We Never Learn/BokuBen Analysis – Finally, The Fireworks Jinx/ Final Girl Was Revealed.

Who is the fireworks jinx girl? And will she be Nariyuki’s girlfriend in the future too? This post will reveal who might be that lucky girl!

What Takemoto Uruka (緒方 理珠) Furuhashi Fumino (古橋 文乃) Ogata Rizu (緒方 理珠) are afraid of? (We Never Learn BokuBen Bokutachi wa Benkyō ga Dekinai We Can't Study ぼくたちは勉強ができない 我们无法一起学习 우리는 공부를 못해 Мы не можем учиться Hindi Kami Makapag-aral Kami Tidak Bisa Belajar No podemos estudiar anime ss2)

This analysis will predict which girl is the fireworks jinx girl, the one who will be the partner of the main protagonist in manga/anime titled Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai [ぼくたちは勉強ができない].

Before you will proceed,

  • Spoiler alert
  • Read Attention page first.
  • I recommend you to read/watch manga/anime We Never Learn/We Can’t Study before reading this post. And to reach the maximum result, I recommend you to have manga v8 while you are reading this too. You will know why I suggest this later.
  • This post will not judge who is the jinx girl or even the final girl as the absolute truth. This analysis is just the result of my work after collected and analyzed many factors. Another purpose of this analysis is to present the answer to everyone and I hope someone will bring this to check the answer later. The last objective is to receive your opinion.
  • Since this analysis is my own work, if there is any chance the final result of my analysis is not the same as your answer, I recommend you to consider before deciding to read this. Opinions of people are different sometimes and my analysis can be wrong so please don’t take it to heart. You can read the attention page for more information. If you think it’s fine, feel free to proceed.
  • My English sucks, such, sub.

It seems you are ready to read this post but let me greet you who might be BokuBen fan. This is the first time I had the chance to write something about this popular manga. But what I was surprised is I never dreamed to write the analysis for this story. And the topic of this article is who is the chosen girl who holds Yuiga Nariyuki (唯我成幸), the main character of this story, the moment when the fireworks light up the sky during the last day of the school cultural festival that these factors mean their fate are bound.

This can count as the "bound". (We Never Learn BokuBen Bokutachi wa Benkyō ga Dekinai We Can't Study ぼくたちは勉強ができない 我们无法一起学习 우리는 공부를 못해 Мы не можем учиться Hindi Kami Makapag-aral Kami Tidak Bisa Belajar No podemos estudiar anime ss1 ep4)

Not bound like this!

Maybe you are confused about why holding hands between Nariyuki and that girl the moment the fireworks lit up will become the connection to the destination between both of them. So that’s why I recommend you to read manga v8. In v8, during the school fest., Nariyuki and three main characters, Furuhashi Fumino (古橋文乃), Ogata Rizu (緒方理珠), and Takemoto Uruka (武元うるか) have the chance to listen this jinx of the Ichinose cultural festival from Inomori (豬森), Fumino’s classmate.

ps. In Japanese, “Jinx” means something positive than negative.

It was said during the post-event celebration when the first firework is launched, all boys and girls that are touching one another at that moment will be bound together.

Yeah, and the post-event celebration, Nariyuki who was hit by three girls who was pushed by their classmates, is helped by a mysterious girl (probably the girl). The moment when their hands are touching, the fireworks light up the sky. So that second is in line with the jinx of the Ichinose cultural festival. For the real world, it is just a belief. But for this manga, what happens between him and that girl at that time means they are bound together.


That’s why I began to analyze who is the lucky girl. Personally, I believe this girl will be his girlfriend or even the partner because mangaka is the one who told me. Return to manga v8, if you search carefully, you will see him planned/design the plot and even drew the important scenes very well. It’s as if he paid attention to this real connection between these two characters, in terms of the detail and the perfection sensei created. Since I realized sensei’s attendance toward planning and drawing the true connection between Nariyuki and that jinx girl, I can tell that mangaka is serious with this. That means it is not just a belief or rumor.

Now it’s time to analyze who is the jinx girl.

To follow my analyzing fully, I recommend you again to bring manga v8 while you are reading this post. You will know my reason soon.

Notice 1 – Other Characters

The first step to analyze is finding clues and notices. What I want you to remember is other characters except for the main characters who have the chance to listen to the jinx story. They are…

  1. Fumino’s classmates (or core members of the secret fan club for Fumino), Kashima (鹿島), Inomori and Chono (蝶野).
  2. Sekijou Sawako (関城紗和子) – the self-proclaimed best friend and rival of Rizu.

