The First Real Neat Blog Award of Yahari Bento!

I am so blessed to be nominated for Real Neat Blog Award. This is the first time I got this award.

It’s my honor to be nominated by these bloggers.

  • Ryuji Tatsuya’s Anime Review, his anime blog has anime reviews and many interesting posts about genres waiting for you to explore.
  • AURI, the blogger of Manga Toritsukareru Koto. – Artworks & Literature would be her hobbies? I hardly saw blogger who displays creative works with various styles.

Thank you so much (and I want to say million times) for this award, I will treasure this.


  • Display the award logo
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and post a link to their blog
  • Answer the questions of the one who nominated you
  • Nominate 5-10 bloggers.
  • Ask them 7 questions.

7 Questions:

  • Have you ever hated any of your teachers? If yes, then how many times have you tortured them to death?
    I would lie if I say I love every teachers. Some teachers didn’t teach students only, they …would have some mental disorders even they themselves never notice (or they never try to look back at themselves from the first place?). And I’m surprised there are those kind of teachers like that in every levels of education. However, I met good and diligent teachers too, so I admire them and still remember good things they taught me even now.
    I never think to torture them to death or even harm them although I hate them because they are sick people only. But I heard some rumors from somewhere that some of those teachers angered some parents of some kids, so they …was punished quietly. I still doubt they learn their mistakes or not.
  • Name an anime song that makes you jump in joy or sing along with it (Even if the lyrics are mainly just gibberish)?
    I don’t know their names but I listened to them from advertisements on TV. All of those songs are just short, but easy to remember.
  • What is your ideal travel destination?
    Sweden or Italy.
  • Have you ever hurt an animal back when you were a kid? (…….. Please tell me it wasn’t just me Q.Q)
    Almost kids would do something sinful like that at least once in their lives. Those times are period we was interested many things around us. Although I never had any intention to hurt them at all, I ended up did it. Because of those bitter memories, I always remind myself to not do the same mistake again.
  • 2017 is almost at its end, which anime has been your favorite this year?
    This year? I guess it’s Fate/Apocrypha. I admire how the writer can make characters who see the world with their own experiences and suffered from similar things, but they are enemies because they have different point of views and beliefs. And this case is not limited for enemies only, even allies have some similarity. This happening occurs many times that makes me think it’s not coincidence.
  • Are you into K-pop/K-drama? Who is your favorite Idol/Actor among them?
    I’m not, I hardly watched it, gomen.
  • It’s a zombie apocalypse. You are driven to a corner, the object to your left and right are your only weapon. How screwed are you? (Clichéd question, I know)
    Just wake up is enough to escape. ^ w^)

My 7 Combo Questions

  1. When a zombie is ringing a bell in front of your house, what should you do? One choice only.
    1. ignore?
    2. chase it away. (its true self is saleman)
    3. welcome them to your warm house and serve some green tea?
    4. snore. (escape reality)
  2. If this zombie is going to attack you and you go to the kitchen, choose only one kitchen utensil that will be your weapon. (except sharp weapons, ok?)
  3. And then, zombie melts after you countered back, what will you do between…
    1. look for cleaner.
    2. prepare dinner. (??)
  4. While you are with that zombie, another family member comes back home (!!). What will you do between hide zombie behind the refrigerator or introduce it to your family?
  5. You notice zombie’s clothes are kinda depressing. Which clothing style is looking good to it. (Since I can’t identify the gender of this zombie either (hohoho), you can choose any women or men’s clothing.) For my opinion, it must be Lolita!!
  6. Since this post is about real neat blog award, so zombie wants to do a cleaning job, what you will say is…
  7. Before zombie-san will leave your house, it seems hesitate and asks you if it can stay a night with you. Its expression (??) while it’s asking is soooo adorable. But your choice is…
    1. …(thumb up!!)
    2. …(your head feels empty)
    3. …(click remote in your hand to activate UFO above zombie, then warp it to another dimension.)

My Honorable Nominees.

I’m so lucky to be part of the blogging community. So, let me become the summoner.

The spirit of otaku bloggers, please hear my words and descend to the Yahari Bento! (Zoom!!) :3

The First Round

  1. Chizurue
  2. A Nerdy Perspective
  3. Rekishi Nippon
  4. Take me to the Perfect World.
  5. Fantasy Fan
  6. Thoughts on anime
  7. An Analogy is a Signpost
  8. MisHATvenutures
  9. Wizard Dojo
  10. It’s An Anime Thing

The Second Round

  1. Jobi Blogs
  2. Gold-Plated Games
  3. Steady on your Feet
  4. Avior System
  5. The Morose Mononokean
  6. Bakemono Anime
  7. Mini World
  8. Entrance only for OTAKU
  9. OtakuIndo.Nime
  10. Lixiss

Author: Yahari Bento ( ^ v^)*

Eye wanna eat Quinoa Fried Rice. It would be SO GOOD! SO GOOD! ( ^ )3^)

21 thoughts on “The First Real Neat Blog Award of Yahari Bento!”

  1. Congrats getting the Neat Blog Award!
    Your posts are pretty neat, and so is the format, it’s about time it shows up~

    By the way those are some hilarious questions, XD

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  2. Aw, thank you for the nomination, I’m truly lucky to receive so many nominations in such a short span of time. Also, nice questions! XD It reminds me of those choose-your-own adventure type games/books.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. True, I also got tons of blogger award nomination. Maybe this is nomination season? I think these are gifts from Santa but he sent in advance. ( ^o^)<

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