Nisekoi (ニセコイ) Analysis – The Final Girl? Glasses Duo Might Know Who.

Which girls will end up with Raku? Let me and glasses detective duo look for any clues/hints in Nisekoi and Magical Patissier Kosaki-chan!! to reach the most possible answer.

Glasses Duo Detective - Miko Shuu & Miyamoto Ruri (Nisekoi ep4)

Yes, like the title post said. Right here and now after read Nisekoi manga series until ch 221, one of two girls only will sit in Ichijou Raku (一条 楽)‘s mind. But when keep reading manga and spin-off manga, with the plot that finally reveal “the promised girl”, I started to wonder this girl would be the final girl/ the true lover who will be with him in the ending. And that would be my starting point for analyzing the plot of Nisekoi (ニセコイ) so we can explain to you why I think this girl would be in Raku’s heart.

Warning: spoil up ahead, please read manga before proceed from this point. And please read Attention before read my analysis.

My path in Nisekoi.

I hardly follow reading this manga for a long time but I have a chance to read it again recently. I found out the story will reach the end soon (maybe) and right now it was released until ch221. After I finish reading this ch, I found out people are talking about the promised girl and who will win Raku’s heart very often in social media. For example, imagine when you look at news feed in FB and see many posts and pics of Nisekoi.

It’s time again for some people who worship cheer their best girls who might be in love relationship with him in the ending, will express their own opinions since it is possible that the ending of Nisekoi will come soon although there is no any formal announcement about this yet. It is refreshing for me to read their comments talking about this manga again. Someone is sure that this girl will win, someone wrote that another girl should win. For me, I’m not sure who will win. The only one who know this answer is mangaka, the god of Nisekoi only.

The reasons why this analysis was born

So what I, the reader, can do is looking for the most possible answer via analysis. However, I don’t think I can do analysis with just one chapter in manga so I need to return and read other chapters too. The final result can be wrong too and it will be embarrassing a lot but it can’t help.

Ichijou Raku, Onodera Kosaki, Kanakura Yui, Tachibana Marika & Kirisaki Chitoge are in comfy mode.
This should be the best ending. (sob)
  • Because this might be the first and the last post of Yahari Bento blog for Nisekoi so I kept thinking about doing this analysis. And after thinking about this, I decided to do it.
  • Maybe the reason I did this is I followed this manga/anime/LN for a long time and like it. I am not true fan but will always return to see what’s next in its story. This should the very simple reason.
  • I like to read opinions from other people. I don’t know how many people who read/watch Nisekoi but I can say there’re so many. I am never bored when I finished reading comment and looked for another comment to read.

So from now on, I will hire let “Glasses Detective Duo”, Maiko Shuu (舞子 集) and Miyamoto Ruri (舞子 集) collect data and we will analyze them step by step.

My starting point is c221

OK. Enough with my blah blah blah reasons. I don’t know how to analyze like professional so I will start at the place I found something valuable in manga instead. Yes, I’m talking about manga ch 221. This ch might be the fuel that made FB social network is on fire here and there. Because the promised girl of Raku was finally revealed in this ch. The girl promised him if when they grow up and meet again, that girl said she will open Raku’s lock with her key, and when that time has come, they will get married.

And the name of this promised girl is …Onodera Kosaki (小野寺 小咲)!!

Miyamoto Ruri encourages Onodera Kosaki to go to the front stage. (Nisekoi)
Kosaki: Don’t say it, Ruri-chan!!

So it means the final girl is confirmed, doesn’t it? Some people who cheer Kosaki was bath by sunlight once again after this ch was released. I am not surprised at all. We know Raku has been looking for this promised girl. This keyword alone spread to a certain video sharing website, communities and other websites. The one who is the promised girl should hold the true key in her hand as well.

When anime ss 1 was released, I wonder what the true key should be. Kosaki’s key is heart shaped key. When you see at Nisekoi (English title), you can see Raku’s lock and Kosaki’s key in this title. If these two things was used as symbols in title, so I thought it’s high possible that Kosaki would be the promised girl.

Story in c221

However, please return to c221 again. Kirisaki Chitoge (桐崎 千棘) (was a little girl back then) wanted to meet with everyone (Raku, Kosaki, Tachibana Marika (橘 万里花) and Kanakura Yui (かなくら ユイ)) again. So she used the story in the picture book to make her wish. However, in order to do as the story in picture book said, they need lock and keys. Yui said that her father’s acquaintances made accessories so they need one lock and four keys for everyone.