These four classmates are people who will support Fumino/Rizu (against their own wills). The reason I want you to remember is they will launch the (their) operation so the friend they cheer for will be matched with Nariyuki as the jinx’s condition.

Notice 2 – People With High Determination

The third notice is people who decide to follow that jinx.

  1. Uruka
  2. Sawako
  3. Kashima, Inomori and Chono – actually, they were not interested in jinx since they believed they had a secret plan to match NariyukixFumino officially. However, since their plan failed, they pour their super high expectations to the jinx story instead. That’s their last chance.

With these two notices, you might notice that these notices are different, that is Uruka. I want you to see this difference. For me, it’s kinda weird but I realized later this otherness is special. I will explain why I think like this later.

Please look at what happens during the post-event celebration, people with high determination (Notice 2), Uruka, 3 Fumino fan club members, and Sawako, are ready to begin their secret mission so she (in case of Uruka)/ the girls they cheer on, will connect with Nariyuki. However, when they are going to launch their plans, there is an event that is difficult to notice, happens at that time. That is…

Notice 3 – Uruka’s Childhood Friends

While Uruka is worried as usual, all of the sudden, out of nowhere. Kawase Ayuko (川瀬あゆ子) and Umihara Chinami (海原智波), her close friends, push her to Nariyuki. This underlined moment is what I feel weird. Mangaka chose them to push her, he didn’t present how/when both girls know about jinx that bring their actions to support their friend at the last minute.

Actually, sensei can make Ayuko and Chinami listen to the belief from Inomori and even hear from somewhere. But he chose to let them help Uruka but didn’t show the cause of the actions of Uruka’s friends… Do you think it’s strange? So I want you to remember this notice or this abnormality. It made me notice another notice latterly.

Notice 4 – They Are Busy At That Time.

And if you read at this point, I will show you another scene that is significant. It connects with the abnormality, the previous notice. That is…

  • When Rizu is upset at Sawako.
  • And when Fumino feels the same at her trio classmates.

While they are getting angry at them, I want to point “the vacancy”, the vacancy while Fumino and Rizu are talking to others.

The Last Notice – That Vacancy

To find who is the fireworks jinx girl, I decided to write something like “Intersection” which you would ever study (or are studying).

  1. The behaviors of three main girls who are pushed. – The vacancy I felt during I was staring at two scenes which I ever said above (notice 4), I will point that mangaka didn’t focus on a certain person. And another thing, Nariyuki who was impacted and fell in the ground, is helped by a mysterious girl. Since I feel that sensei didn’t draw that vacancy or that person’s action before she will help Nariyuki, do you know which character I am talking about?
    You might not agree with me about Fumino and Rizu are busy and don’t help him. Maybe one of them might end the conversation quickly and assist him later. True. This possibility might be correct but it will be possible if we consider only one factor.
    Well, we see Fumino and Rizu are burning others but we don’t see “that person” turns and questions Ayuko and Chinami at all (this is what I ever told you to remember the strangeness of Uruka’s friends in notice 3). After I reviewed these scenes (when three girls are pushed – Nariyuki fells to the ground) many times, I feel clearly that there is a person who mangaka chose to not show her action while Fumino and Rizu are busy until Nariyuki is surprised with this sudden impact, is significant.
  2. Or it is possible Kirisu Mafuyu (桐須真冬) or Kominami Asumi (小美浪あすみ) is the one who helps him. – After I reviewed v8 over and over, I couldn’t find out any signs which point one of them tries to give him a hand and they didn’t hear about jinx at all. Since mangaka didn’t make these, I can’t tell you that Mafuyu-sensei or senpai goes to help Nariyuki implicitly (and it’s like that, please don’t ask about Nariyuki’s younger sister, Yuiga Misuki (唯我水希)).

ps. I want imouto or sensei’s routes to happen! VN! VN!

With this intersection by analyzing and filtering factors, there is the only girl in that vacancy.

The Fireworks Jinx Girl Is…

With this analyzing, I will reveal my answer that the jinx girl is…


Takemoto Uruka!!


Takemoto Uruka (緒方 理珠) in robot mode? (We Never Learn BokuBen Bokutachi wa Benkyō ga Dekinai We Can't Study ぼくたちは勉強ができない 我们无法一起学习 우리는 공부를 못해 Мы не можем учиться Hindi Kami Makapag-aral Kami Tidak Bisa Belajar No podemos estudiar anime ss1 ep3)

Of course, my final result might be correct or wrong so please check manga again.

