Adventure of Sinbad (シンドバッドの冒険) & Magi (マギ) Analysis – In-depth Sinbad Analysis. (Part 2)

In-depth Sinbad Analysis (Part 2) from “Adventure of Sinbad”. Sinbad is special one like he thinks or not.

Sinbad (before Djinn equip with Baal and Focalor).(Adventure of Sinbad)

Welcome again to Sinbad analysis (part 2) in both of Adventure of Sinbad (シンドバッドの冒険) and Magi: The Labyrinth of Magi (MAGI魔奇少年). In part 2, I will write in depth analysis in his tale follow from part 1. This time I will still concentrate on the story in Adventure of Sinbad 100%. In part 1, I wrote analysis about Sinbad since he is still a kid until he conquered Valefor’s Djinn power. So in part 2, what is he thinking/feeling?

Sinbad announces to create the gund*m world. (Adventure of Sinbad, Magi Sinbad no Bouken, Sinbad no Bouken)


  • This post is full of spoiler. Please read Attention before jump into the realm of my analysis.
  • Before read this part 2, please read in-depth Sinbad analysis part 1 first. I start analysis journey there.
  • In order to understand about Sinbad in maximum, should read two manga (Adventure of Sinbad and Magi: The Labyrinth of Magi) first, this analysis second.

Decode Data #4 Control Change the world.

Darius Leoxses (Magi Lybyrinth of Magic, Magi The Kingdom of Magic)Mira Dianus Artemina (Magi Lybyrinth of Magic, Magi The Kingdom of Magic)Mystras Leoxses (Adventure of Sinbad, Magi Sinbad no Bouken, Sinbad no Bouken)

Sinbad and co. travel to many countries such as Sasan Kingdom, Artemyra. He successes to gather more strong allies (Darius, Mystras Leoxses (king of Sasan and his oldest son), Mira Dianus Artemina (ミラ・ディアノス・アルテミーナ) (Queen of Artemyra)), political power and other resources. When I read manga, I see how he did to achieve his goal. He will wait for the good opportunities to negotiate these people and uses his Djin’s powers to make them realize the stronger power. After that, he will talk with them again to convince them he is their ally and wants them to join his alliance. I see his diversity skills in each negotiations. And in the end he gains more necessary resources to realize his dream. When I read manga while he goes to adventure, I can’t see his impulse because although his negotiation between all countries will have problems, but he can overcome obstacles by his power and manipulation convincing skill (just like Ja’far said in c54).

It seems Sinbad totally forget about Pathevia because when I checked again, I never see him mentioned or worried about his country. In c55, you can see while he arranged a party to welcome new members for his trading company happily, the reality found him (Serendine, Drakon, Saher (サヘル) and Tamira (タミーラ) (Saher and Tamira are Serendine’s maids)) & stops at the in front of his company.

Serendine Dikumenowlz Du Parthevia (the princess of Pathevia) and Saher & Tamira (her maids). (Adventure of Sinbad, Magi Sinbad no Bouken, Sinbad no Bouken)

Decode Data #5 Two sides of the same coin

In c60, Sinbad decides to hire Drakon and co. for his company but Hinahoho and Ja’far are not sure this is good idea to open arms for these people since it seems Serendine has a grudge against Sinbad. However Sinbad doesn’t mind that because he can see the flow of all the currents are turning toward him, the special. His impulse (to conquer all and to be the special/important man) is back again. Because this special makes him feel confident so he has no intention to control his impulse in his mind. However he feels at the same time that the flow he can see might not as he expects. (I will mark his strange thought to the red, so let see what he means.)

Umm Madaura, the head of the Mariadel company. (Magi Lybyrinth of Magic, Magi The Kingdom of Magic)

Later, Sinbad faces big problem because his company got involved with the Mariadel company. (I will skip since it’s not involve with my analysis’s topic). But in c62, he is too confident because he totally believes he is loved by destiny and no any futures can defeat him. When he can win Umm Madaura (大聖母オーム・マドーラ) (the head of Mariadel company), his impulse to change problem with his own hands rises again. In spite of he remembers he can overcome this problem because what his teacher teaches him. But after he overcame it, he thinks this is because him alone.

I think Sinbad and Madaura are similar. But I don’t mean they are bad people. What I think is they will do suitable methods to control their world. She will do talk/torture to control her slaves, he will talk/use power/pressure to control people he wants to be part of his company/alliance/country. She will manipulate every “children” for her business. He will manipulate everyone for desire to control change the world. Moreover, I am sure he learned how to manipulate people efficiency from this encounter.

In c80, When I see Madaura was defeated, her raging impulse and decision are similar to Sinbad’s. I think Otaka-sensei draw her character and this story for let us know Sinbad and Madaura are two sides of the same coin. To be the important/respectful person.

