Yomawari: Night Alone (夜廻) Analysis: Chapter 2 – Why is Sis’s shoe in The School? (The Last Part)

When Poro and Human-Faced Dog might be the same dog spirit, the answer why Sis’s Shoe is in the school, is going to be revealed, in the last part of this Yomawari: Night Alone analysis.

Human-Faced Dog is "greeting" its guest, Girl (少女). (Yomawari: Night Alone 夜廻 Game)

When Poro and Human-Faced Dog might be the same dog spirit, the answer why Sis’s Shoe is in the school, is going to be revealed, in the last part of this Yomawari: Night Alone analysis.

Before you will proceed.While girl (少女) is looking for her big sister & their dog, Poro (ポロ), a spirit is behind her. (Yomawari: Night Alone 夜廻 Game)

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Girl (少女) found Sis's Shoe in the school grounds. (Yomawari: Night Alone 夜廻 Game)Yomawari: Night Alone Analysis: Chapter 2 – Why is Sis’s shoe in The School? (Part 1)
Before you will read this post, I recommend you to read the part 1 first, or else you will be confused.
In the first part of this Yomawari analysis, I tried to look for every suspects to find the answer why Sis’s Shoe is in the middle of school grounds. And I suspect Human-Faced Dog (aka HFD) as the number one suspect and beloved dog of protagonist (Poro) is the second, while Mr. Yomawari (yokai), Sis and Road Blocker (yokai) are still suspects.

From the part 1, since I concluded that it’s possible that Poro and HFD might be the same dog spirit and he is the number one suspect, I will look for any related clues that will prove that this theory is true or not.

Clue 1: Their Barks are Different.

Girl (少女)? (Yomawari: Night Alone 夜廻 Game)When I look for the similarity and difference of these two dogs, I need to return to where Girl met the unknown dog in the middle of T-Junction again. I don’t know this dog is Poro for real or not, but it’s possible since her/his bark is the same with Poro’s bark (when he is still alive in chapter 1: Twilight). So it’s high possible that this dog is Poro (who is dead because of the accident). In reality, I can assume that this dog can be any dog who is in the town, but in game’s world, I ever told in part 1 that there are two dogs only. That’s why this dog would be Poro.

And Poro’s bark is different from HFD’s bark when I compare them. So the first idea I can think is, these two dogs are not the same dog, since their barks are different. But when I think about this, it’s possible that when Poro (he is spirit already) is calm, his spirit’s body is the same when he is still alive. But his spirit body can change, or I should say, his head transforms.

Clue 2: Head

I don’t know game director or writer of intentions, so I don’t know Poro’s head transforms when Girl saw him in the middle of T-Junction or not, since we can’t see his head. And although Girl saw Poro three times, I can’t see his head because the scene is blur intentionally. I am not sure creators want Girl to follow him because she doubts that is her dog or not so she follows him, or they want to give a hint about his head. But I think that although Girl recognizes that that dog is her Poro, she still follows him anyway, so I don’t think creators blur Poro’s head so Girl can’t see it.

If you played Yomawari: Midnight Shadows, this sequel showed how a spirit can change its form. Such as Yui, one of main characters of this game, after she died and became the ghost, when she is in despair, her form will change into …something black energy that looks dangerous, but some body parts are still the same. So I think Poro’s case is not different, he can transform into fierce dog spirit.

And I don’t know when Poro’s head is bigger. At the T-Junction? Or in the school? I have two theories.

  1. Poro’s head transforms before Girl saw him in the T-Junction.
  2. When he saw Girl is standing near the shoe he found in the town, he thinks she is stealing his property, so he transforms into HFD and chases her away from his treasure. But when he is calm again (at least in chapter 4: Moonless Night), he turns back into Poro.

I don’t know which one is correct or both of them are wrong, but I doubt why dog takes things, so I search answer from internet, there are reasons why he do that. But Poro would not take Sis’s Shoe to survive since it’s not food, and if I review his situation, I think he just wants this shoe, or he thinks if he takes Sis’s Shoe, it’s possible that she or Girl will come to him.

If I include about people complain about dog’s bark, I think it’s possible that this is Poro, and he would be roam in the town because he was so confused after death and even lonely, so when he found this shoe, he recognized from smell that this belonged to his owner, so he took it. However, I don’t know why he takes it to the school. But I think another item near where he almost buries Sis’s Shoe, might has surprising truth.

Clue 3: They never appear at the same time.

