Yomawari: Night Alone (夜廻) Analysis: Chapter 2 – Why is Sis’s shoe in The School? (Part 1) And The True Face of Human-Faced Dog.

Why is a shoe of older sister of girl (the main character of game called Yomawari: Night Alone (夜廻)) in the school grounds? This game analysis will find who (or what) takes her shoe to that place. Also the unbelievable truth that I got from analyzing.

Girl (少女) found Sis's Shoe in the school grounds. (Yomawari: Night Alone 夜廻 Game)

Why is a shoe of older sister of girl (the main character of game called Yomawari: Night Alone (夜廻)) in the school grounds? This game analysis will find who (or what) takes her shoe to that place. Also the unbelievable truth that I got from analyzing. And this is Part 1 of this analysis.

While girl (少女) is looking for her big sister & their dog, Poro (ポロ), a spirit is behind her. (Yomawari: Night Alone 夜廻 Game)Before you will proceed.

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  • Spoilers up ahead. And I recommend you to play Yomawari: Night Alone and Yomawari: Midnight Shadows game before read this post.
  • Titles rated T (Teen)
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If you played this game already, this would be the second mystery about this character, Sis. Because her shoe is founded in the school, despite she disappeared near the vacant lot. Why is her shoe (and one shoe too) in the school? So let me tell you first that this game analysis will not give you 100% collect answer, but I will collect many clues I found to find out the answer only.

Girl (少女) is selecting the rock of destiny. (Yomawari: Night Alone 夜廻 Game)

Review: Don’t Play Tutorials of Game Called Yomawari!!

(Yomawari: Night Alone 夜廻 Game)In the first chapter : Twilight of this game, it delivered the SIMPLE tutorial that made me dumbfounded and the story ended up with the disappearance of big sis (おねえちゃん) and girl’s dog named Poro (ポロ)  for some reasons.

Sis : After she saw her younger sister came back home but Poro was not with her, she asked where he was but girl couldn’t tell her, so she decided to look for him alone (because she noticed girl’s condition so she didn’t ask her more than that?). While she was searching for him at the vacant lot (maybe this place is one of places that girl and Poro would play so often?), her little sister came to her. However, after she hid her younger sister behind the bush (maybe she sensed spirits nearby), she disappeared, left her flashlight in front of the vacant lot…

Poro: While his owner (Girl) was taking him for a walk, he went missing while Girl did as the USEFUL tutorial said…


Girl (少女) starts to look for her family members, Sis (姉, おねえちゃん) & her dog, Poro (ポロ). (Yomawari: Night Alone 夜廻 Game)

Human-Faced Dog or ... (Yomawari: Night Alone 夜廻 Game)So in the chapter 2: (Nightfall), the girl decides to look for her family members and this chapter leaves many mysterious questions. One of those is Sis’s shoe that the little girl found in the school. Why is it there? I should invite Conan to investigate.

Sis’s shoe

 A shoe of Sis (姉, おねえちゃん). (Yomawari: Night Alone 夜廻 Game)Let me introduce this item before I will start analyzing for real.
Description “Sis’s shoe that I found at school. It’s got slobber from the human-faced dog on it.”



In order to find who/what takes Sis’s Shoe is in the school grounds, we need to find people/spirits related to Sis and everyone who are near her shoe first.

  1. Girl – her little sister.
  2. Poro – her dog.
  3. Mr. YomawariMr.Yomawari (Yomawari: Night Alone 夜廻 Game) – The youkai that if you played this game until the main character is left in the factory (Chapter 6: Midnight), you will find an evidence that Sis was brought from the Vacant Lot (after she hid her sister behind the bush) to that place, and that abandoned factory is Mr. Yomawari’s territory. How it catches girl to the factory where is the same place with where Old Charm (this charm belongs to Sis) is dropped, and the sudden disappearance of Sis, it means that this youkai would abduct her big sister to the factory.
  4. Human-Faced Dog – This youkai appears in the school grounds. When girl is checking Sis’s shoe she found there, this youkai dog prevents her and it takes this shoe away when she comes back and tries to retrieve it.
  5. Road Blocker – Another youkai is near where Sis disappears. When girl starts to use sis’s Flashlight that she dropped for the first time, this cheerful monster will be seen in front of her (along with sudden background music). I remember my heart fell to the ankle when this spirit appeared.
    Road Blocker would be glad it meets Girl (少女). (Yomawari: Night Alone 夜廻 Game)
  6. Sis – Yes, she is the one who wears them.

