Adventure of Sinbad (シンドバッドの冒険) & Magi (マギ) Analysis – In-depth Sinbad Analysis (Part 1)

In-depth Sinbad Analysis (Part 1) from “Adventure of Sinbad” & “Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic”. The diversity of emotion and concept of this boy, before and after he sets sail to the new adventure.

Sinbad (before Djinn equip with Baal and Focalor).(Adventure of Sinbad)

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic (天方魔谭MAGI) is very interesting manga/anime because of unique story and cool characters. I wrote Magi analysis once about who might end up with Ren Hakuei, since relationships between her and other male characters made me want to analyze about them. But this time, I will write an analysis that combine with Magi and its spin-off, Adventure of Sinbad because this honorable characters has his tale in both of stories. The king of Sindria kingdom, the founder of seven seas alliance and international alliance. Yes, that person is Sinbad (シンドバッド)!


  • I started to write this analysis when the final arc of Magi manga has come (Ren Kogyoku’s announcement).
  • Before read my work more than this, please read Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic and Adventure of Sinbad until the latest vol. My analysis is so boring if you didn’t read them first, and this place is full of spoiler.
  • While I’m writing this analysis, I started to feel it’s too long, so I will divide it to “parts”, and this post is “part 1”.

Who is Sinbad?

If you still don’t know who he is, please I recommend you to read his story in Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic and Adventure of Sinbad, or Wikia for synopsis.

Why do I want to analyze Sinbad?

I always think Sinbad is one of very interesting character. I mean, why not? He owns seven Djinn and possesses mysterious power, such as Magoi Manipulation, Rukh Manipulation. He is brave, has no fear and gentle. He also has charisma and nice to people. However, I think he is like other heroes you can see from other manga/anime. His good characteristic didn’t make me want to write anything because they are clearly in their own way. However, when after I read manga in both main series and spin-off, I started to see him in another aspect. Let’s see how.

Because of “Adventure of Sinbad”.

I have the chance to read Magi manga’s spin-off, Adventure of Sinbad (シンドバッドの冒険). Sinbad’s youth story lies there and if you want to know more about him and other characters that didn’t appear in the main story, I will recommend this. I started thinking that Sinbad is very interesting character enough to make me write something, after I read this manga.

And there is a chapter that makes me interested. I reached the story when the Djinn of Spirit and Puppetry, Zepar, decides the final test for Sinbad (the main protagonist) and Serendine Dikumenowlz Du Parthevia (セレンディーネ・ディクメンオウルズ・ドゥ・パルテビア) (one of his allies). The winner will gain Zepar’s power. This final test is not strength test like the first and second test. Both of them will use words as weapons. They will attack with their own hearts/ideologies.

I will explain about this final test in the part 2. I can tell you this test is very interesting.

What happened with Sinbad in “The Final Arc”.

Magi manga right now reached The Final Arc. And I can say what happened with Sinbad in this Arc is very interesting. It’s like he builds sand castle and it is collapsing. So he can’t accept this and tries new method to build the perfect castle instead.

I will explain about this final arc in the next section. I can say Otaka-sensei is great mangaka!

With what happened in the final test of Zepar, and The Final Arc, made me decided to write analysis about Sinbad. He is hero in people’s eyes but he has overwhelming impulse in his heart more than hero characteristic.

It’s time to launch analysis.

If I want to analysis about this character, I need to read whole story of Sinbad by reading “the whole manga” of the main story and spin-off too. Well, his story in Magi is not short story, you see. And like I said earlier that I believed he is nice/brave/cool character in this manga. His outer appearance still be the same in the spin-off. Moreover, his dream is perfect too, or should I say, too perfect. So I will start analyzing Sinbad in “Adventure of Sinbad” manga first.

Zoom in Data #1 Sinbad’s first overwhelming impulse.

We see Sinbad lives in unstable life. Sure, he has family who love/care for him. But the situation in his country (Pathevia) tries to shake him to not desire for his own life and takes away his father (to be soldier and serve for their country) many times. If this still continue, we can see someday he will be forced to be soldier and die meaningless in the endless war, like what happened to his father, Badr.