Chitoge was very glad Raku chose to marry with her, but in the end she knew later that he liked Kosaki the most and he felt bad because he is not honest when he was asked so he decided to tell Chitoge but Kosaki stop him because Chitoge will be sad if she heard that so instead, they drew love umbrella with their names on the big rock. After Raku and Kosaki ran to the house, Chitoge saw that drawing.

The next morning, the lock and four keys are made. The heart shaped key is the princess key for this lock. When Yui is going to give this key to Chitoge. Chitoge gave this key to Kosaki instead. She is sad a bit but made him promise to her that he will make Kosaki happy. When Raku and Kosaki are alone, they promised to meet again and open the lock when they grow up. After the lock is open, they will marry each other. Chitoge heard their conversation again and accepted the truth.

Any clues in c221?

When I read this ch and found out Kosaki is the promised girl, There’re thoughts in my mind as the list below.

  1. Oh! She is the final girl!!
  2. The key she has is the true key too.
  3. All necessary characters are at the Tenku Park. And if Raku meets Kosaki, she uses her key to unlock Raku’s lock. They would do that at the place they promised when they still are kids.
  4. The happy ending “Zawsze In Love (Love Forever)”. As the love umbrella was drawn on the big rock near them.
Onodera Kosaki in close up. (Nisekoi)
The promised girl

This should be the ending and Kosaki, the promised girl, would be the final girl too. She is the perfect route in Nisekoi. However, when I read this ch many times, the perfect ending in my mind started to be wavy. Why did I think like that?

Because of Kirisaki Chitoge.

  • When I saw Chitoge look at Raku and Kosaki promised for “Zawsze In Love”, she seems to accept the truth about both of them would be the couple in the future if they meet again some day. If Kosaki will end up with Raku, it means this situation when she will look at them fulfill their promise will reach soon. If that scene happens, she will be hurt two times, at the same place, by the same people she cherishes so much, and was rejected two times. So I will leave you think this scene will happen or not…
  • We can see Chitoge is like the principle person (before I read this ch, I thought Raku was the one) very clearly. If she is the one who started this promise, she will be the one who will not end up with Raku?
  • We saw that in the past, Chitoge withdrew and gave the true key to Kosaki because Raku likes Kosaki the most. She is the one who made him promise he will make Kosaki happy. So if in the present, Kosaki will be the final girl, the same scene will happen again like the second loop?

The plane will take off soon.

OK, right now the crossroads are up ahead. If you think the final ending of this Nisekoi will be simple and cl*an or like Love Hina ending, you can drop my analysis to this point and wait for the final ch to be released. However, if you think it is possible that the plot from now on will be the plot twist and will turn into “the surprise ending” instead, please have a seat and keep your seatbelt fasten at all time while seated.

Like I wrote before that just one ch will not has information enough for analysis. So what I need is look for more info from other ch. When I suspect the perfect ending might not happen, what I can do next is warp to other chapters. Which chapter will I be landing?

The next gate: c90

Some part of synopsis in c90

Raku and everyone found the picture book at Kosaki’s house so they can know the story. …blah blah blah I am lazy enough to write the whole story here, so please help yourself. However, the prince in the story wants to see the princess again after being separated, so he runs toward her side. However, the obstacles appear one after another, he can’t achieve his goal so easily but was helped by the girls with keys. Raku and others wants to know what’s next but the next page was torn…

A hint in c90

So what’s next? I think the story above is very similar with the plot in c216. In c216, Raku and Kosaki go to America to search for Chitoge but still can’t catch her. The scene and many buildings in c216 while they are taking a break and talking about Chitoge, made me think about the obstacles (the large door with fine lock) that the prince needs to pass. Raku and Kosaki can’t catch Chitoge so easily. But what I want to point is not the difficult catching her, but the similarity between the prince’s journey and Raku+Kosaki’s journey.

How do you know we are alone in America!?
How do you know we are alone in America!?

No wonder that to this point, I will let you match…

  1. Who should be the prince.
  2. Who will be the girl with key who helps the prince.
  3. And the princess who is the final goal the prince must reach is… you-know-who.

Next gate: c213

Story in c213

In this ch, Tsugumi Seichirou (鶫 誠士郎) (Chitoge’s bodyguard) tells Raku that Chitoge had disappeared. Later, she reports to Raku’s group that her personal belongings and suitcase were gone. No one knows where she is right now. Her father seems to know something and told everyone in the house to not worry about her. Plus, she sent the letter of absence to Yui-sensei (Kanakura Yui right now) too. Tsugumi can’t hold her unease feeling, she decides to skip school and search for Chitoge.

