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20 Jun – Edited the post – Tifa & Cloud’s Flirting Scene At The Bar is Wonderful But… since I found out some amazing secrets behind their conversation. Click for reading more blog updates.

Warning: Spoiler lies in every posts.
Please read Attention Page first, before you proceed with my analysis. Since my all works are not absolute right.

20 Jun – Edited the post – Tifa & Cloud’s Flirting Scene At The Bar is Wonderful But… since I found out some amazing secrets behind their conversation.

12 Mar – I edited two FF7 Remake posts to delete my old assumption about Cloud, Aerith, and Tifa.


2 Oct – Add more assumption about who is the reflection of Finn and Stamp, the character and mascot in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

16 May – Found out the final answer who owns those three memorandums (Oregairu). Since I wrote the same thing in those 3 posts, feel free to read any of them. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

7 May – I found out the core of “Y”.

2 May – I found out about the deepest meaning of “confession the feelings and be rejected” that is Hachiman’s experience in the past, you can check my update at this post.

24 April – I decoded the conversation between Hachiman and Hayama after the double date ended. Check it out.

8 April – The next post ep 5 will be coming soon.

8 Feb – Earlier, I wrote my biggest project, The Reflections of Oregairu that I thought I would write the most eps in anime Zoku. But I changed my mind to expand more than that Because there are much more topics and interesting characters that I want to share them to you. So I decided to change the title of my project to this.

The Reflections of Oregairu – Finally, Genuine, End Girl, The Final Story, Their Past & More.

The Reflections of Oregairu – Finally, Genuine, End Girl, & More, Were Revealed.

I still plan to write [the final story, their past] even if I exclude these topics from the new title. If I have more time, I WANT to write about anime season 1 too. I can’t believe Oregairu is like Deja vu. If Oregairu fan read my project, you will see why I think like that.


22 Nov – I decided to divide the post “Reflections of Oregairu – Genuine, End Girl, The Final Story, Their Past, & More.” into the biggest post series. If you already read the post, “part 1” before 21 Nov, it means you don’t need to read part 2-3 since I brought info in anime ss2 ep4-5 to part 2 & 3 orderly.

14 NovReflections of Oregairu – Genuine, End Girl, The Final Story, Their Past, & More.
The ultimate full course meal of YahariBento!! blog. Coming soon.

31 Oct – I notice there are so many events related to Oregairu in Oct-Nov (anime, LN, festival). And also LN v14’s schedule (19 Nov if I am wrong) is not postponed despite this day is 31 Oct. I hope we will not encounter the usual postponing again.

9 Sep

28 May – Added “Judo match” to the short timeline of this post, “Y” of Hayato. Because this event occurred before the summer camp. And Hayato showed his grudge against Hachiman for the first time during this event, in LN v7.5.

10 May: I added a new fact I found while I was editing this post, the analysis about the moment when Haruno tries to corner Hachiman to the double date, that is Haruno’s love in the past. Click the link above, click Ctrl+F and use this keyword.
Or I can find Haruno’s love.

30 April: I updated more in-depth details in this post. Understand Hayama in LN v10 and you will see the truth of other characters. You will not be disappointed.

14 April: I updated more in-depth details in this post, when Haruno also gazes into Hachiman.

4 April: I added “Related Topics” in the post. The first topic I wrote is about what Rumi might not know. If you want to read more, this is the link, click Ctrl+F and use this keyword 1. The truth Rumi may not know.

20 Mar: Edited this post a bit and more hint about Haruno.

Hayama Hayato (葉山 隼人) closes case by recommending Sagami Minami (相模 南). (Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru. Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabukome wa Machigatte Iru. Oregairu My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, as I Expected. My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU やはり俺の青春ラブコメはまちがっている。 俺ガイル 果然我的青春戀愛喜劇搞錯了。 anime ep 10)
(End this case quick.)

15 Mar: I wrote how Hayama chooses Sagami to be the representative. If you are interested to know why I think he chooses her, you can read more in this post and click ctrl+f and use this keyword 1. The Truth Behind Choosing Sagami.

