Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic (マギ) Analysis – Ren Hakuei Might End Up With This Person.

The first Magi analysis focused on interesting characters who might end up with the beautiful princess and general of Kou Empire, Ren Hakuei. Who will win her heart the most?

Ren Hakuei returns to Kou Empire. (Magi: The Lybyrinth Of Magic)

The first Magi analysis focused on interesting characters who might end up with the (most – in my opinion) beautiful princess of Kou Empire, was launched in this Yahari Bento blog and ready for serving. Talk about the beautiful princesses, there’re two, but I will focus on older sister of Ren Hakuryuu (練 白龍), former Kou Empire’s Emperor, Ren Hakuei (練 白瑛).

Ren Hakuei returns to Kou Empire. (Magi: The Lybyrinth Of Magic anime ep11)
Beautiful Kou Empire princess & general

Spoil alert! Please read Attention before proceed, since this analysis will focus in manga. So please finish reading Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic (MAGI魔奇少年) before go on adventure.

This Magi analysis was done by many clues in manga and end in manga c312.

The reason I did this Magi analysis.

I need reason(s) to do everything and of course, this analysis too. My motivation for doing this work came to me when I read this interesting manga, and I have only two reasons.

  1. My first reason is not strong to do this work, but I am normal human who seek for romance in every manga I read. So when I think this and that character is interesting and has interesting role in the story, I always want to know s/he will end up with this and that person in the end or not. But of course, if I have this reason only, I would do analysis in every manga I pick.
    In Hakuei’s case, she is one of characters I want to know who will be her lover. And I saw interesting candidates that mangaka tried to tease me by drawing scene that can make my eyes look like duck eggs.
  2. The second reason I found is when I read this manga in c312. In the previous ch, Aladdin (アラジン) (the main character and one of the four Magi), Hakuryuu and Morgiana (friend of Aladdin) tried to save Yunan (one of four Magi in the current era) after he got trouble while was fighting with Arba (アルバ) (one of Solomon’s Three Wise Magi from Alma Torran). I want to know how Aladdin will defeat her and all magicians of Al-Thamen (a mysterious organization whose goals is to cause chaos and darkness upon the world and its inhabitants.) only.
    But when I reached the last part of this ch, the unexpected scene happened!! Not only Aladdin is inv******, he can do something that even Yunan is so surprised in combo hit.
    And what I saw after the fight, BECAME the reason why I decided to analyze the suspicious but very interesting moments between Hakuei and four candidates.

Four candidates

If I don’t care about sibling relationship, I would include Hakuryuu too. But after I returned to the reality world, I decided to not take him to this candidate list. He is normal sis-con. These candidates are characters I noticed from reading manga. In anime two series, I can’t see clues or anyone that will let me write something, so I will concentrate in manga only.

Ren Kouen (EnEi)

Ren Kouen has come! (Magi: The Kingdom Of Magic)
The first candidate

Ren Kouen (練 紅炎) is the (former) first imperial prince of Kou Empire, the (former) General Commander of the Kou Empire’s Western Subjugation Army and also (former) the Governor of Balbadd. He is the second person who owns multiple Dijinns (Agares, Astaroth and Phenex). After read manga, I can say Kouen might be the candidate who might end up with Hakuei with many reasons.

  1. The relationship between him and Hakuei is closer more than other candidates, cousin, and she is his stepsister. (She is younger than him. He is 28, she is 21 years old.)
  2. Hakuei admires him for wanting to take his family towards the heights of the
    Ren Hakuei admires Kouen's plan to unified the world. (Magi: The Lybyrinth Of Magic)
    Her goal is the same to him.

    “One World”. She said Kouen said the same thing like what the former Emperor (her father) said. But her father died from by the remnants of the defeated armies, but.. in Kouen’s case… And she looks at Kouen and it seems she admires him because his dream is the same dream as her and her father. So this would be one of reasons she decided to help him unify the world.