Exclude Suspects

Road Blocker (Yomawari: Night Alone 夜廻 Game)To say I exclude suspects might be not right, so I will consider that which one are less suspicious. I think Road Blocker and Mr. Yomawari are less suspicious because they don’t appear in the school and there’s no any evidences that prove they were there either. Since I can’t find the connection between school and Road Blocker, this spirit is the least suspicious.

For Mr. Yomawari’s case, although it doesn’t appear in the school, but from the story, it is the one of suspects who abducts Sis, so its profile makes me suspect it. I assume that if this monster is the one who makes Sis’s shoe drop there, it means that…

while this youkai is catching Sis in his big bag, it wanders in the school area (maybe it is looking for other kids?) and her shoe drops there, before it will bring her to the factory.

This assumption is possible but lacks evidences. So I will consider remained suspects instead.

For Girl’s case, if you played this game until the end, she is not the one who brings shoe of her older sister to the school (of course, you played as her).

For Sis’s case, although that shoe is hers, there are no any evidences that she is in the school and drops it.

So there are two suspects, Poro and Human-Faced Dog. When Girl is looking for her big sister and Poro, she notices a dog that she thinks s/he might be her dog (since its body is similar to her dog, I guess). She follows it until she reaches the school and that dog is walking behind the school gate. And there are two dogs in this game only, Poro and Human-Faced Dog. That’s why it’s high possible that dog Girl saw is Poro. However, if you played this game and finished chapter 2, you would know that Poro is not found near Sis’s Shoe at all, although it’s possible that he is in the school. So he is still the suspect, but the truth that Poro is not in the school area, is possible too.

For HFD’s case (initial of Human-Faced Dog), since it is the only one who takes the shoe when Girl is going to pick it and it tries to dig soil to hide it and this youkai is found in the school grounds, it is number one suspect.

Human-Faced Dog or ... (Yomawari: Night Alone 夜廻 Game)

However, HFD might find out this shoe after someone dropped it there, so in order to find out why Sis’s Shoe is in the school, I need to find more clue. And that is…

Bulletin Board

In chapter 2, Girl comes back home but it appears that her older sister is not there. So she decides to look for her and also her dog that went missing earlier. When she turns left to the street near her home, there’s a bulletin board near an automatic vending machine. If you read message at this board, it says…

Message on the bulletin board would depress Girl (少女). (Yomawari: Night Alone 夜廻 Game)

There have been multiple noise complaints filed for barking dogs.
It is the responsibility of the pet’s owner to properly train their animal.

Although this message would depress player (or Girl) because of following a certain tutorial, this is a clue about dogs who caused problem to neighbors lately. If I need to suspect dogs, there are Poro and HFD. Before I will think about this message, I notice that the game wants us to read this message by showing two feet appear behind this bulletin board and vanish when Girl comes closer, this event might make you curious and go to that board, and red exclamation mark will appear above Girl’s head, causes you to click and read message at the board soundly.

Of course, if you don’t notice those two feet behind the board or just walk away, you would not read its message, however, I admire how director to think brilliant idea for gaining player’s attention, so I think this message is important for this chapter 2. It’s about dogs and where they appear. But this message is important clue or not, we will see about that later.