31 Jan: I update some thought about a character. That person’s intention and action in LN v13 connect with what Hachiman says to Yukino and Yuigahama in v4. How doing the fake thing to save people will be the genuine.

22 Jan: I add a new assumption about Haruno’s feeling when she is spending time with Hachiman before the double date in LN v8. She is the normal woman than we think.


20 Dec

  • I concluded the meaning in Haruno’s words when she is talking with Hachiman in this post, When Haruno Also Gazes into Hachiman. [anime ss1 ep 6]. Time can give us the answer. You can find my update instantly by Ctrl+F and use this keyword, 20/12/2018
  • Add circumstance evidence in this post, The (Secondary) Career Path of Hayama to confirm choosing Sciences of Hayama. You can find my update instantly by Ctrl+F and use this keyword, Haruno’s Analyzing

11 Dec – I updated many things in Oregairu Analysis – 2nd Memorandum.

10 Dec – I updated more hints in LN v13 that connect with the arranged marriage and etc. If you are interested, you can read more in the link, arranged marriage that I pasted below. ⇓

14 Nov – I found these two “hints” in Yahari LN v3 that might be important hints or not that it is up to our point of views. For me, this is just a hunch, that title and alias in Zaimokusa’s outline for his novel are things that I could not believe them but I can’t ignore them either.

You can find these hints at the right footer of my blog. Oregairu LN v3 is the volume that the main protagonist and that interesting character meet for the first time. So I am interested of Wataru Watari-sensei’s intention about the reason why he wrote suspicious title and alias like that. For my opinion, I suspect that he predicted the ending between Hachiman and Haruno since their names connect with that alias, “Hashiharu“.

These hints from Watari-sensei makes me imagine how this alias above will cause some …nah, huge effect to all Oregairu fans that sensei also wrote how it will be after readers reach the ending of Oregairu in the title below,

Entangling dual blades and the vicissitude of the inverted world.

I am impressed how sensei is very careful to not write “Hachi” (Hachiman) straightforwardly but chose to use “Hashi” instead to hide and reveal the truth at the same time. Revealing this mysterious hints by using other character in order to present is what I witnessed many times in many volumes.

Another thing is I will publish the next Oregairu analysis – Who is the mastermind behind prom’s cancellation within 20 Nov. After LN v13 is released, I hope the writer will reveal many things or conclusion within main characters.

29 July – I added more hint in LN v12 that increases the possibility that the arranged marriage would happen and will answer if Haruno hung out with her boyfriend or not. You can find the answer in this Oregairu Analysis – Arranged Marriage (Or Engagement) Might Happen For REAL!?

20 July: I decoded Hayama’s word when he seems talk to Hachiman during this event. It appears that what he says is a conversation between “someone dear to him” and himself that happened for a long time.

Hikigaya Hachiman (比企谷 八幡) Hayama Hayato (葉山 隼人) (Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Zoku ep4)

You can read hidden conversation in Oregairu Analysis – The Conclusion of Yukinoshita Haruno (雪ノ下 陽乃)’s Plan (Operation Fire Doughnut) & The TRUTH(s) behind Hayama Hayato (葉山 隼人)’s Sacrifice for Hikigaya Hachiman (比企谷 八幡) (The Last Part). [Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru. Zoku Season 2 Ep 4], with this you will know a fragment of their past.

19 Apr: I updated my things in one of my own posts, Oregairu Analysis – When Yukinoshita Haruno Also Gazes into Hikigaya Hachiman. about 80%. Along with related topics.

9 Apr: I found an interesting Yahari fanfic that focuses on the same character I am interested, Yukinoshita Haruno. The title is “Conversations with Yukinoshita Haruno”. hslippery, the fanfic’s owner, wrote Haruno’s story that I was surprised the moment I read it. I am impressed that there’re some people came to the same challenge, figuring out a character as complex as Haruno. No matter we are right or wrong abut our conclusions, I think this is the correct way to reach the answer, keep thinking and develop ourselves. That’s why, if you don’t understand about Haruno but want to know about her more, I strongly recommend you to read hislippery’s fiction. I pasted the link in another page, Sushi Roll.