Sinbad doesn’t forget to collect a Fanalis slave, Masrur (マスルール) too. He talks with him privately so he gives him the perfect offer, to be free. But I can say that he wants to save this strong kid for his own benefit, if this kid is not slave, don’t forget he is still a kid and is a slave longer than Sinbad, he gains freedom but doesn’t know what to do next in his life. So Sinbad would let him to be in his company so he can find what he wants to do. But in other words, Masrur will be one of new member of his country. Sinbad uses him to pay back what Madaura did to him, and gains one more strong people in his company.

However, this time he shows us he is imperfect human, just like Ja’far and others, so he ends up let some children dies for slave rebellion he plans to destroy Madaura’s business, absorb all resources in her company and revenges her at the same time. And he shows us that he has still heart too. He intends to help all who are still alive for atonement. Even he who is the special one, is not different from other people. They are the same.

Decode Data #6 Ideal VS Reality.

This will be duel between Ideal and Reality.

Sinbad, Serendine and co., goes to Heliohapt Kingdom to expect an alliance with the king of this country. But when he knows the king is having problem because the mysterious dungeon, he volunteers to solve this problem instead (so he can conquer more Djinn’s power), and if he can solve king’s problem, his negotiation will be easier.

So Sinbad and co. meets the djinn, Zepar. I explain a bit earlier about the final test Zepar prepares for Sinbad and Serendine. Let me continue explaining this more. Zepar expects to see they are worth to get his power by three duels (I will skip the first and second duel since they don’t involve with my analysis). The final duel, Zepar expects Sinbad and Serendine to say their own ideal wish why they need Djinn’s power and comrades to march with them. This battle starts with Sinbad first. He tells her that his dream is to change the world. The world is still full of injustice. So he wishes for the perfect world that is free of conflict where everyone can accept one another as they are.

Serendine Dikumenowlz Du Parthevia (Adventure of Sinbad, Magi Sinbad no Bouken, Sinbad no Bouken)

In c102, I agree with Serendine’s opinion that Sinbad’s dream is full of beautiful words and ideals/impossibilities. It’s no way to make the world full of justice. I think Sinbad wishes this dream because he experienced injustice when he lived in Pathevia. When the stronger (Pathevia) took family and freedom from the weak (him), he feels the world is injustice and wants to change it, so he will not feel like that (injustice/suffer) again. But when he started to be stronger, he did the same. He manipulates people to gain more power and people. If he gains political power enough to negotiate Pathevia to stop what they are planning, Pathevia’s leader will feel injustice/suffer. He will feel justice/not suffer. Everything is like Uroboros (the symbolize of the eternal return/cyclicality). Sinbad wants to realize this dream for his own self-satisfaction more than for the sake of others.

Such as when Sinbad’s company wants to gain income/profit for his company, other companies in the same degree (ex. sell jewelries) will lose customers and income/profit, they will feel injustice because of Sinbad’s company. He wishes for the country that will change the world full of justice, but what he did in the past after gained Djinn’s power, is not different from what the stronger takes something from the weak.

Talk about the war, Sinbad wants to stop wars in the world, but how he can stop? I can use example above about his company in the business world. If he wants to stop the war, he should do everything to stop every merchants to not sell, so the war will stop. But this can be possible? No. He wishes to change the world so the war will not happen. But what he did when he is merchant is make the war in business increases, in order to absorb profit/income for his company and he will use these money to create the perfect world. Eh?

When I read Serendine’s counterattack, her words are realistic and opposite from Sinbad’s. Reality VS Ideal. She tries to point out that he takes advantage of every possible opportunities to gain benefit from the fact that everyone wishes for the perfect world. What happened in Mariadel company confirms my assumption (because I read manga chapter by chapter and write analysis at the same time, so I will not know every single detail until I reach this ch) about Sinbad needs to absorb many resources in order to create the perfect world.

Serendine tells Sinbad more that the king’s role is to protect his own country and citizens, more than goes to change the world. These roles are the first priority of the king. However, Sinbad wants to use his country to change the world, not for the sake of his country. So it means he would not suit to be the king because he will use his country as the tool to do impossible work like changing the world.

Serendine tells Sinbad more that he lacks the most important quality to be the king. Royal blood is necessary for the longevity of a country (if you wants to know more why royal blood is important, read manga for full information).

With two reasons of Serendine, wherever he tries to look or wants to argue, he is smart enough to know what she means. It means that in order to realize his dream, he doesn’t suit to be the king. And even he wants to build the country and becomes the king, he has no royal blood to connect his citizens to do everything for his country. He has talent, strong and has charisma, but without royal blood, he can’t be the royal symbol of the country.

Sinbad tries to argue that he will build the country where all citizens will be merchants.