When the first dungeon ascends to the world. That time Sinbad tries to think how he can escape from this doom, and struggles so his life will not be bad end. However, his struggle can buy him little time only. I can say he lacks adviser/guide who can let him see the alternative route. And then Otaka-sensei sent Yunan (ユナン), the first magi to Sinbad’s village. Thereafter, his fate changes completely. He finally knows from this magi that

Yunan meets Sinbad. (Adventure of Sinbad)

I am Yunan.~

even he who lives in hopeless life/prison/despair, can grasps better choice with his own hands

I colored this text in RED to let you know this will be absolute rule of Sinbad and he will do this slogan in his whole life. But not so fast, Sinbad needs to prove his struggling with his own hands will save him from endless despair or not.

Zoom in Data #2 The first trophy of Sinbad.

After Sinbad listens to Yunan’s guidance, he decides to go to the first dungeon to make his own alternative choice. There he meets a military boy named Dragul Nol Henrius Govius Menudias Partenuvonomias Dumid Os Kortanon ((ドラグル・ノル・ヘンリウス・ゴビアス・メスデイアス・パルテボノミアス・ドゥミド・オウス・コルタノーン)) (aka Drakon, I agree with Sinbad that Dragul’s name is too lonnnnnng). He is legitimate son of the Dragul family, a clan of Pathevian generals. Many things happens in this period.

  1. When Sinbad and Drakul tries to gain Baal (バアル)‘s power, Sinbad shouts that he is going to change the world for his parents, villagers and Pathevia.
  2. Sinbad conquers Baal’s power and treasures with his own hands.
  3. After Sinbad’s mother, Esla died, he decides to set sail and start his adventure to the outside world as he always wishes.

From 1), Sinbad said he will change the world for villagers and his country. But from 3), after he gains Baal’s power, he travels to the outside world instead. Eh?
But I understand why Sinbad decides to change the world for his family. When his father shows his scarred body because of the war and asked everyone what the war means, Sinbad would remember Badr’s suffering deep in his mind. He decides to change the world so something unreasonable like war will not happen.

From 2), after Sinbad conquered power and treasures by his own choice and own hands, this result proves him that this is absolutely right. He can realize his desire to be free, escape from despair by doing like these. He learns how to escape from hopeless life for the first time. This belief lies in his brain and it’s like a tool that he will use it continuously to conquer anything he wants to satisfy his own desire and to release his stress/worry.

From 3), I will point that Sinbad’s fate was decided but one day he was guided by Magi that he can create new path. This incident makes his impulse expands and starts to run wild. Why do I think like this? Let’s see. He is the first one, among all villagers, who can stand up and rewrite his future. That’s why he believes he is special one. I can say that when his mind has this belief, no one can stop him. He has no break to control his impulse. We can see this is good for him to change his fate, but when I see in another point of view, I feel that this can be his weakness too.

Moreover, after Sinbad gained Baal’s power, I assume that he confirmed that his decision to change his own fate is not wrong. Well, you see his life changes in better way, and with his own hands too. So it will not be surprised if he continue to think that “changing” is absolute right. Or should I say, he doesn’t hesitate to change the surrounding environment around him with his own hands. Or should I say, he must change it or his own despair/fear will catch him. All of these should be the first signal about fear in Sinbad’s mind. But it can’t be seen clearly. Because his outer appearance (brave/honest/special boy) covers his wish/impulse completely so no one can see it. I admit I never notice about this before, until the final test between him and Serendine that I will explain in Part 2.

But before we will go to the #2, I want you to remember that when Sinbad fights with every enemies in the dungeon, and when Drakon almost kills him, I see Sinbad’s struggling surprised me. So I assume in two separate ways.

  1. Sinbad doesn’t mind to hurt himself and has no fear of death.
  2. Maybe Sinbad might be afraid of death, but his impulse to want to change/control is bigger than his fear of death. The fear of death can’t compare to the fear to accept meaningless death.

