Oregairu Analysis – And Then, Yukinoshita Haruno Launched Operation Fire Doughnut! (Part 4)

Welcome again with my Oregairu analysis focus on the incident in the donut shop. If you finish reading Fire Doughnut Operation of Haruno part 1-3 already, this place is next stop for you. (If you still didn’t finish part 1-3, please read them first.)

In part 3, Yukinoshita Haruno (雪ノ下 陽乃)‘s operation that made arrange for Hayama Hayato (葉山 隼人), Orimoto Kaori (折本 かおり) and Nakasomething have fun together is successful. Her plan should be complete by her loyalty subordinate and it should go well. And if her operation is success, Hayama, Orimoto and Nakasomething will burn by fire tornado all at once. …If a certain boy didn’t think countermeasure.


However, who will think that “her soldier” will not let her operation goes well so easily. and he will drag Hikigaya Hachiman to be involved as well.


  • Please read Attention page first, to let you understand that my all analysis are not 100% right.
  • Spoiler up ahead. And I recommend you to read/watch Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru. (やはり俺の青春ラブコメはまちがっている。), Oregairu (俺ガイル) LN/anime Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru. Zoku (やはり俺の青春ラブコメはまちがっている。続)/manga Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabu Kome wa Machigatteiru. -Monologue- (やはり俺の青春ラブコメはまちがっている。-妄言録-) before proceed.

Operation Fire Doughnut (modified),
Chiba Prefecture, Tokyo,
LN v8, Anime Zoku ep 3-4, Manga -Monologue- v7

She is sensitive more than we think.

Hayato invites Hikigaya Hachiman (比企谷 八幡) to hang out with him and those two girls. He rejects Hayato’s offer and goes straight home. At home, He is still awake until midnight and receives a call from Haruno via Hikigaya Komachi (比企谷 小町) (Hachiman’s younger sister). She asks he quarreled with Komachi or not but he answers her sarcastically and makes she laughs.

Hikigaya Hachiman can't believe Yukinoshita Haruno will call. (Oregairu Zoku ep 4)

…You should upload Haruno’s picture, Komachi.

(Is it just me or Haruno feels uncomfortable because she asked Hachiman about what she should not ask (siblings’s quarrel)? Then it means, she pretended to laugh for concealing her uncomfortable feeling? However, what I kinda be sure about she feels bad about this, is she didn’t touch this issue anymore.)

Private Talk

Anyway, Haruno says she heard something and asks Hachiman that he will not go on the date he was invited. This question makes him suspect Hayato told her about this.

The origin of Haruno’s curiosity

Hayama Hayato (葉山 隼人) MUST use Hikigaya Hachiman (比企谷 八幡) in the date. (Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru. Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabukome wa Machigatte Iru. Oregairu My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, as I Expected. My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Zoku Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru. Zoku Oregairu Zoku My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU TOO! やはり俺の青春ラブコメはまちがっている。 やはり俺の青春ラブコメはまちがっている。続 俺ガイル 果然我的青春戀愛喜劇搞錯了。 果然我的青春戀愛喜劇搞錯了。續 ep4)

I need you, Hkitani-kun.

I wrote Oregairu analysis – The TRUTH ( s ) behind Hayato’s Sacrifice for Hachiman ( Part 2 ) about how Hayama dragged Hachiman and how he lured her to his multidimensional plan. I will say he managed professional to make her interested what he will do during the date, that brought the result she convinced Hachiman to join this date group in the end. Even Haruno herself didn’t realized he manipulated her mind.

Hikigaya Hachiman (比企谷 八幡) Yukinoshita Haruno (雪ノ下 陽乃) Hayama Hayato (葉山 隼人) (Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Anime ep4)

And I can tell you that she will know everything when… well, if you want to know, you can read the conclusion of her operation and the truths behind Hayato’s sacrifice for Hachiman in the future.

Haruno importunes him to go with them but he rejects this again. So she teases him that it would be so romantic to hang out with his old flame.

Hikigaya Hachiman refuses Yukinoshita Haruno's invitiation. (Oregairu Zoku ep4)

Seriously, why me?

  • …It’s weird that Haruno calls Haciman just to invite him to go on a date with Hayato’s group, even if this time is midnight.
  • When Haruno teases Hachiman about it would be romantic to go on a date with Orimoto. I suspect she wants to check his feeling about Orimoto. Sure he is interested her before, but right now, Haruno wants to know this so she pretends to tease him like that.
  • Moreover, right now, she can talk with him in privately, anything he answers, will be the secret that she and Hachiman will know only.
  • I think Haruno is the smart girl so she should know there’s no way it will be so romantic between them but she chose to give him this opinion. That’s why I suspect she wants to know his feeling.

“Love” in Hachiman’s point of view.

