Oregairu Analysis – “Before” Yukinoshita Haruno Decides to Help Yukino.

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru. Analysis focuses on the feelings and thoughts of one of character of this story, Yukinoshita Haruno(雪ノ下 陽乃), or should I say, many interesting things that connects to her important determination to help her younger sister, Yukinoshita Yukino (雪ノ下 雪乃). All of these moments lie in LN v5 and up.

In this v5, the more I read this, the more I found very interesting clues. It’s worth to have this v5. So I will write everything I found from v5 (especially about Haruno’s feelings and thoughts after she talked with Hikigaya Hachiman (比企谷 八幡) and Yuigahama Yui (由比ヶ浜 結衣)). However, in this part 1, I will not start what I found in v5 because there’re many things I need to write in v1-4 first.


  • Please read Attention page first, to let you understand that my all analysis are not 100% right.
  • Spoiler alert!! And I recommend you to read/watch Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru. (やはり俺の青春ラブコメはまちがっている。) LN/anime/manga Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabu Kome wa Machigatteiru. -Monologue- (やはり俺の青春ラブコメはまちがっている。-妄言録-) and manga @Comic before proceed.

The reason of this analysis

I have inspiration after read Oregairu LN v5. This v5 is very interesting I want to recommend you to own it. Because of it, after read like I’m in spiral, I will admit that Watari-sensei is genius. His writing make me interpret one thing, but after I read over and over, it appears that I misunderstood again. And I also have many things to explain too, in this v5. Haruno is not mysterious and bad like many people think. If you follow my work until the end, you will know why I think like this. For now, I will say Yukino doesn’t live in bad luck forever, since there’s one person who always care for her, although she can’t reach her younger sister.

Actually, I want to write what I found in v5 only, but when I look back in v1-4, I think there’re things about Yukino and Haruno that connect with this v5 as well. So I will decide…

Three period for this analysis

I will subdivide “this whole analysis” into three period. You can notice in “the post title”.

  1. “Before” Yukinoshita Haruno Decides to Help Yukino. – explain what I found in LN v1-4.
  2. “When” Yukinoshita Haruno Decides to Help Yukino. – explain what I found in LN v5.
  3. “After” Yukinoshita Haruno Decides to Help Yukino. – explain what I found in LN v6.

Three posts for you to read. And of course, the first post right now is [“Before” Yukinoshita Haruno Decides to Help Yukino.]. I hope you will not be confused. This post will collect clues more than explain. I tried to collect many clues about Yukinoshita sisters as much as I can (as if Haruno is patting on Hachiman’s back so something might spill out from his throat) and will analyze some interesting things about them. I will start with Yukino first, next is Haruno.

Organize Yukino’s clues in v1-4

Before I will starting analyzing, let me write clues of Yukino, spread in LN v1-4 first. Besides, if I found more clues about her, I will write more.

In v1 – She tells Hachiman that almost every boys around her started liking her during late elementary period because of her cuteness. And maybe because of she is popular, there’re people who want to get rid of her (maybe again, jealousy).

In v2

  • It seems Sagawa-san and Shimoda-san ever used chain e-m@ils to bully her before. This incident ended because she found these troublemakers so she extir- umm I mean, had a talk with them. And as Hachiman comments, this incident happened during middle school period.
  • (In c 4, anime ss1 ep5) While she and others listen to Kawasaki Taishi (川崎 大志)‘s worry about his older sister, Kawasaki Saki (川崎 沙希) because she often comes back so late, and their parents ‘s free time don’t match with her so they can’t help much, Yukino mentions any families would have the family issue. But Hachiman senses she is gloomy, worried so much she wants to cry, just like Taishi, or more than him.
  • When she watches how closely between Hikigaya siblings (Hachiman and his younger sister, Hikigaya Komachi (比企谷 小町)), she is jealous a little bit.
  • Again she watches Kawasaki siblings while they are going back home, watches how close they are. She mentions that siblings would be like that. From what she mentions, I feel somewhere in her heart, wishes for the scene in front of her, happens in her life too.

In v3

  • She still feels the same about Hikigaya siblings when she meets them again at the shopping mall. (You can find her comment in LN only.)
  • It seems she is cold a bit toward her sister.
  • She refuses to let her sister touch her treasure, Pan-san. (You can find her comment in LN only.)
  • In the moment Haruno whispers to her that “mom” is still upset because she lives alone. This keyword makes her tenses and the silent atmosphere covers the whole area in spite of that place is the shopping mall.
  • After Haruno left, she tells with Hachiman how perfect her older sister is, and people admire her, also how she got a mask (because she often need to participate in many occasions such as greeting dignitaries and banquets for business benefits).
  • (In c6, anime ss1 ep6) after Hachiman gave the birthday present to Yuigahama, they discuss about their feelings involved with the car accident back then. While they can’t find the conclusion, Yukino encourages and helps them to find the best conclusion. However, something in her dialogue below, makes me there is something more than just want to helps them…

    both of you are victims of the car accident back then, so if it’s like that…

    ps. Let me assume their dialogue from LN only, since from anime, I actually think Yukino is encourages them only. However, this is just my opinion, but Yukino shows her feeling via her words more than anime.