Human-Faced Dog is "greeting" its guest, Girl (少女). (Yomawari: Night Alone 夜廻 Game)

Another notice is, Poro and HFD never appear at the same time, not even once. Of course, the last time Girl saw Poro is when he was walking behind the school gate. But when she went inside the school area, the only dog she found is HFD. Of course, you can think Poro would leave the school or something like that, but if I saw both of them at the same time, this truth will reject my theory about Poro/HFD are the same dog completely too.

Clue 4: Slippers

Slippers might have some surprising truth. (Yomawari: Night Alone 夜廻 Game)If Girl uses Shovel to dig sand pile near where HFD almost buries Sis’s Shoe, you will find Slippers.
Description – “Cloth shoes that I wear in school. It’s slippery on rainy days, so I fall down a lot.”

This slippers is Girl’s or not, I am not sure. But if you played this game completely and dug the sand piles in the game, and if you think about locations of sand piles and all items you found under these piles, I can tell you that a certain dog is the one who buried them.

Bone-Shaped Gum might be the starting point. (Yomawari: Night Alone 夜廻 Game)The first sand pile you can found, is in Girl’s home, near Poro’s home. If you dig it, you will find Bone-Shaped Gum.
Description – “A bone-shaped dog threat. Poro loves it.It was hidden behind the doghouse.”

Blackboard Eraser. (Yomawari: Night Alone 夜廻 Game)The second pile is in the Vacant Lot, where Sis looks for Poro. And item you will find is, Blackboard Eraser.
Description – “A blackboard eraser from school. How did it get out here?”
Sis’s Shoe

The third sand pile is in the school, where you can find Slippers.

Blackboard Eraser. (Yomawari: Night Alone 夜廻 Game)The last one is in the Woods. There you will find Warped Marble.
Description – it’s a marble, but the glass is chipped and it isn’t round, so it won’t roll.


These items and locations Girl found them, if you think about it carefully, they connect to Poro.

  • Bone-Shaped Gum and Wet Bone are dog’s favorites. Also Toy Bone that you can find it inside the Tunnel. These items tells me what dogs like.
  • Blackboard Eraser and Slippers are items that you should find them in the school, but Girl found Blackboard Eraser in the Vacant Lot, where Sis searches for Poro. When Sis decided to look for Poro in Chapter 1, she must think where he might be found and since she didn’t ask her sister because it seems Girl witnessed something that made her quiet.

    When Girl found Sis again, she was looking for an old car in the Vacant Lot, so I think this is one of places Poro often played. So I think Poro found Blackboard Eraser in the school and he buried it in another place where he came many times. I’m not sure he buried this item before or after he died, but it confirms that he would often played in the school.

    Sis (姉, おねえちゃん) is startled because her younger sister approaches her. (Yomawari: Night Alone 夜廻 Game)

  • Warped Marble: At first, I am not sure why there’s this item in the sand pile. But since I suspect these sand piles is Poro/HFD’s work, I remember when Girl picked a Pebble while she was walking with Poro and he chased it when she threw this rock. And when I look at this marble again, I realize that the dog who buries this marble and Poro who likes to take Pebble, is high possible that Poro is that dog who buries Warped Marble in the Woods, where his body was found by Girl later in the chapter 4.

All of these items and where Girl found sand piles (Home, Vacant Lot, School & Woods), have the connection that explains behavior of Poro/HFD, I can’t believe that all of these clues are just coincidence. I think all locations of sand piles, items, and Poro’s behavior, connect each other and become the truth.

Another Mini Theory

I’m not sure that shoes in this game have some connection too or not but it is possible that Slippers belonged to Girl. Because I think that Poro would not take shoe of someone he didn’t know as his treasure. Of course, it’s possible that these Slippers are not Girl’s too because some items Poro dug into sand piles, don’t belonged to Girl and Sis. But when I look at Sis’s Shoe and Slippers that were brought at the same place, and by the same dog (probably). I think this dog might collect shoes of people he is familiar. This is the connection between Sis’s Shoe and Slippers I found.

Girl (少女) found Sis's Shoe in the school grounds. (Yomawari: Night Alone 夜廻 Game)

At this point, Sis and Girl are together (in Poro’s opinion).

All clues I found that I wrote in Part 1-2 are not absolute right because if I will think that Poro and HFD are not the same dog is possible too. However, when I review my own theory about Poro/HFD and every clues, what I gain is


how Poro lives (when he is alive and dead).

And how Sis’s Shoe is in the school.


The End.


Although I will conclude that Poro/HFD is the one who takes Sis’s Shoe to the school, I don’t think this assumption is absolute right either since there are some flaws, so the one who take shoes, might be not dog, but other suspects, Sis herself or monsters.

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