Hachiman tells Haruno that it’s not love. She asks him again what he would call love then. He has that answer for a long time so he can tell her immediately. His answer makes her sigh, after a period of thinking, she chuckles and starts calling him “monster of logic”. He disagrees so she recommends he is like “monster of self-consciousness” instead.

Hikigaya Hachiman gives Yukinoshita Haruno his logic answer. (Oregairu Zoku ep 4)

Logic supper for you.

  • Well, when I read to this point, I feel annoyed to Haruno a bit. She asked a private question that should not do but right now, I don’t think like that anymore. Like I suspected earlier, she wants to check his feeling about Orimoto, so this time, she wants to know what is love in his point of view. …Could it be she too, doesn’t know what love is?
  • Moreover, I am not sure I’m right or not. But when Haruno asks him what love is, I feel that she considers his opinion about this is important/worth for her to listen.
  • After Haruno listened to his answer about love, she sighs… but I think she is reviewing his opinion to the point that she recommends later that he is like monster of self-consciousness. She would understand that the first love of Hachiman is very bitter and he would feel disappointed to the point that he reviewed about his feeling later that it’s misunderstanding. That’s why she gives him this title.
Yukinoshita Haruno gives Hikigaya Hachiman the title "monster of self-consciousness". (Oregairu Zoku ep 4 )

H-How can she know?

  • Anyway, I don’t think Haruno wants to tease or mess his feeling for fun or anything like that. When she asks him private love in the past. After they met Orimoto, his first love at doughnut shop, I can say this phone talk this time is like… a meeting after that event. She wants to confirm his feeling again because she too, is not sure how he feels, because she can’t talk to him in private after Orimoto left. So that’s why I am not surprised when she called him so she will feel ease a bit if she asks him and no one interfere them again.
  • When Haruno asks him what Hachiman would call “love”, I suspect that she doesn’t intend to make him feel annoyed (although I thought like that before), but she too, doesn’t know what love is. She is the beauty but she wonders about this, although there’re many men who are ready to give her love (just like that person) but until now, she asks Hachiman about this feeling. That’s why I start to wonder that she wants to know from someone she can ask. If my assumption from previous part2 & 3 are true about Haruno’s feeling toward him, so it means that Hachiman is the only one who she can ask about love. She hopes he can give her a proper answer.

After Haruno gave him new title, she returns back to her own operation and prepares her trap cards to defeat Hachiman in order to force him to the double date! Let’s see what trap cards are.

Her first trap card: Secretary Transformation! (Wink!)

Effect: When your opponent tried to say s/he can’t go anywhere on the weekend, you can transform into the professional secretary and gains ability to arrange any schedule.

Anyway, Haruno still importunes him to go on a date with Hayato’s group. She says the date should be Friday so he can relax on weekend. To this point, he suspects why she arranged this date to be convenient for him. Why did she almost arrange everything herself?

  • …After Haruno knows Hachiman’s feeling about Orimoto. She didn’t touch this topic anymore (because she confirms that he doesn’t has feeling toward Orimoto anymore!). So it’s 100% safe to force him to the double date. After finish love talk, she returns to earlier topic.
  • I’m not sure I’m right or not, but I feel she feels relieved because his answer.
  • I will make a point to you. Haruno arranged the schedule so the date is on Friday (not on weekend). Haruno, who is not be the one who will go hang out with Hayato’s date group, is the one who involves so much to the point that she changed the schedule and lure Hachiman to go on this date. …It’s seem she has ulterior motive in this date for sure and she needs him to go with Hayato’s group, no matter what he resists, she counters to his excuse effectively, and he can’t refuse because he wants to stay at home on weekend anymore.
  • This means …Haruno’s Fire Doughnut Operation still continues. In Fire Doughnut Operation part 3, her plan should be successful and she can relax. However, this time, she changed her mind 180 degree and decides to continue her operation a little bit. However, she doesn’t realize that Hayama will counterattack her plan by using two people she is fond of.

Her second trap card: Yukinon & Yuiyui!

Effect: This trap card activates when your opponent has resistance about 75%. Two idols will appear and their presence alone can reduce your opponent’s resistance to 50%.
ps. If you can’t imagine how Yukinon & Yuiyui will be in idol form, search in g**gle with word “Oregairu Fes.

Hachiman tried to refuse he can’t go but Haruno points he went out with Yukinoshita Yukino (雪ノ下 雪乃) and even Yuigahama Yui (由比ヶ浜 結衣) before. This reminds him two events, the early summer and the summer break and Haruno appeared during those events as well. After that, he tells her those are shopping events, but Haruno tells him to go have fun and he can act as Hayato’s chaperon or walks in the same direction as them.