    To tell you the truth, if I read just v3 only, I would not know what she means either. But when I see she feels uncomfortable when meets with him again, after she knew from her sister that she told about Yukino also got involved with the car accident to Hachiman and Yuigahama accidentally (in LN v5), I started to understand her a little bit.

    Return to the dialogue above again. If we see from her point of view,
    – She sat in the car and that car crashed a boy.
    – A dog of someone almost was crashed as well.
    – That car was used to send her to the school.

    I suspect somewhere in her mind, she thinks it’s her fault that this accident happened. While I read Yukino comments that Hachiman is the helper, Yuigahama got help but they are victims. her comment this point and dialogue above, makes me think she feels guilty for this accident. If you see from her point of view, she might think she is the reason a boy injured and a dog almost was crashed. The Limo car of her family, was used to send her to the school.

    I will never say it’s her fault for the car accident because she sees “herself” as the center of her own life and also this incident, and the truth that the Limo car she sat back then, crashed someone and a dog almost was crashed, makes her thinks she is the wrongdoer automatically. However, this is just my assumption only, but this doesn’t end yet.

    If my assumption is correct, it is understandable why Yukino never tell them that she also got involved with this accident as well. This is not pleasant topic to talk at the first place. I feel she and Yuigahama are not different because they are afraid. For Yuigahama’s case, she wants to talk, but her fear will not let her do it. For Yukino’s case, we never know why, but if you ask me, I think she is afraid Hachiman and Yuigahama will blame her for the accident. My assumption comes from her comment about Hachiman and Yuigahama are victims. Maybe, she doesn’t want victims to blame her.

    That’s why she never say it, until they realize this from Haruno.

    And after that, she says she will inform Hiratsuka-sensei about member of the club. She walks little fast and never turns to look at them.

    This is what Hachiman comments while he sees her behavior. I assume she wants to walk away from her uncomfortable feeling that is happening when Hachiman and Yuigahama are talking about the car accident. If I watch anime ss1 ep6 only, I would never see anything to be noticed, because in anime, I see Yukino doesn’t hurry to go out the club room.

In v4

The bad relationship between Yukino and her childhood friendHayama Hayato (葉山 隼人). In the summer camp, During the discussion to look for how to save Tsurumi Rumi (鶴見 留美) (an elementary girl who are bullied by girls), he answers that he will do anything to save Rumi, but Yukino doubts that.

In case you want to know why Rumi saves girls who ever bullied her, you can read in Oregairu analysis – Tsurumi Rumi’s transformation!.

At night in the same day, Hachiman meets Yukino is alone again. While they are talking, he asks about her and Hayama. The more info from her are…

  1. They studied in the same school.
  2. Their family know each other, his father works as the lawyer for her father’s company and his mom is the doctor.

The conclusion from clues

From clues above in LN v1-4, tell me that

Family + Sibling

  • the family issue would happen in Yukino’s family too.
  • she feels jealous when watches other siblings are so close while her relationship between her and her sister is different.
  • her reaction toward her older sister, and when she hears the word “mom”.
  • she sees her sister as the perfect.

People in the schools

  • she ever have bad memories because of people around her started bullying in late elementary period, similar incident happened again during middle school period.
  • her fear toward people’s feelings about the bad incident that she also got involved with.

So these are the conclusion from Yukino’s clues, so how about Haruno?

Organize Haruno’s timeline & some clues (v3-4)

Before I will starting analyzing, let me write Haruno’s story before LN v5 first.

In v3

  • She meets Hachiman for the first time while he is shopping with her sister, Yukino. After their introduction, she senses “something interesting” in this boy.
  • The reaction between her and Yukino (that I already explained).

In case you want to know how Haruno observes Hachiman, you can read Oregairu analysis – When Yukinoshita Haruno also gazes on to Hachiman.

The gap between two incidents – If you already read my analysis – “Y” of Hayama Hayato that focused on LN v4, you would read my assumption in this post how Haruno meets with Hayama after she met with Hachiman and Yukino and before he will go to the summer camp.