And don’t forget he is “special” too. Special power/sense always saves his life when the time has come. With (impulse and special) in him, they drive him like fuel, to confront any danger.

Talk about changing the world of Sinbad, he said in 1) that he will do it for the sake of parents, villagers and etc. However, after he obtains power, he doesn’t try to do something for villagers and his country. I see him feels excited and relieves so much (in Magi v2) when he finally sets out in his journey to “change the world”, but what I see is he doesn’t try to do for villagers and Pathevia. The reason I conclude like this, is because his expression while sets sail. If he needs to escape but he turns around and his expression looks sore, my conclusion might change. Or maybe I miss something?

I know Sinbad in Spin-off v2 is just a boy, and I am not sure why he leaves everything behind. But he really leaves them (that he always think to protect) And cover this, with his “new journey” to change something cooler/bigger/no one can change, such as the world. It seems his overwhelming impulse still follow him like shadow. His impulse to change/control surrounding environment around him.

Zoom in Data #3 Sinbad wants everything.

Although Sinbad tells Hinahoho (ヒナホホ) (the warrior in Imuchakk country) in v3 that he was chased out of Pathevia because the emperor wants his king vessel. But I’m writing about that Sinbad. I am surprised that he chooses run immediately, before tries to fight against Pathevia. Then what’s the point of the cooperative organization he and villagers formed after his father, Badr, is dead? To just hate the war only?

  1. Sinbad admits he can’t save Pathevia with his power alone (I agree with him at this point) and he admits he is weak.
  2. While Sinbad and other four people are in the second dungeon. He announces that he is the first one who conquered the first dungeon, will create the new country that can change the world which men & women, country & country can join hands and move forward.
Six candidates who fight for Valefor's power, Sinbad, Ja'far, Dragul Nol Henrius Govius Menudias Partenuvonomias Dumid Os Kortanon, Hinahoho, Vittel and Mahad. (Adventure of Sinbad)
Who will be the conqueror?

From 1), So he will create the country. But don’t forget creating the country is not easy either. It needs people, land, power and time to do so. We readers can wait him to realize this, but I doubt villagers can wait that much. So I can say what Sinbad said it is perfect/efficient way to save people, but it’s exist in ideal only. With the country that seeks war like Pathevia, I doubt that villagers can wait for him until he created the country.

From 2), Sinbad’s heroic play still continue. So after he sees people in Imuchakk and wishes he, the special, would create country that can change the world. (?) Why do he believe a country will change the world, I doubt that? Country should do something for the sake of itself, not the world. Or could it be he wants to create the country that can change the world for his own satisfaction first, for the sake of others second? You can see in v4, when he convinces every competitors to surrender Valefor (ブァレフォール)‘s power (he is the Djinn of Falsehood and Prestige). He tells them their wishes are so small when compare to his. So he needs Djinn’s power more than anyone. (?)

Sinbad announces to create the gund*m world. (Adventure of Sinbad)

What I see from Sinbad’s suasion, or should I say, manipulation. He can manipulate/change everyone’s mind so he can achieve more power. It is the same if he wants country that can the change the world. He needs to manipulate other countries so he can gain gigantic resources. We can see although he is special, but he admits he can’t change Pathevia by himself, so he will sooth himself by creating new country instead. Mabybe is this the sign that he wants to do something bigger than Pathevia to ease his own nightmare in the past or not?

Sinbad announces his dream to Drakon, Hinahoho, Ja’far (ジャーファル), Vittel (ヴィッテル) and Mahad (マハド). He is the special, and after he is the first one who conquered the first dungeon and gained power, his confidence is peak. His dream is he will create new country which men & women, country & country can join hands and move forward. Sinbad doesn’t care about difference in races and ideology of people. He decides this ideal wish already and reality can’t stop him. His dream is perfect and move four men there. If he wants everyone to join hands and move forward, it means he must not consider their feeling as well, but let’s see more. Maybe his intention might come from “good will 100%”. However, his dream was designed from 100% ideal. So I suspect that his beautiful words above, cover his real dream/desire/impulse.

