Bliss from 200 Followers on Yahari Bento!! (My Appreciation for You & The Author of Yahari)

200 followers on Yahari Bento!! blog.

200 followers on Yahari Bento!! blog.While I’m waiting for the blessing that will descend to all Oregairu fans in the next month, I got another meaningful gift from my readers, 200 followers!!

Let me use this chance to write something about me and Yahari too!

200 followers on Yahari Bento blog!! ♥♥♥

Thank you for following my blog.

Since you might know already that right now I’m focusing on analyzing Yahari LN almost 100%. There’re many things happened to me and my blog. Yahari LN v12 that never reach, and my partner (desktop) fell into the eternal slumber. Everything wanted to sleep, it caused me want to sleep too. Since I can’t buy new desktop instantly for many reasons, my speed in updating this blog is like the stock fall.

But when the news about LN v12 was confirmed again, I still have more things about this story to write, so I worked hard to gain more money and gained new partner. With this new buddy, I wrote posts like I drank energy drinks. I’m so tired but I’m very satisfied, since the book I’m waiting for about 2 years will reach me for real, for real!! They can use trap card “April Fool” to me anymore.

I’m very satisfied again when I can write analysis so fast. Maybe my motivation returned back to me again. Satisfied to read feedback from my readers, and follow my blog because they saw my blog is worth enough to click follow button. Satisfied to realize my writing speed is faster more than I expected (although I’m annoyed with my English writing skill).

I don’t know you are the blogger or not, but It’s good to add media (images) in the post you’re writing? It feels good to find out images that are consistent with what we are writing, doesn’t it?

With 200 followers news, let me use this opportunity to write something.

Talk about Yahari v12

I’m the one who am looking forward to LN v12, finally we will know the new path that trio will decide to choose. Yukino’s request. Yuigahama’s wish and Hachiman’s struggle. Since from the synopsis of LN v12 told us in advance, I need to prepare my mind because “tears” will be dropped for sure. Tears of characters and even my tears too. I think this v12 will be the turning point that would shock all readers. Why do I think like that?

My Appreciation to the author

Because from experience I analyzed about this story and found out many surprising results, I admire how the author tried his best to “place” the truths carefully, at the same time he “covered” them carefully as well, by using “clear or easy to understand” images so readers will not notice it, will not find it so easily. This has Comedy genre but it’s Drama and Psychological more than Comedy, because from my things I found out after analyzing, it’s not comedy at all, it’s very seriously. When I am so tired to decode thoughts and feelings from characters, I realized the empathy of the author for Yahari. He even polishes his work.

shinonome hakase sakamoto (nichijou anime)

It would not be related to the blast.

And because of his empathy and the postponing of v12, you will see what I mean from LN v12 (and 13 too because I don’t believe this is the last one). What the author tried to hide all times will be revealed. I am not sure how he will reveal to his readers, but if Oregairu fan didn’t prepare her/his mind before read it, the shockwave from this v12 will crash your mind. Because trusting and placing high expectations to “image of those characters” will make you feel like you were betrayed. Because you already believed in the image of that character as the truth, and misunderstood that it’s the essence of that character.

Hachiman, Yukino, Yuigahama, Haruno and Hayama

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That’s what I ever experienced while reading this story, but since I don’t have extreme high expectation, I survived from my own misunderstanding. Actually I’m curious what happened, thoughts and feelings of mysterious characters, more than forcing my own expectations in those characters. So I’m worried for readers and watchers that they will be disappoint, angry and sad because of that, and ended up blame everything that made them misunderstood as the next result.

That’s why for the author, you have my gratitude for letting me read the his masterpiece that is the masterpiece of the masterpiece. I didn’t praise too much, but in my opinion, this is the world class and the best literature I ever read.


To have a chance reading the real literature, I’m glad to were born.


And because of the unexpected will be revealed in this v12, to avoid many things, the postponing the release date would be necessary.

Why was v12 postponed?

I’m not sure myself either, but I think it’s necessary to postpone it.

I think reasons why this v12 was not released as it should be, it’s not because new LN of the author, anime, such as Girlish Number or another story (I forgot). I think the story in this v12 is the main reason that made the author or relate departments must postpone its release date, by focusing on other series instead. I don’t think the author can’t gain more money after Yahari ends so he must find more money in other series first, and return to Yahari next or something like that. I think people that are involved with the decision about the release date of this vol, would consider carefully, before they will postpone the release date.

But now, that day will come someday, and that someday is

20 September 2017

Maybe my own extreme high expectation to know the story of LN v12 is not good, but I placed my expectation after I found out the truth from the mysterious of Yahari, so it’s reasonable enough? Anyway, to not get heavy damage, I will prepare my mind until that day will come. While I’m waiting for the judgement day, I will writing more analysis as much and fast as I can,

and I can give my gratitude to my blog followers and readers too. ♥♥ 😀

For anyone who didn’t read Yahari yet, please don’t believe in my gratitude toward the author. However, I recommend you to try reading it and manga or watch anime.

Until next update.



Author: Yahari Bento ( ^ v^)*

Eye wanna eat Quinoa Fried Rice. It would be SO GOOD! SO GOOD! ( ^ )3^)

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