If Uruka Is The Correct Answer…

If that mysterious girl is her for real, it means the story at that time would be like this.

Because of the jinx she heard, she was so determined to do it. Even so, when the fireworks were going to be lit, she was so worried and it seems she could not touch Nariyuki as she planned, until her friends pushed her forward to him. And then, when she saw him fall to the ground, she doesn’t question her friends but gives him her hand instead.

At least, I think her story in the vacancy which mangaka didn’t present to us (at least for now), would be like this, the same with other times she ever saved him. And of course, her story at this point is just my imagination from my final result so it might be not as I assume.

The Jinx Girl = The Final Girl?

The title post of this article might make you wonder why I think the fireworks jinx girl is the final girl. Because mangaka is the one who confirmed it, in v8. Sensei made Nariyuki in the future describes his own destiny along with his past (his past is his experience during he held hand with that girl). Nariyuki in the future reviews his own life that the jinx is real. That’s why I believe his lover in the future is the jinx girl who helps him at that time.


Or will her wish at that time (anime ep6) be granted for real?

Don't give up, Takemoto Uruka (緒方 理珠)! (We Never Learn BokuBen Bokutachi wa Benkyō ga Dekinai We Can't Study ぼくたちは勉強ができない 我们无法一起学习 우리는 공부를 못해 Мы не можем учиться Hindi Kami Makapag-aral Kami Tidak Bisa Belajar No podemos estudiar anime ss1 ep6)

However, the question if Uruka is the fireworks jinx girl for real or even the final girl, I am looking forward mangaka to reveal the answer because although Fumino and Rizu are talking to their friends, it is possible that one of them might be the one who helps Nariyuki. So if you have the answer in your mind, please don’t hesitate to share it. It’s fun to read everyone’s ideas.

Yuiga Misuki (唯我水希), Nariyuki's arch guardian. (We Never Learn BokuBen Bokutachi wa Benkyō ga Dekinai We Can't Study ぼくたちは勉強ができない 我们无法一起学习 우리는 공부를 못해 Мы не можем учиться Hindi Kami Makapag-aral Kami Tidak Bisa Belajar No podemos estudiar anime ss2 ep5)

Five Boku rangers! (We Never Learn BokuBen Bokutachi wa Benkyō ga Dekinai We Can't Study ぼくたちは勉強ができない 我们无法一起学习 우리는 공부를 못해 Мы не можем учиться Hindi Kami Makapag-aral Kami Tidak Bisa Belajar No podemos estudiar anime ss2)



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Author: Yahari Bento ( ^ v^)*

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15 thoughts on “We Never Learn/BokuBen Analysis – Finally, The Fireworks Jinx/ Final Girl Was Revealed.”

  1. I also think that Uruka is the girl and mostly because in the anime’s final episode in the aiport part Nariyuki and Uruka watches their own hand that used when Nariyuki fell when arriving at the airport and both smiles.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If u see the hairstyle of that mysterious girl and uruka hairstyle aren’t same so it maybe a new twist that girl is someone else and at the airport when he touched uruka hand he remembered about that girl but actually its not that type of feeling. Remember when any girl comes near her he blushes sometime.


    2. Yessss! I noticed that too! That scene was too similar to the one during the fireworks!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You are correct
    There’s no need to think about it this much
    The ending about the fireworks and the anime ending where Uraka Helps Nariyuki stand up in the airport is all the evidence you need . He chose Uraka . Its a Harem Anime so i want all of them to end up with Nariyuki but it looks like that is wishful thinking for all who love harem anime . I want them to make a 6 episode OVA where he ends up with every single one of the Girls . And the sixth episode is where he ends up with all of them . But as i said . Wishful thinking . Im depress about the ending cause i want him to end up with all of them . And im writing this for wanting it to be read by you cause i have no friends to share this frustration with .

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Damn! I already know that Uruka is the person with highest chance that I am 99% certain that she is the jinx girl. They made it so obvious in both anime and manga. I am just searching for that one percent uncertainty. Uruka is a good girl but I was supporting Furuhashi !

    Liked by 1 person

  4. no one of the 3 girl is help him including the teacher coz as you see the hands of the girl and the hair is short and plain straight, Rizu is holding a udon noodles eating while Fumino have long hair and have long body while Uruka have t-shirt but wavy hair.
    while the teacher is have long hair and long sleeves dress. Therefore a passerby girl or his sister coz of the hair and small body.

    Liked by 1 person

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