Review: Don’t Play Tutorials of Game Called Yomawari (夜廻)!!

Tutorials of the game series named Yomawari: Night Alone (夜廻) and Yomawari: Midnight Shadow (深夜廻), made me dumbfounded! They are supposed to be nothing special or boring for players, but in these game series, they lead me to meet the…

Girl (少女) is selecting the rock of destiny. (Yomawari: Night Alone 夜廻 Game)

Tutorials of the game series named Yomawari: Night Alone (夜廻) and Yomawari: Midnight Shadows (深夜廻), made me dumbfounded! They are supposed to be nothing special or boring for players, but in these game series, they lead me to meet the…


Nai wa!?

Before you will proceed.


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I never imagine I will write a game review about tutorials before, since most games have these, to make players learn how to use buttons to command characters or use menu. Sometimes, I think it’s necessary to learn how to control character in game, but I was taught to learn what I already know, such as how to use D-pad and etc. So the horror game like Yomawari would not be different too.

For playing these two game, or watch video/screenshots for the first time, it’s no way I will expect something surprising from tutorials because they are like other tutorials in other games, teach us how to control characters or use tools/menu in game. And when I watched beautiful and unique scenery, along with super cute characters in these two games, I never doubt that I will encounter something frightening from these normal tutorials soon.

Yomawari: Night Alone

I was dumbfounded because tutorials teach how to use the first item, throwing a pebble.

Girl (少女) & Poro (ポロ) are in front of the tunnel of destiny. (Yomawari: Night Alone 夜廻 Game)

In Yomawari: Night Alone, character who you will control is a little girl who is leading her dog. Tutorials will teach you how to move character and blah blah blah, until a pebble falls near her. So tutorials that have good will, they taught how to select and use this item. But the moment  when I saw the result after using that normal rock as normal tutorials said, my brain was empty… It is like I understood what happens already, but I think I accepted the result soooo slowly. That b********n confirmed it, and it showed the end of ****. And this moment is the first tragedy for the little girl.

Girl (少女) is selecting the rock of destiny. (Yomawari: Night Alone 夜廻 Game)

This is my own opinion, but I suspect that this rock of the destiny that falls near the little girl, might be dropped because of Hand Spirit that appeared behind the girl and dog but it ran to the forest nearby, and this forest is the upper level of the road that the girl and her dog were walking. I am not sure why that spirit ran near her, but it’s possible that it was following her and dog, until this stalker made this rock fall (intentionally or unintentionally).

Someone or something makes the pebble fall near Girl (少女) & Poro (ポロ). (Yomawari: Night Alone 夜廻 Game)

Or maybe it’s just coincidence. Hand spirit was there because where it appeared is near the tunnel that leads to the territory of its master, Mountain Spirit.

Yomawari: Midnight Shadows

I was dumbfounded after tutorials guided to carry a certain item.

And I think tutorials of Yomawari: Night Alone made me be silent, they can’t compare to tutorials of the sequel, Yomawari: Midnight Shadows. They are voiceless bombshell!!

The plot of this sequel starts with the little girl named Yui (그イ) was carrying her black doggie, Kuro, and she also lead another brown puppie, Chaco, they go to the mountain to bury Kuro. And from her diary, it seems her precious dog died yesterday and she cried a lot. After she buried Kuro properly, tutorials started to guide player to control Yui while the story continued. She released red item from Chaco (at this point, this is the cutscene), so he ran and crossed the bridge near them, this made her follow him. When he jumped out of the bush that scared her, he walked to the bridge and waited for his owner to go with him. But tutorial taught how to use the first item that made me remember what happened in the first game.

Someone or something manipulates Yui (ユイ) to prevent her doggie, Chaco (チャコ), stop her from doing something from now on. (Yomawari: Midnight Shadows Shin Yomawari 深夜廻 Game)
And then, the path between Chaco (チャコ) & his owner, Yui (ユイ), is…

However, nothing happened more than throwing rock to the bridge and the weight of Chaco, made the bridge fell… Chaco was still safe but this event separated both of them. So she needed to find another way. Tutorials is helpful by teaching how to push object (push big wooden box so she can cross the path. I started to be curious why the game made her walk to the path that is farther from where her doggie was waiting, but I just let it be, again I never suspect these tutorials. Or it’s because the beautiful and unique scenery in the game when Yui was walking attracted to me. And when Yui stood near the Jizo statue that is located along the way, this statue and beautiful scene made me not interested tutorials.

And when Yui passed “another item” along the way and reached the big tree at the end of the path, I doubt why the game needed to guide character to this point, she was supposed to find another way so she and her puppie can go back home (that time was evening).

Yui (ユイ), the strong tree branch, the wooden box and the red item she obtained from her doggie, Chaco (チャコ), will lead her to the end. (Yomawari: Midnight Shadows Shin Yomawari 深夜廻 Game)

Now, when I was watching Yui was looking up to the branch of that tree, that item behind her, and “the certain red item” she got from Chaco, a stupid idea came to me, but I tried to reject this idea immediately.

She would not do something like that!

Nai wa.

I mean, her dog, Chaco is waiting for her, so it’s impossible. I tried to think positively with all my might.

I was sure of that.

But tutorials would read my mind, they crushed my hope perfectly, maybe it’s Youkai. Because they didn’t teach how to carry item yet, so…

And after do as tutorials said again when the red exclamation mark popped up above Yui’s head, …great, she did what I had terrified.

And then, the scene changed… like that, it left me who was dumbfounded, question myself why something like this happened, but the story beyond this point made me relieve and confused at the same time. However, in the end, this game could deliver the despair for me and steal my heart.


The musics in the ending of these two Yomawari game series are so beautiful (especially in the sequel). If you can understand the story and listen to these musics, oh my god…

But please don’t forget that I want to warn you that tutorials of Yomawari: Night Alone and Yomawari: Midnight Shadows are very dangerous!! However, if you decide to play these games, I will not stop you, because stories and musics of these game are superb.


If you can endure it and keep moving, you can obtain happiness.


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