  3. I can say Hakuei is the only female character who can enter Kouen’s private space so easily. I even read 4 koma (a Kou Empire extra with no relation to the release of magi v17.), when they are alone. Hakuei just look at him  and smiles, Kouen didn’t response back but he seems let her come into his private space. She seems understand his personality. He can’t act bluntly when she is near him.
    Look at Hakuryuu’s action when saw both of them stand and talk, makes him feel very uneasy. And when “The End” was announced in the last panel in 4 koma, he shouts that what it means “The End”, he will not give up! I like how mangaka use Hakuryuu to tell us that maybe this is the end of Kouen and Hakuei (EnEi). And he can’t accept this ending.

    Ren Hakuei translates the true intention of Ren Kouen from his expression. (Magi: The Kingdom Of Magic)
    Then it means she knows he is Tsun Tsun.
  4. When Kouen ordered Alibaba Saluja (アリババ・サルージャ) with just one word and forced him to come with him to the lava flow to increase their magoi, Hakuei explained Kouen’s true intention to Alibaba that Kouen needs his support. She understood him by watching Kouen’s actions.
  5. The other clues who can give me some clues are her sibling. Ren Kougyoku (練 紅玉) once thought why were the both of them seemingly close and Hakuryuu is often infuriated when those two are talking to each other. (These two characters might have interesting talk about Hakuei and Kouen if they have a chance, but the possibility that will happen is low, since they are not close that much to talk. So that’s just my imagination.)
  6. Mangaka released a official drawing that Hakuei is knitting stomach warmer that has “En” character in the center. En is the second character in Kouen’s name. She imagines happily that he will wear it with Santa Claus’s costume.
Ren Hakuei knits stomach warmer and imagines Ren Kouen will wear it with Santa Claus's costume. (Magi: The Lybyrinth Of Magic)
I really don’t know who the left brown-costume guy is.

However, there’re no any romantic moment between Kouen and Hakuei in manga. And they never said anything that point that they have feeling for each other. So let’s see another candidate.

Sinbad (SinEi)

Sinbad, the hottest uncle in magi world. (Magi: The Lybyrinth Of Magic)
Hot guy.

Sinbad (シンドバッド) is one of interesting character and his role is important to the plot. High king of the seven seas, former (adventurer and professional merchant) and womanizer. The type of woman he likes are all types. In manga (Magi and Adventure of Sinbad), we will see he tried to flirt with many women everywhere he went. Whenever he can get some benefit, he will not hesitate to manipulate the feeling of Ren Kougyoku (one of princess of Kou Empire). And he is a real gentleman. He treated women like ladies. No wonder why Serendine Dikumenowlz Du Parthevia (セレンディーネ・ディクメンオウルズ・ドゥ・パルテビア) (the first princess of Parthevia Empire) likes him.

The reason why I included Sinbad into one of candidate who might end up with Hakuei, is not because I saw them are flirting with or have love moment like that. When they met for the first time when she and her family are surrounded by the Seven Seas Alliance, She suspected and angry at him because he might wait to gain the biggest benefit by announcing he will restore Magnostadt.

Sinbad promises he will save Ren Hakuryuu, Ren Hakuei's younger brother. (Magi: The Lybyrinth Of Magic)
If I don’t know what is happening, I think she is blushing because of him.

And during Kou Empire Arc. Hakuei had no choice but forged an alliance with the Seven Seas Alliance and allowed Darius’ army for passing through the Tenzan mountain with no problem, in order to save her younger brother’s life from the war. She is in despair because her decision this time means she betrayed her family and people who trusted her. In the end, she told Sinbad that her life is in his palm.

So no way that Hakuei will have feeling for Sinbad for sure. But the story after the war in Kou Empire Arc is unexpected for me. Sinbad and Hakuei was picked to play antagonist role. They was manipulated by someone from different dimension. Arba controlled Hakuei’s body and David Jehoahaz Abraham (ダビデ・ヨアズ・アブラハム) (King Solomon’s father) controlled Sinbad’s body. And when Arba realized what David want to do, she tried to seduce him by running into his arm, just like when she ran into Kouen’s arms in the past. However David didn’t fall for her charms, he pushed her away but want her to help him retrieve Solomon’s wisdom.

