We Never Learn/Bokuben Recommendation – After I Watched Anime Episode 9.

I lost my tears because of this ep in anime We Never Learn ss1.

Hahahaha Bokuben ep9 is really… I super recommend it!

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Hello, everyone. I had the chance to watch anime Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai [ぼくたちは勉強ができない] / We Never Learn / We Can’t Study Season 1 and Season 2 is one of my watching list. To tell you the truth, I pray for the school festival event (one of the interesting events in manga) to be shown in this ss2. But today I will not write about ss2. I want to tell everyone how ep9 in ss1 gave me the experience that I would not forget.

One of the genres for this anime is Romantic Comedy so we can expect some entertainment from this. However, I never expected to encounter the golden comedy in ep9, it made me laugh out loud for a while. I couldn’t stop myself. Actually, I am not sure if you will feel the same as me if you watch it. Watching the same thing but feel differently is possible. But that scene destroyed me totally…555555 Ah, sorry. While I am writing at this point, it makes me remember that scene.

After all, people with big breasts can go along with, people who are fit with kimono, will not shoulder something heavy. (the poem from a certain former employee).

After all, people with big breasts can go along with, people who are fit with kimono, will not shoulder something heavy.
(the poem from a certain former employee).

The scene I will recommend is the scene when the main protagonist, Yuiga Nariyuki (唯我成幸) accidentally meets his study friends while he is working at… I also laughed after I was watching another scene when he screams because he also meets his teacher at the same place. But the scene between him and one of his study friends is… matchless!!

Actually, when I saw this scene in manga, it is not so funny that much. But after I watched the same thing in anime… Hahahahhahahaha! Ah, sorry again. Even now, I can’t stop myself from laughing whenever I think of it sometimes. Sigh, I am wasting my time to wipe my tears. 555 (Enough, myself!)

The scene I am recommending to you is the scene when one of his study friends chose two “clothes” but couldn’t decide so she asks the employee, who is wearing the mascot outfit so she doesn’t know who is inside, if which one is the besto for her crush’s interest (and her crush is the employee who she is asking)…

As long as there is one girl who wants to wear clothes to satisfy her crush, "today's special" in lingerie shop will never vanish from this world. (philosophy from a certain former employee)

As long as there is one girl who wants to wear clothes to satisfy her crush, “today’s special” in lingerie shops will never vanish from this world.
(the philosophy from a certain former employee)

The reason I began to be interested in the moment between both of them is because of “the reaction of that Nariyuki’s friend” that is ready to gush out (you are too cute!). However, the peak of their moment is while Nariyuki is looking at the two clothes she is holding, “Tr*ce On” in his head is activated!! Whatever in his imagination is… Ohhhhhhhhhh!

The circuits when Emiya Shiro (衛宮 士郎) activates Tracing. (Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works フェイト/ステイナイト anime)

…Maybe Nariyuki is the archer or someone white.

Sigh… If you are interested to know what happens but never read or watched Bokuben, I recommend watching anime ss1 ep1-8 before you will reach ep9 so you will know more about the characters of this story. I am sure this will help you reach their thoughts. If you already watched ep9, please don’t hesitate to share your thought. Or if you have other anime that can vend the wind in your stomach, you know where you will write.


The next post about BokuBen might be about other ep in ss1,2 or even this topic.


Who is The Firework Jinx Girl?

Such beautiful and masterpiece scene, I have high expectation for ss2. (We Never Learn BokuBen Bokutachi wa Benkyō ga Dekinai We Can't Study ぼくたちは勉強ができない 我们无法一起学习 우리는 공부를 못해 Мы не можем учиться Hindi Kami Makapag-aral Kami Tidak Bisa Belajar No podemos estudiar anime ss2)

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