In v4

  • She appears again to pick her sister up because Yukino didn’t come back home during summer vacation. Yukino’s reaction tells Haruno that she doesn’t want to go. But when Haruno tells her that “mom” is waiting, Yukino’s reaction is similar with what happened in v3 before she gives up and goes with her older sister.
  • She is teasing Hachiman after she doesn’t meet with him for a while, but an unknown girl drags him from her while she’s doing that.
    I sense Haruno is surprised but not very pleased in this girl’s behavior (judge from her expression).
  • She asks this new character that she is his girlfriend or not.
    For her point of view, she wants to know why this girl drags him from her like that, as if this girl is… So I understand why Haruno asks her relationship toward him.
  • Yuigahama refuses she is not his girlfriend.
    Although Haruno tells her that she doesn’t know what to do if Yuigahama is in Yukino’s way. But I can’t believe in Haruno’s words that much because this woman is wearing the perfect mask. She uses word “Yukino-chan” to distort her reply so people will never know her will.

In case you don’t understand why I think Haruno sometimes uses word “Yukino-can” to distort her words, I can say this is her style. I explained how she uses this style in Oregairu analysis – Haruno’s operation Fire Doughnut (part 1) that focused on her conversation with Hachiman in the doughnut cafe (in LN v8, anime Zoku ep3).

Also in the post, Haruno also gazes on Hachiman (link is above), I explained how Haruno pretends and her true intentions so you will know why she did that.

  • After Haruno introduced herself, the girl in front of her did the same thing too. However, the girl introduces herself and claims that she is her sister’s friend.
    I think alert happens in Haruno’s head when she hears this girl is “Yukino’s friend”. The unpleasant feeling and doubtfulness toward this girl, makes Haruno can’t believe in Yuigahama’s words or doesn’t like her. I will explain why I think she feels like that.
  • Haruno’s tone is coldly after she heard this girl is “Yukino’s friend”.
    I assume Haruno is so sensitive in “Yukino’s friend” because in Yukino’s past, I think Haruno knows that around her younger sister, there’re no any good friend. So when Yuigahama claims that she is her younger sister’s friend, I assume she doubts this girl will be like she introduced herself or not. Haruno’s replies after that, tells me her feeling. And although she will be cheerful, but you can grasp her emotion right now from her tone.
  • Haruno warns Yuigahama to not lay a finger to him because he is Yukino’s.
    After Haruno’s dark opinions, she, who is wearing the perfect mask, needs to say something to end the darker than bl*ck atmosphere. And she right now is the character that everyone (Hachiman, Yukino, Komachi, Totsuka Saika (戸塚 彩加 ), etc.) are gazing on her. Don’t forget she is the limelight, the beautiful woman who appears from the limo. So she uses the same style I mentioned in many posts. If you cut word “Yukino-chan” or “because he is Yukino-chan’s.” from her warning, you will see the hidden feeling of Haruno towards this girl. What I want to say is, she means to use Yukino-chan to bend her own ill intention toward Yuigahama, because she doesn’t like her in many reasons.
    It’s bonus when he and Yukino can’t stand this kind of joke, so they refuse they are not like that. ฺReaction from both of them helps the situation better.
  • I also think Watari-sensei gave the answer via Hachiman already. You can see after Haruno laughs because he and Yukino can’t stand her joke. Hachiman wonder she just tease them, or all of these reactions from her, are pretense?

ps. About the conversation between Haruno and Yuigahama in LN and anime, are different. In anime ss1 ep8, Yuigahama never tell Haruno that she is Yukino’s friend. Hope you will not be confused.

The next phase

Then if I connect the conclusion from Yukino’s clue + Haruno’s timeline and some clues together, I started to see Haruno’s feelings and thoughts toward Yukino. However, I found something very interesting in v5 but I will end this phase 1 for now. The next phase will be named [“When” Yukinoshita Haruno Decides to Help Yukino.]. This phase will use all data from this post and more clues in LN v5, to conclude “Haruno’s determination”.

And I also will reveal the true meaning of Haruno’s opinion that…

“…Yukino-chan wasn’t chosen again, huh?”

Don’t miss it!!

Yukinoshita Haruno (雪ノ下 陽乃) Yukinoshita Yukino (雪ノ下 雪乃) are in the Limo. (Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru. Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabukome wa Machigatte Iru. Oregairu My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, as I Expected. My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU やはり俺の青春ラブコメはまちがっている。 俺ガイル 果然我的青春戀愛喜劇搞錯了。 anime ep 8)

If you have any thoughts about Yukino and Haruno in LN v1-4, you can write in Comment form below. I want to read every comments from readers because your opinion is important.

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