The point I noticed in this scene is right now Arba ran into David’s arms. I know they are not Sinbad and Hakuei, but when I saw Arba did that, I can’t help but thinking about how their relationship will turn. Hakuei doesn’t like how Sinbad gained benefit during Magnostadt Arc, but we know she is kind-hearted. And don’t forget that even if Sinbad is manipulative, he saved her little brother from the war during Kou Empire Arc. She herself said she is in his hand. I think she feels like she owes him.

When I saw Hakuei (Arba) ran to Sinbad’s arms, I thought both of them can be possible couple in the future. But after I read manga c312, the possibility they will end up with, is decreasing. Because the situation changed because a certain Magi.

Ugo (ウーゴ)

Type of man Ren Hakuei likes. (Magi: The Lybyrinth Of Magic)
The most muscled man in magi world.

Hakuei even mentioned about how Aladdin used strong arm and saved her from danger before. She admires how strong Aladdin is. But actually, Aladdin is not strong man but that man is Ugo. She seems misunderstood  that the man who saved her by using strong arm, is Aladdin. I am not sure she admires Ugo too or not, since she never meet him before. (she saw his body only, not face) Maybe this is one of joke mangaka sent to us, but I wonder if she has a chance to meet him, how will she act when that happens?

Aladdin (AlaEi)

Aladdin (teenager version). (Magi: The Lybyrinth Of Magic)
He will not be a young boy forever.

The story between Aladdin and Hakuei started at the first arc.

Kouga Arc

Aladdin asks Ren Hakuei to spare Kouga clan. Magi: The Lybyrinth Of Magic)

Aladdin met Hakuei for the first time when she jumped to the horse and saved him because he can’t control that horse. I can see the scene when beautiful Onee-san saved a young boy. Later, he met her again for telling her so she will not bring any harm to Kouga clan. She promised she wants to unite Kouga clan with Kou Empire and told him that she didn’t has any intention to kill them. – This is the first time Hakuei saved his life.

After Hakuei knew that one of her subordinate (Ryosai) intends to destroy her mission. She used the wind power from her Djinn, Paimon to fight him and his subordinates. However, she ran out of her Magoi and was captured. When Ryosai almost killed her, Aladdin orders Ugo ran to Ryosai and defeat him with one hit. He stop the execution like that. – This is the first time Aladdin saved her life.

Hakuei mentioned to her younger brother, Hakuryuu once that she can come back home and has not severe injury, because a certain person named Aladdin who is gentleman, has mysterious power and a heart of justice, saved her life. She added more that she is so touch by this encounter by fate. And when she told Hakuryuu more that she still remember it even now that she will never forget that manly body who wears only loincloth and his strong but gentle hands that reached her. – It seems she admires Aladdin and his Djinn, Ugo too. She likes strong man.

Magnostadt Arc

Hakuei used her wind power to capture Black Djinns that are attacking Magnostadt and sent them away to her siblings so they can destroy them. Aladdin saw her so he came to her. She is surprised to meet him again. She is happy by this encounter and introduced him to everyone that he saved her life before.

Ren Hakuei tells Ren Koumei Aladdin saved her life once. - Magi: The Kingdom Of Magic
She is happy for this reunion.

Aladdin, Hakuei, Alibaba and Kou siblings fight against “the medium” but it is stronger by absorbing the rukh from the surrounding environment, Alibaba and some of Kou siblings. She used magoi and almost runs out of it. The medium attacked her but Aladdin rushed to her and used Bolg to repel the damage. However, she can’t endure the remained impact from this, so she collapses. – We can see Aladdin is gentleman and guadian to Hakuei again and many times. He tried to stay on guard near her while she is collapse, so he can protect her if the next round will come. While Kougyoku is angry and attacked the medium for what it did, he took her to the safer place.

Ren Hakuei, Ren Kougyoku, Ren Koumei and Ren Kouha have run out of Magoi. - Magi: The Kingdom Of Magic
She is awake from unconscious and stays with her cousins.