In v4 c24, in order to create country, like I wrote, he says he needs more people, allies, country even himself. But there’s something he doesn’t tell them, that

That’s why he wants everything.

Valefor is a blue cat. (Adventure of Sinbad)

At this point, after he gains one power, he needs more (Valefor’s power) so he says his perfect dream to extinguish everyone’s anger so he can conquer the second power. That’s not enough. He wants people who he just manipulated to help him realize his wish. Okay. Good job, boy. Right now he gains “strong people” and “one more power”. His manipulate skill was born this time maybe.

Those three assassins (Ja’far, Vittel and Mahad) accepts Sinbad’s proposal because they always want to have better life. I see Ja’far, Vittel and Mahad think the same thing. Underworld where they live, is not where they want, but they have no choice. So when someone gives them “too perfect offer” so they can finally escape from their cruel world, I’m not surprised if they accept his offer with no hesitation. Sinbad’s perfect wish moves people’s mind who live in cruel world. He gives them hope/ideal place (and this is not Daganronpa).

In case of Hinahoho and Drakon, they live in difficult social but still better than the world of three assassins, so although Sinbad’s perfect wish can move them, but it can’t make them accept this offer that can be a trap either. So that’s why they want time to think.

In v4, c25, when those three assassins transform into the monster because of dark magic, we see Sinbad tries to save them although they are no hope already. At first, I think he cares for his new comrades he says. he never give up of them although the monster is so scary. His doing moves Hinahoho because he thinks like this, and finally he accepts him as the king vessel. But if I think in another aspect, I can see that Sinbad doesn’t want to lose his possessions people who already accepted his wish. If he abandons them, he would not gain trust from Drakon and Hinahoho either.

And in c27, Moreover, when Sinbad saves Ja’far, he says he will give him the new place so he will become his subordinate. When I see Sinbad’s expression and thought this time, they confirms my new assumption that he saves them for his own benefit. I will be super surprised if Ja’far, Vittel and Mahad will not be royal to Sinbad after he saved them.

And don’t forget he can read people’s wave too. So it means this is his instinct to do all of these, if they will benefit to him. Finally, he can gain trust from all of them by his investment. When I read this ch over and over, I think this another point of view can be right too. So if you finish reading this ch, I want to read your opinion too.

After Sinbad and co. were sent to the real world, Drakon says he will go back to Pathevia, in order to protect someone important to him. While Sinbad continue to his ideal wish. I think Drakon sees the world in reality of view than Sinbad. I mean, he doesn’t join with him to help building new country together, and doesn’t believes that someday, after Sinbad realizes his dream, Drakon would save someone important to him after that. Maybe Drakon’s situation is emergency that must do it right now or never. But I think if Sinbad cares for Drakon, although he doesn’t accept his proposal yet, he, who gained two Djinn’s power, should offer him help to rescue that person. I don’t know why Sinbad just leave Drakon like that. If my assumption about Sinbad sees comrades as his possessions, he right now doesn’t see Drakon as his possession yet, so he will not do anything that will not benefit to him.

End of Part 1

Let me end my analysis part 1 for now so we can rest our eyes. When I wrote at this point, I try to explain what I found in Sinbad’s story as much as I could. If I write anything that will make you feel uncomfortable, I will accept every comments. Actually, I want to know your opinion too. So after you finish reading part 1, please don’t hesitate to write your own thought via comment form below.

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In-depth Sinbad Analysis List

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Sinbad (before Djinn equip with Baal and Focalor).(Adventure of Sinbad) Adventure of Sinbad (シンドバッドの冒険) & Magi (マギ) Analysis – In-depth Sinbad Analysis. (Part 2) - In-depth Sinbad Analysis (Part 2) from "Adventure of Sinbad". Sinbad is special one like he thinks or not.

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