warn Hachiman since he is Hayato’s love rival (why do he need to warn his opponent?). So I will cut Hachiman’s assumption.

From my analysis above, it seems Hayato expects something good after he got call from Haruno. But when he arrives the cafe, the despair swoops down to him in combo hit by the one he has feeling for. Not only that, if he doesn’t do something, he will get nightmare and become the popular loner for sure. So I assume he must invite some guy to join in this date too. But his friends in his clique will not his choice because it is still like the date and his friend can’t help him stop the rumor in the future for sure. So the only one he can rely on, is Hachiman.

Hayato is the character who is exactly like Hachiman said in during the summer camp. In order to survive, people will not mind to sacrifice others so they can be safe. The safety of himself is first, other people’s safety is second.

Who is other people I mentioned?

I will explain why Hayato MUST make Hachiman join in the date no matter what it takes (but I can promise I will explain in the next part or the last part). And after this idea happens in his head, I assume he can use this pawn Hachiman for other great benefits.

And then, Hayato’s countermeasure for Haruno’s operation starts to crystallize.

Conclusion in Part 1

Hayato got call from Haruno and she tells him to come now. I assume the happiness in his heart is more than maximum. Because he thinks she needs him and she probably is alone.

But when Hayato arrives the cafe, he feels surprised and upset a bit because other characters are with her. He falls to Haruno’s trap and it appears he needs to go have fun with Orimoto and Nakasomething. This is out of his expectation.

While Hayato acknowledges those girls to have fun somewhere, I assume what Hachiman thinks if Hayato is average guy, it appears he is indecisive or is ignored.

Hayato questions Haruno why she did this but was repelled by her innocent smile. So he asks her why Hachiman is here too. Her answer makes him realize why she calls him to come to this cafe. He feels despair.

Haruno encourages Hayato and says he might actually go well with one of them. Her fake encouragement makes him feel despair in combo hit. He tries to tell her it’s no way but she ignores his words completely. She is the one he has feeling for, but she supports him to go well with other girls instead.

From Haruno and Hayato’s conversation earlier, I assume she hates him from the bottom of her heart because of a certain tragedy in the past. and escaped from her and him by studying abroad. This can explain why she hates him so much.

After Hayato saw how different Haruno acted with Hachiman and him, while he is still injured from Haruno’s three despair earlier, he tells Hachiman difficultly that she is fond of him. This doesn’t make him believe it, but Hayato gives him more opinion. And when he looks at himself, he tells Hachiman more how she will act to what she likes or hates.

If Haruno’s operation is successful, Hayato, Orimoto and Nakasomething will be burnt from her ultimate magic, fire tornado (read part 3 for more information.).

That’s why Hayato needs to do something to prevent that calamity descend to him. He can’t rely on his friend since they can’t help him to repel the rumor in the future. So the one he can rely on is the one he hates, Hikigaya Hachiman. But when this idea is born in his head, it appears that he can use “his love rival” for his own other big benefits.

Hayama Hayato MUST use Hikigaya Hachiman in the date. (Oregairu Zoku ep4)
I need you, Hkitani-kun.

What’s next in the next part?

I will explain how Hayato starts to set the trap for his countermeasure. His plan must be perfect and confidential so people who can stop his plan will not try to do that. I can say he will use anyone so his countermeasure will be successful. But first, he needs to prepare everything. So he will be the perfect hero who will not hurt anyone palpably.

Not only that, I would explain how Hayato feels/thinks the date will start too.

I will leave this part 1 end for now, if you have any question/comment/thought, you can write in the comment form below. Actually, I want to read response from you.

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The List of The TRUTH(s) behind Hayato’s Sacrifice for Hachiman

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This analysis will reveal who is “Y” of Hayama Hayato. He starts to act like Hachiman is his love rival that time.

If you want to know one of reason why Haruno volunteers to call Hayato for Orimoto and Nakasomething.

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9 thoughts on “Oregairu Analysis – The TRUTH(s) behind Hayato’s Sacrifice for Hachiman (Part 1)

  1. One of these days someone’s gotta add a TL;DR so I can remember what each operation is about

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    1. I’m sorry if my work is too long but since they are analysis, I need to write in details.
      You can explore in “Bento Analysis” so you can choose to read which one you want to read.


  2. I am impressed with your detailed analysis. I had thought Hayato was sticking up for Hachiman when he snaps at those girls. But maybe, as you said, he was in a bad mood since he actually has feelings for Haruno. Very interesting read. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. I think he is unbelievable character who can plan complex plan like what happened in anime Zoku ep4 (or should I say Watari-sensei is unbelievable writer).

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        1. Yes, “Girlish Number” & “Qualidea scum & gold coin” are LN in my list (if I have free time too). But I doubt at the same time, it will be the same level as Oregairu or not.

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  3. So the truth finally comes out. Hayato the jealous blond cub fox, using Hachiman as a cushion from the destruction caused by Haruno the purple sly fox…

    Haha this was a great read! I expect nothing less from you YahariBento. Good work and keep it up!

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