Final Arc

Arba manipulated her, started after the war between Hakuryuu and Kou siblings ended. When he met Hakuei again, he realized this is not her but Arba. After he trained magics from Mother Dragon successfully, he brings her body from Arba by using Alchemic Magic. This magic will reconstruct her body into a new one so Arba can’t manipulate her anymore.

– And again Aladdin saved Hakuei. When I saw him hugs her tightly after he saved her from Arba’s manipulation and Hakuei still collapses. This scene happened in manga c312 and made me think both of them can be couple, since right now Aladdin grew up to young man. He is not a young boy anymore, when I saw both of them in other arcs, I can’t think he can be the candidate for her. But he right now is totally different.

Even Hakuryuu, when he saw Aladdin hugs his older sister like the prince holds the princess (!! Aladdin is former prince of Alma Torran and Hakuei is the princess of Kou Empire. Wow! I noticed this while writing this analysis!), he rushed and will not let Aladdin touch her. When Aladdin wants to check he reproduce her body properly or not, Hakuryuu grabs his face, stop him from touching the sleeping beauty.


I used some shipping words that I saw from some forum (such as EnEi, AlaEi, SinEi). Hope you will not be confused.

  • EnEi = Kouen x Hakuei
  • AlaEi = Aladdin x Hakuei
  • SinEi = Sinbad x Hakuei

Okay. And this is many clues I found in manga. I think any candidates might end up with Hakuei. However if you ask me, there’re two candidates who can reach the goal.

Kouen’s case

Kouen and Hakuei are the most possible ship too. There are many moments that they are like that. But I noticed that maybe that’s just my imagination.

  • Before the final arc will come, when Kouen was captured after the war between Ren siblings has end, he never think of a certain woman who his life is gonna end soon. Do you not think this is weird? I mean, if he has feeling for her, he would think of her or worried about her. But he is worried about what will happen to his Kou siblings only. No name Hakuei in his thought, not once.
  • After Kouen’s fake death, he leaves the Empire and lives with his younger brothers until Alibaba meets them again. But I don’t see Kouen will ask him about Hakuei, not once again.

Aladdin’s case

But if you want my opinion, I will point at Aladdin. Because he involved with her in terms of life and death the most.

  • In Kouga Arc, they saved another one. Aladdin was saved by her, and she would be killed if Aladdin didn’t save her.
  • In Magnostadt Arc, Hakuei tried to stop the medium as Aladdin advice (even if she acted as Kouen’s command). And he saved her from the medium with one’s full effort. He saved her life again.
  • In final Arc, Hakuei was saved by him again.

No matter where they are, or no matter how much time they will return to their own path, when they meet again, they will always save another one when one of them get danger, and everytime. This is what I noticed after return to read this manga many times. If Aladdin and Hakuei will fall in love with each other, will this not very interesting? Although the age gap between both of them is too big.

Special Bonus: My assumption

And this section is my own assumption after read manga.

Arba and Solomon

I noticed Arba might has feeling for Solomon Jehoahaz Abraham (ソロモン・ヨアズ・アブラハム) and she trusts him a lot. Even planed to let Sheba becomes Solomon’s wife, and she (Arba) will support him when he needs power instead. However, we know already that relationships between them was shattered. Solomon killed god that Arba tried to protect. Among all men, the one who betrayed her trust is Solomon. (I said by look from her point of view.) So her love feeling towards him changed to hated/anger instead.

We can see how she showed her feeling to Solomon, although he died for a long time. For example, when she loves cares for someone, she protects that person unlimited, and even selfless enough to not fight the love battle with Sheba. But when she hates someone, she will do everything even destroy whatever that person believes or cares. Her hated spreads to some people who tried to protect that person, and people that person cares too. (Sheba/Aladdin/all people in the new world)

Then, how do all of my blah blah blah above relate with AlaEi?

Mangaka tries to point us that our previous, present and future life have some link and have meaning. (rukh and confronting the destiny) We are different from our other lives, but connected with transparent thread. So I don’t think Arba’s role in the new world, is exist to just be the powerful antagonist only. Will I not be wrong to say she and Hakuei have some connection somewhere?