Raku is worried and goes to Chitoge’s house and meets with Chitoge’s dad (Kirisaki Wagner Adelt). Her father tells him that she is dealing with something very difficult but he will know where she is soon, and will tell Raku when the time comes. However, when her father is going back, he tells Raku that his daughter might not come back to this town. Raku is shocked by Chitoge’s father’s words. Later, he sneaks into Chitoge’s room and found her friendship notebook.

Raku reads it and hopes he will find any clues where she is right now. Too bad, there’s no any hints like that, but there are full of her feeling started when she met him and everyone instead. After he finish reading this book, he winces in pain and wants her to come back. Later, he becomes drowsy in the classroom while everyone in his group still don’t give up and try to think strategies after the closing ceremony is over.

Any clues in c213?

  • In c221, I analyzed about the possible plot around Raku, Kosaki and Chitoge. Right now, I will focus on Raku’s feeling instead. When he knows Chitoge had disappeared, he and others are so worried, just like when Marika’s case. However, the plot in this ch was focused on Raku. He doesn’t know why she left so suddenly.
  • So he goes to her house and meets with her father. Adelt tells him he will let him know if he knows where his daughter is. But he doesn’t make Raku feels ease at all since Adelt tells him that his daughter might not come back to town. This alone makes Raku is shocked.
  • When Raku finished reading Chitoge’s friendship notebook. I am surprised it is so painful to him after read her feeling (about school life and fake love between him and her). Her words in this notebook made me think this is like the garden of words (ps. it’s the title of my favorite anime drama film).

His expression tells me that his unease feeling that started when she left until now is overwhelming. And his expression and feeling made me wonder why he is in pain so much after read Chitoge’s book? Yeah, he doesn’t know why she left but her dad confirmed that she is safe, no any harm, no kidnapping. Then why does he feel like he gonna die in that minute?

Ichijou Raku's unbelievable face expression. (Nisekoi)
I-It’s not like I make face like this!

Or could it be, Raku imagines that he will never see Chitoge again?

Raku doesn’t know the day when he will see Chitoge again will come. But later, it seems the painful feeling still is there. Within his group, everyone are so worried but still tries to search for better strategy until now, but he is the only one who stop functioning. Do you still remember when Marika had disappeared because of her family matter or not? He is like everyone, is worried but still tried to think how to meet her again. But in Chitoge’s case, the way he feels is different completely from Marika’s case.

Take a break & look for hint from spin-off.

Please bring me some strawberry shortcake.
Please bring me some strawberry shortcake.

It’s time to take a break from the main series a bit and have desserts from air hostesses. But I and glasses detective duo will continue our service for you. Now we will focus on “Magical Patissière Kosaki-chan!!”, the Nisekoi spin-off series. The main protagonist in this spin-off will be different this time and she is Onodera Kosaki, the girl who can transform to the magical girl and fights for the peace in her town by casting dessert magic. You can say this Magical Patissier Kosaki-chan!! can be alternate/another world from Nisekoi. Most characters in this spin-off still have the same names and outer appearance.

When this spin-off was released to us, I’m glad I can read Nisekoi in another version and I am disappointed after finished reading this. The comedy and character expressions are awesome! I ever read the previous work of this mangaka and I feel that his drawing skill improves. But wait! I don’t intend to review this spin-off! OK. It’s time to get serious!!

Many questions in Magical Patissière Kosaki-chan!!

I admit I enjoy reading this Kosaki-chan, but then a question popped up in my mind.

Why did they make this spin-off?

Nisekoi is very popular manga all around the world (I mean that). So it’s not weird to has different manga/anime/LN spread from the famous main series. Yes. This reason can be the answer for this question. However, don’t forget that this time…

  • Kosaki is the main character clearly and surely in the another world.
  • And another character, Ichijou-senpai is interested in Kosaki (magical girl version).

These truths made me think more that could it be, this spin-off exists to satisfy Kosaki fans? If my assumption is right, it can be this spin-off will make Kosaki wins Raku. Or if she doesn’t end up with him, this spin-off ending might end that she still fights for her town and her beloved one.

Another assumption is this spin-off can be another world from Nisekoi. So I will give you another question for you that if in another world, Kosaki will be the final girl,

Ichijou Raku & Onodera Kosaki (in original & magical girl version). (Magical Patissier Kosaki-chan!! & Nisekoi)
She is super cute in every version.

then in the Nisekoi’s world, who will be “the true lover” for Raku?

The gate: c220

Right now, I and detective team will hurry up to the gate c220. I mean, …manga c220. The plot in this chapter is about the past between four girls (Kosaki, Chitoge, Marika and Yui) and the picture book of Raku’s mother. You can see the plot in that picture book was arranged in happier ending version.