  • Haruno opens her second trap card, “Yukinon & Yuiyui” because Hachiman went out with them before so this time is the same.
  • Come to think of it, Haruno is “the only one” who saw Hachiman went out with girls. She saw him be together with her sister at the shopping mall (LN v3, anime ss1 ep 6, manga -Monologue- v3), and that’s the first time Haruno met him too. And she saw him and Yui when she finished her task during firework festival (LN v5, anime ss1 ep 9).
  • After Haruno used her trap card, Hachiman’s resistance was reduced 50%. She countered with combo hits by giving him unbelievable excuses, even I, the reader, almost falls from my chair.

Her last trap card: Warp

Effect: This trap card activates when your attack earlier is combo hit. It can send any card of your opponent to your own deck.

Haruno presses Hachiman more by asking he expects something from this double date and tells him more Hayato will not lower his head just for asking a favor so easily because he is prideful. Finally, she says she will visit his house and drag him instead, and she hangs up the phone after her final declaration.

Yukinoshita Haruno corners Hikigaya Hachiman. (Oregairu Zoku ep 4)

Hachiman: Don’t come to my house.

After Haruno’s trap cards, she activates the most frightening trap card, Warp. This card’s effect will activate if Hachiman didn’t show up in this double date. …But how did she know where Hachiman’s house locate? …It seems this question is stupid to ask, I guess.

I will explain about small timeline a bit.

  1. After school, Hayato invited Hachiman to go with him on double date but was rejected. This period should be the evening.
  2. Hayato told Haruno that Hachiman rejected his invitation. He told her he lowered his head while asking too but failed. Haruno was surprised and wanted to know his intention why he wants to invite Hachiman so badly he ignored his pride. We don’t know Hayato asked her for help by inviting Hachiman or she volunteered this task by her own will. But I am sure Hayato told her so he can make her interested his unexpected plot and he knew if he can’t invite Hachiman, she can. That’s why I am sure again he asked her to corner invite Hachiman.
    Haruno is very smart but she didn’t know yet she fell in Hayato’s trap already.
  3. In the same day at midnight, Hachiman received a call from Haruno. She cornered invited him to go double date. She cornered him with her trap cards in the duel and win!

In this post, I intended to write this analysis start when Hayato invited Hachiman until the end (the whole ep 4), but when I tried to explain about what Haruno did while she called Hachiman, the detail I got, are more than I expected, so I will paste what happened after this to the next part. And in the next part, I will analyze Haruno and Hachiman during they are waiting for Hayato in the coffee shop (this scene appeared in LN only).

but the remained feeling is still continue…


  1. When Haruno asks Hachiman he quarreled with Komachi, he answers her sarcastically and makes she laughs. She feels uncomfortable about what she should not ask (siblings’s quarrel). Maybe this topic is sensitive to her who has problem with her sister too. You can see she laughs and changes to another topic, her back off reaction makes me think she wants to cut this topic and never touch it anymore.
  2. Haruno calls Hachiman to join the double date although the time she calls him is midnight. This is Hayama’s date but she tries to invite Hachiman. Her suspicious behavior tell me that this Hayama’s secret plan is very interesting to her (don’t forget her operation fire doughnut still continues).
    However, she doesn’t realize that Hayama uses Hachiman to lure her in this date. Hachiman will be necessary lure/victim/sacrifice for his plan and he will use another lure to destroy her operation with a single blow. And both of lures are people she is fond of (aka her weakness).
    In order to destroy manipulator’s plan, you need to become the worse manipulator.
  3. When Haruno teases Hachiman that it would be romantic to go on a date with Orimoto. I suspect she wants to check his feeling about Orimoto. Sure he is interested her but right now, Haruno wants to know this so she pretends to tease him like that. I think Haruno is the smart girl so she should realize (after she checked his feeling about Orimoto) there’s no way it will be so romantic between them but she chose to give him this opinion. That’s why I suspect she wants to know his feeling. If he has still the feeling for Orimoto, his response will make Haruno know immediately.
  4. When Haruno asks Hachiman about what love is in his opinion, her question is annoyed for him and me. However, I changed my opinion and thinks that…
    1. Maybe she too, doesn’t know what love is.
    2. Or she wants to know from him directly. If her reason is 2), it makes me think that Hachiman’s opinion about love is important for her. I will point this important matter to you that she never ask about love stuff to any characters, except him.
    3. Maybe both.
  5. After Hachiman acts like robot and answered about what love is, Haruno reviews his answer and realizes that he carries logic reasons that he misunderstood his feeling. Don’t forget Orimoto’s rejection becomes gossip and makes him hurt a lot. So he tries to reason about his feeling to be “misunderstood” to…
    1. To never make the same mistake like that again.
    2. Or to comfort himself so he will not hurt again. This is the origin of his AT-field to repel any (especially nice) girls (like Orimoto and Yuigahama). And do you remember he has the answer for this question for a long time? If he has this answer for a long time, it means he even cast up himself and never tries to confess to any girls anymore.
    3. Or both. Haruno analyzed his answer and sighs, maybe she knows why he thinks like this and tells her it’s “misunderstood” (that is right partially.). However, she knows he cast up himself, be alert and very quiet, when Orimoto is around him. So she gives him the title monster of logic and later changes to monster of self-consciousness. This title makes him feel surprised but can’t even deny this title.
  6. This phone talk is like a meeting after doughnut shop event. She wants to confirm his feeling again because she too, is not sure how he feels toward Orimoto, because she had not any chance to talk to him in private after Orimoto left. So that’s why I am not surprised when she called him so she will feel ease a bit if she asks him about this and no one interfere them again. And it appears that he has no feeling for Orimoto anymore, so I guess she feels relieved. That’s why she can return to her own operation.
  7. Let’s return to Haruno’s operation. After she knows that he is alert because of Orimoto, the nice girl who rejected him, she corners him who would refuse to join the double date for sure by using three trap cards.
    1. Haruno even changes the time so Hachiman will not find any excuse to not go.
    2. Haruno corners him more that he even went on the date with her sister, and even with Yui. (I will make a notice that Haruno is the only one who saw him hung out with Yukino and Yui.)
    3. Haruno tells him that if he doesn’t show up, she will go to his house and drags him.