We know Hakuei is one of Arba’s descendant in the new world and was manipulated by her. Aladdin is Solomon’s son (even Ugo called Aladdin is Solomon’s avatar). If and repeat, if both of them will have the feeling for each other, it can be the surprised and unexpected parallel to Arba and Solomon.

Arba x Solomon

Hakuei (was manipulated by Arba = Arba’s avatar) x Aladdin (was called by Ugo and people in Alma Torran that Solomon’s avatar)

However, this section is my own assumption only, and no any solid evidences. I somehow think this is just imagination. But what I need to do next is sit and wait for our mangaka reveal everything in the future.

I know Hakuei has no romantic feeling for any men yet, but until the truth has come, I will be looking forward to next ch. I hope mangaka will reveal who will be that lucky guy and will walk in the same path with her in the end. Maybe my opinion can be right and wrong. If you have another assumption or any thought about “that lucky guy”, you can paste your own thought in Comment form below.

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Author: Yahari Bento ( ^ v^)*

Eye wanna eat Quinoa Fried Rice. It would be SO GOOD! SO GOOD! ( ^ )3^)

8 thoughts on “Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic (マギ) Analysis – Ren Hakuei Might End Up With This Person.”

  1. Aaaaaah. I feel so behind. I just started the series. Now I’m looking forward to learning the rest of the story and the characters. Looking forward especially to reaching this part. Good post. Thank you for submitting it to my blog carnival. Cheers!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I like this~ I’ve been in a very small corner of the fandom that ships Aladdin and Hakuei together. There are reasons against them being together – biggest one is age gap/maturity level between the two and we are still wondering about Hakuei’s mental state after Aladdin’s trick to free her. Still, I think that Aladdin and Hakuei have immense potential. In my head, I’m pretty sure that if things had been slightly different, Aladdin would have backed Hakuei as her own Magi. That would have probably changed the entire story right there – Aladdin, Alibaba, Hakuei, and Morgiana. They could have gotten a lot more headway with that new quartet with Hakuei as ‘Team Mom’. She could have helped Alibaba with reconciling his past as a prince and a pauper SOOO much faster than what happened in the story proper – that and someone to bounce ideas off of in ruling and leading people. Crap, I’m writing a fanfic in my head as I type this. There’s also the fact that Fire and Wind are incredibly compatible with each other as well. Which makes me wonder why no one has combined elements to make even stronger combinations – I was waiting for Aladdin to tell Hakuei to summon her wind storm around the Medium and for him to pump fire into it. Hopefully Hakuei can manipulate her magoi with a lot more precision after playing host to Arba for so long…manipulating the air to include more oxygen, increasing the flame lvl…

    Yeah, this is how my mind works. I’ll stop now. ^_^ Thanks again for writing this!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much for your long comment, I like it. ;3
      When the final girl is not the one as many people expected, it will be like a …bombard (you might hear e… EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEh!! echo around the world). If Otaka has guts to try this, it will be great (but I will always respect her final decision).

      Actually, I hope Aladdin will grow up as young man (not teenager) if Otaka want to make Alaei to happen.

      Why do you not write fanfic for real? If my memory is not wrong, I don’t see any Alaei’s fanfiction yet.

      Talk about her magoi, I remember Aladdin changed her body structure or something like that. So maybe I can expect her body will effect her magoi and has some new finishing move to help Aladdin confronting Arba.


  3. I finished watching the 2 seasons and I’m just starting with the continuation from the manga so I’m surprised and excited with some of the details you mentioned. AlaEi is indeed a fancy possibility, but I doubt Magi are allowed to take someone for a bride. I’m not sure if EnEi can happen because of all the family issues they have but I’m an EnEi fan so forget the issues! LOL! EnEi for the win!

    Interesting post! Will definitely catch up with the manga!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think EnEi is possible, but with family issue, I doubt they will end up. But yeah, Hakuei seems admire Kouen, so we will be looking forward when Magi manga ends.

      However, look from manga, I can’t really be sure Otaka-sensei will write how Hakuei’s ending. this sensei is one of few manga who surprised many times. So I think Aladdin will get surprise ending as well. Hohoho (touch beard).

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