If I need to pick one choice about dogs that annoy people, I suspect HFD more than Poro, because from its behavior when Girl encounters this spirit, it is fierce, always bark and attack her. And the truth that it’s alone (I couldn’t find other dogs nearby). While Poro also barks, but I never see him bark incessantly. But I will not judge Poro is not suspect just because I saw him (when he is alive) in chapter 1 only, and he is with Girl at that time too. So I still suspect both of them.

For reasons why dog barks incessantly, there are many answers. But if there are many people complain about this excessive barking and info from message board says it’s dogs, it doesn’t mean that there are more than one dog either, since no one investigate how many dogs that causes this problem for real, I mean… there are many people who are annoyed, this is the truth. But the truth that there’s message at this board, might confirm that people who couldn’t stand this problem anymore, have no clue about where this dog lives and even the owner either, so they have no choice but leave this message so the owner who might be nearby, would see this message, feel guilty and train that dog. I think if people know who is the owner, they would complain this owner about this problem, more than leave the message that will solve this problem slower and not effectively.

And MC who is walking at that street, notices the bulletin board and read its message… However, I will not judge that the owner of this dog is her and that dog is Poro either, since this message has no clue enough to confirm it. That’s why I still suspect both dogs and find more clues.

A Dog Who Girl sees In The Street – The School Gate.

After Girl passed the bulletin board, and reaches T-junction (west direction from her home), she will notice a dog in the middle of the street that is so similar to her own dog. She follows this dog until she reaches the school. However, I can’t see his head clearly.

At first, I thought it’s Poro and he leads his owner to the place where Sis’s Shoe is. I never doubt this assumption since it’s very reasonable, his strong sense of smell would lead him to that place…

Until I notice something incredible between Poro and HFD.

The similarity Between Poro and Human-Faced Dog

While Girl is walking in the school to find her dog who entered the school (but how he can enter that place although this place is closed, is mysterious), a shoe drops in the middle of the school grounds and it appears that this shoe belonged to her big sister. While she is doubting why it is there, a dog with big head appears so suddenly and charges her, causes her to escape and leaves Sis’s Shoe behind.

Human-Faced Dog is "greeting" its guest, Girl (少女). (Yomawari: Night Alone 夜廻 Game)

This dog is called HFD, and since Girl believes that this dog is not her beloved dog (of course, it’s fierce youkai and it attacks her. If it’s Poro, it must remember his owner for sure. Let alone its face is different from Poro’s completely.), so I also believed that this big head dog is not Poro who entered the school earlier automatically. However, she met HFD, that dog she followed earlier, is not found ever since.

Since I was suspecting these two dogs, I often saw their pictures. Because of that, I compared them unintentionally and I was surprised how their bodies are so similar. I remember that I thought a long time ago that their tails are so similar (the end of their tails are black). And that’s not enough, I compare their body parts, feet, bodies, size,

…their bodies are truly like two peas in a pod.

Even their two furs near their left forelimbs (also shadows behind them)!! And if you observe carefully, their ears are similar although ears of HFD are bigger, their appearance are like they are copied.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The only different point is their heads. However, their similarity surprised me with this new discovery (and I almost forget about Sis’s Shoe, gomen (|||>  <)> ). Since Poro is dead in chapter 1 because of car accident already or in case of he is heavily injured, it’s no way he can walk to the school like that, and it was confirmed that he is dead in Chapter 4: Dark Night, in the place where he fell from the high mountain, after he was hit by a truck.

So if the truth he died since chapter 1 is true, it’s possible that the dog Girl meets in the middle of T-junction and behind the school gate, is Poro, since there are two dogs in this game. And the truth about the similarity of these two dogs, maybe it’s possible that they are…


the same dog.



If Poro died, he would be spirit already when Girl saw him later in chapter 2. But are Poro and HFD the same dog for real? Or are they different dog spirits? Or will the ending be culminated by other suspects? The next Yomawari analysis will search for the truth to find out why Sis’s Shoe is in the school. I will reveal surprising truths in the part 2.

Sis (姉, おねえちゃん). (Yomawari: Night Alone 夜廻 Game)



…Where are my little sister and Poro?




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