6 Feb:

4 Feb: I am re-analyzing the story of a character in the 2nd memorandum of Oregariu LN v10. I didn’t change the final answer but I thought my analyzing is shallow, so I decided to rewrite more. For Oregairu fan, you’ll not be disappointed if you read this since her/his story in this memorandum will reveal what will happen in LN v13-14 too. I will leave link here & stick this post in home page so you can reach it easier. Oregairu Analysis – 2nd Memorandum: Or, It Can Be This Person’s Monologue.

25 Jan:


16 Oct: After the story in LN v12, I notice something and wrote [how Hachiman will support Yukino to solve her problem], and [reasons why Yukin can’t solve her own problem], in the old analysis, Rumi’s transformation. So I changed its name to “The transformation of Tsurumi Rumi and Yukinoshita Yukino” instead.

17 Sep: For Oregairu fan, I wrote why Haruno told Hachiman in anime Yahari Zoku ep12 that what Yukino was doing to Hachiman is not trust but something different in Oregairu Analysis – 3rd Memorandum: If so, just whose monologue was it?

22 Aug: To celebrate the legendary v12 of Yahari, I will do my best to write oregairu analysis as much and fast as I can. I don’t know that there’re more issues for me to analyze in v12 or not, or this will reveal what I ever assumed, or will write. For you or any Oregairu fans, you can be looking forward to my update!

21 Aug: Since I got my new partner to publish analysis faster, and the news I’am waiting for 2 years, Yahari LN v12 will come in this September, I will update more Oregairu analysis asap. If you are one of Yahari fan, you can expect more analysis posts about this story from this blog.

25 July: Update more clue and assumpsions in Oregairu Analysis – The Love Plan of Hayama Hayato During The Cultural Festival.

11 July: Update again in Oregairu Analysis – Finally, “Y” in Hayama Hayato’s Heart Was Revealed.

23 Mar:

5 Feb: Add more heading: How Haruno repels the uncomfortable feeling of Hachiman in Oregairu analysis – When Yukinoshita Haruno Also Gazes into Hachiman.

22 Jan: Add more informations in Oregairu analysis – 1st memorandum

11 Jan: Add more data & decode data in Oregairu analysis – “Y” of Hayama Hayato.


14 Oct: Update something surprising about Kimi no Na wa (Your Name) in Kotonoha no Niwa’s review a bit.

25 Oct: Add gigantic assumptions about why Haruno hates Hayato so much, in Haruno’s operation fire doughnut (part 3).

17 Oct: Add & edit gigantic informations & assumptions in Haruno’s operation fire doughnut (part 3) & (part 4).

16 Oct: Add and edit gigantic informations & assumptions in Haruno’s operation fire doughnut (part 2).

11 Oct: Add gigantic information and assumption in Haruno’s operation fire doughnut (part 1). (As if this analysis is still not long yet.)

24 Sep: I added “related oregairu analysis” in every Oregairu posts (you will see them below of each posts). Hope this will help you read my work easier, more or less.

5 Sep: Add conclusions in Haruno’s operation fire doughnut part 4 and part 5.

29 July: I added more detail & pics in Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic – Ren Hakuei might end up with this person.‘s post.

8 May: I edited and add more detail & pics in Haruno also gazes into Hachiman‘s post.

26 April: I wrote more detail in 1st memorandum. (although the final answer still is the same.)

29 Mar: I will arrange “Haruno’s Fire Doughnut Operation” part 1 and part 2 to be easier for reading. (The arranging will be done soon.)

  1. I will combine part 1 + part 2 to be the new part 1 post only.
  2. And in the part 2 post, I will provide the story that should be in the part 3, move to the new part 2. (their link url still are the same.) So if you want to read the story next to part 2, you know where the next update is.

Author: Yahari Bento ( ^ v^)*

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