Haruno is the real genius who can hide her true intention even Hachiman feels annoyed and doesn’t want her to be near him (since he can’t understand her). And this time she tries hard to make him join the double date. However, I dare say to you again that it’s because of Hayama Hayato. Do you remember he even bowed to Hachiman and invited him to this double date. After Hachiman refused, he needs help from someone who can corner Hachiman. Guess who?

Actually, Haruno is not the one who wants to drag Hachiman to this double date. But after Hayama told her that he wants Hachiman so much to join this double date, even bowed to him too. This information made Haruno feel very interested and super curious why Hayama even threw his pride to do that. So she accepted his request and succeeds inviting Hachiman into this double date. Don’t believe me until you read LN v8 again.

And I can dare say again that Hayama is another the real genius who tries to hide his real intention

Even Hayama has his own secret operation.


She never realize her soldier who always obey her command, will destroy her operation.

Even Haruno doesn’t know his intention. He even use her curious feeling to make her join his own countermeasure. She even doesn’t know her secret operation will be destroyed in front of her in the end. You will see later why I dare to say this.

However, in the next part, I will postpone about explaining her operation vs his operation for now. Part 5 will explain how Haruno lives (partly but deeply).

After read my analysis, Haruno’s operation fire doughnut part 4, I want to know what you think after reading my work too. So please Comment your thought about characters above or my work at the comment form below. Don’t let me write alone.

And if you think my analysis is good enough to send to others too, please don’t hesitate to Share with social buttons below.

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Until we meet again.

Operation Fire Doughnut List

I pasted this list so you can explore all parts of Haruno’s operation. Dozo!

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If Haruno knows Hayama is planning something behind her back, she would not force Hachiman to this group dates.


5 thoughts on “Oregairu Analysis – And Then, Yukinoshita Haruno Launched Operation Fire Doughnut! (Part 4)

  1. Nicholas says:

    Awesome in-depth analysis and entertaining, makes me like Haruno even more. Also,
    looking forward for more posts about “oregairu”, especially Hiratsuka sensei haha. Thank you,ご苦労様です。

    Liked by 1 person

    • YahariBento says:

      I intend to do oregairu analysis more and will not stop since there’re many things to analyze. However, I’m not sure I will analyze Hiratsuka-sensei since she has no anything to analyze (at least for now).
      ps. you can looking forward to part 5. I will do my best like usual to write everything I can find. :3


  2. Alisson says:

    Do you remember the Vol.1 Chapter 8 Hikigaya’s essay?
    Do you remember that it wasn’t finished?
    I was thinking recently and I think that the unfinished essay is in truth the ending of the Oregairu Series or a hint to it.
    Have you analyzed it in any way?

    Good analyzis, i’m hoping to see more soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    • YahariBento says:

      Do you mean in LN?
      If it’s in that, yes, he wrote alone and still not finish his essay, so he continues this work in club room.
      And he writes the last line that… (you can read his last line in that vol.)

      I don’t know there’s any hints in his essay, but Hachiman in v1 still think his life is in gray tone but still think positively that his “love comedy life” will happen someday too.

      In this point, I never think his life will be gray tone forever at all. Because the Oregairu story started with gray > light gray > dak gray > and will be bright for him in the end.

      However, I don’t think again that his love comedy life will be normal/right/as expected. As the title of Oregairu, it will be unexpected for him. I mean… even he, the monster of logic, never expect “this route”will happen in his life.

      This is just my assumption for now.


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