The three angels in the picture book made me think of three fairy godmothers of the classic fairy tale, “Sleeping Be@uty”… or could it be the story in this picture book came from this famous story? …Anyway, I think those three angels will be the symbol of three girls in Nisekoi. When I finish reading manga c217 and 219, it’s time I need to admit that Marika and Yui-sensei will be in those two positions. However, there’s still one seat for Merryweather. And we still don’t know who will be in this position.

  1. When I reached the last page of this c220, finally, I found the last hints for this analysis. I don’t know why but I think this page connected with the page that has the picture of prince, princess and three angels. This last page has three panels below and maybe, just maybe, these panels gave us the answer who will be the three angels, who will support the prince and the princess.
  2. The second assumption about this page is, please look at the “big panel” above those three panels of the page. We will see two girls in this panel. These two girls are the most possible candidates who will be “the final girl” of Raku. However, if one of the girl who already is in the one of three panels below, it means this girl might not be the girl who will end up with him.

I don’t know this assumption will be right or wrong, but if mangaka wants to give us indirect hint by drawing this page that connected with the page that has the prince, princess and three angels that is in the same chapter. Then the girl who is not in the three panels below would be “the final girl”.

The final conclusion

Ichijou Raku, Onodera Kosaki & Kirisaki Chitoge in La Torre di Pisa mode. (Nisekoi)
Please stop analyzing us!!

Finally, it’s time for the analysis plane to land, but I will need to adjust the airspeed and attribute of the plane make a clue/hint list from each chapter first.

  • In c221, with many doubts within this chapter, I assumed that it’s possible that the plot twist will happen. If not, Chitoge’s fate will be the same as what happened in the past. Plus, she is like the principle person for making this promise happened, but she will not be the one who ends up with Raku?
  • In c90, the story in picture book is very similar with the plot in this chapter. Raku and Kosaki are searching for Chitoge at America but can’t find her so easily (The prince runs to meet with the princess again but the obstacles will not let him pass, so the girls with keys appear and help him pass).
  • In c213, Raku’s suffering because a certain girl had disappeared. Her disappearance effected him more than during Marika’s case and more than everyone in his group.
  • In Magical Patissière Kosaki-chan!! (Nisekoi spin-off). It’s like another world from Nisekoi and it’s possible Kosaki will end up with Ichijou-senpai, or not happen, but the ending would be – she will fight for her town and for her senpai. If she will be the final girl in that another world, then in Nisekoi’s world, who will be the true lover of Raku?
  • In c220, the connection between two pages. The page that has a picture of rewritten ending of the prince, the princess and three angels. The last page has four girls who have keys (Chitoge, Kosaki, Marika and Yui).
    1. Three girls in the three panels in the another page might act as three angels in the story in the picture book.
    2. There are two girls in the big panel and they might be the candidates in the final round. However, there’s only one girl who is not in the any panels in the last page of c220.

With all clues, hints and assumptions, let me give you the final result of this analysis. This person who gain the title “the final girl” is… Maiko Sh-

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Umm… sorry. The final result is…

Kirisaki Chitoge!!

Kirisaki Chitoge is blushing. (Nisekoi)
E-Eh? Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!?

ps. I didn’t own all of these pictures at all.

This is a long journey for me and glasses detective duo and this is the final result from this analysis. Of course, this result can be right and wrong. But we put our all best effort in this analysis. So after this, you can give us your opinion. Like or not like is fine. If you have your own assumption or analysis, the comment form below is the place for you. If you think this analysis should be sent to someone who read/watch Nisekoi, please share it, thank you.


Author: Yahari Bento ( ^ v^)*

Eye wanna eat Quinoa Fried Rice. It would be SO GOOD! SO GOOD! ( ^ )3^)

6 thoughts on “Nisekoi (ニセコイ) Analysis – The Final Girl? Glasses Duo Might Know Who.”

  1. Wow so impressive detecting the most obvious ending! Something that was guaranteed from chapter 1 was really tough to figure out eh?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks for your comment, @stkrblog.

      well, the second girl always end up with main character so I think she would be the final girl because mangaka used the obvious theme. But I want to pick many clues and hints of this manga instead believe in theme only.


  2. I’ve been pulling for Chitoge fron the start. While the most obvious ending, it just works better for me. Kosaki Onodera bores me horribly. Either way though, that was a fun little journey through the hints and clues. Very enjoyable.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I got your feeling when the girl you like is the final girl. However, the spinoff manga still continue, I wonder its ending.

      I’m glad you enjoy reading my analysis too. Thank you. ;3

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  3. I guess chitoge really fits for rakus final girl…..bcoz she seems 2 b perfect in every angle😁😁😁and i like her d most

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