So it means he will give high priority to people who are merchants more than other careers. If he builds country like that, it means other careers such as teacher, police, soldier, musician, doctor, nurse, etc will not be important and can’t get support in variety ways from the country. He wants to erase injustice in this world, but his policy for his country is full of injustice in its own way.

Moreover, Serendine cuts his policy so easily with an unsolved problem (territory). He can’t find suitable land yet so he intends to search in Dark Continet instead. If he can’t find location that suit for commercial or the land that is near with other countries, his country’s fate would be decided. Which country want to trade with so faraway country like that? I think he totally forgot that in order to build the country for trade, dark continent is no go for him at the first place.

Barbarossa (The general of Pathevia, older brother of Dragul Nol Henrius Govius Menudias Partenuvonomias Dumid Os Kortanon, and the fiance of Serendine Dikumenowlz Du Parthevia). (Adventure of Sinbad, Magi Sinbad no Bouken, Sinbad no Bouken) (Adventure of Sinbad, Magi Sinbad no Bouken, Sinbad no Bouken)

Serendine is the character who tries to let Sinbad see the reality. The real source of his despair/suffering is General Barbarossa and some nobles (they are people who want to continue endless war). So instead of realizing ideal wish that can’t happen, she wants him to be the supporter her by becoming the leader. The powerful hero/djinn conqueror helps the princess who decides to be the king/queen and stop Barbaross and co. If citizens in Pathevia know their princess, alone side with the hero, comes back to her country and tries to save them, this scene will be the hope of everyone.

Serendine knows Sinbad’s ideal wish can’t happen, so she and him should face the reality. Although he can’t be the king, he can help her to bring peace for their country. She will give him the most possible position (queen’s husband) so he can do whatever dream he wants.

Serendine presents herself to Sinbad and tells him that he can use her. And she will use him in order to save her country. This scene in c104 is the first time for him to meet someone who offer herself to him to do whatever he wants (I mean she can give him power). I saw him manipulate/use people to achieve his own goal many times. But this is the first time someone offers herself and lets him user her power. That’s why he can’t even response. She edits his ideal wish to change the world with his own hands, to save Pathevia together with her by his own two hands instead. I assume she wants to save him for real. I mean, when you realized your ideal wish is just ideal, can’t be exist in the reality, you would feel empty/disappointed. So she pulls him from that hole and tells him directly he is necessary for her plan. So although he can’t realize his dream, he can turn back to the past he tries to run and stops nightmare in his country, together with her.

I think Sinbad’s logic accepts and agree with Serendine’s proposal. But his emotion says another. That’s why he wants to fight argue back to her, because

1) she is destroying his wish. He just should do this by himself, he is special so he should do it with his own hands 100%. But with Serendine’s logic, it makes him realize he is not different from everyone. There is something only him can do, but there is something he can’t, but someone can.

2) He is not special like he always believes.

But this is just my assumption only. I really don’t know what’s in his mind in this ch, so I can think just two possible thought. However, if you ask me, I think both of them are right.

In c106, I think Sinbad needs time to think carefully before accept or deny Serendine’s proposal. But what he wants to do next is search for land in dark continent. And when he gives reasons why he wants to go there, he uses Masrur as the main excuse (because he tells them that DC is his homeland (of Fanalis), this reason alone is enough to go there.). I don’t know I’m right or not, but I assume that he can’t accept Serendine’s offer like that, and wants to follow his own impulse/desire more than accept the reality and confronts the despair in Pathevia. Every comrades of him (especially Ja’far) are worried about him, but what I am worried is he never discuss about his thought after duel to them. OK. He tells them what to do next, but he never tell them about what he thinks or feels, after he can’t deny Serendine’s opinion about his dream.

But although I see Sinbad is still stubborn and never accept this reality, I agree with him the fact that he should not give up because someone’s opinion but still doesn’t prove it with his own eyes that DC is suitable land or not. In theory, this land doesn’t suit to build country of merchant, but I think he will not give up so easily before see it with his own eyes.

End of part 2.

I think more that Otaka-sensei plans Zepar started the final match between Sinbad and Serendine because sensei wants us to know what happens when “ideal faces reality”. Serendine is the symbol of reality, and Sinbad is the symbol of ideal. He has ability/power/talent to fly away from cruel reality. But no matter he can fly high to the ideal wish, he will be tired and descend to the ground (reality).

Let me end my analysis part 2 for now. In part 3, I’m not sure I have data/material enough to for that part or not. If Adventure of Sinbad can give me enough information, I might start part 3. If I write anything that will make you feel uncomfortable, I will accept every comments. Actually, I want to know your opinion too. So after you finish reading this part, please don’t hesitate to write your own thought via comment form below.

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