Short Updates and Short Attentions

Warning: Spoiler lies in every posts.
Please read Attention Page first, before you proceed my analysis. Since my all work are not absolute right as you expected.

11 July:

 Update again in Oregairu Analysis – Finally, “Y” in Hayama Hayato’s Heart Was Revealed.

23 Mar:

5 Feb: Add more heading: How Haruno repels the uncomfortable feeling of Hachiman in Oregairu analysis – When Yukinoshita Haruno Also Gazes into Hachiman.

22 Jan: Add more informations in Oregairu analysis – 1st memorandum

11 Jan: Add more data & decode data in Oregairu analysis – “Y” of Hayama Hayato.


14 Oct: Update something surprising about Kimi no Na wa (Your Name) in Kotonoha no Niwa’s review a bit.

25 Oct: Add gigantic assumptions about why Haruno hates Hayato so much, in Haruno’s operation fire doughnut (part 3).

17 Oct: Add & edit gigantic informations & assumptions in Haruno’s operation fire doughnut (part 3) & (part 4).

16 Oct: Add and edit gigantic informations & assumptions in Haruno’s operation fire doughnut (part 2).

11 Oct: Add gigantic information and assumption in Haruno’s operation fire doughnut (part 1). (As if this analysis is still not long yet.)

24 Sep: I added “related oregairu analysis” in every Oregairu posts (you will see them below of each posts). Hope this will help you read my work easier, more or less.

5 Sep: Add conclusions in Haruno’s operation fire doughnut part 4 and part 5.

29 July: I added more detail & pics in Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic – Ren Hakuei might end up with this person.‘s post.

8 May: I edited and add more detail & pics in Haruno also gazes into Hachiman‘s post.

26 April: I wrote more detail in 1st memorandum. (although the final answer still is the same.)

29 Mar: I will arrange “Haruno’s Fire Doughnut Operation” part 1 and part 2 to be easier for reading. (The arranging will be done soon.)

  1. I will combine part 1 + part 2 to be the new part 1 post only.
  2. And in the part 2 post, I will provide the story that should be in the part 3, move to the new part 2. (their link url still are the same.) So if you want to read the story next to part 2, you know where the next update is.

9 thoughts on “Short Updates and Short Attentions

  1. Cud says:

    After your major OreGairu analysis, are you planning on making more about this particular series?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Neko☆Damashi says:

    Will you do Glasslip analysis, many people are raging about it and don’t understand the ending also the plot

    Liked by 1 person

    • YahariBento ( ^ v ') says:

      Its my 1st time i heard about this anime. After i get new computer (the old one is broken) i will explore glasslip. But its up to this anime is so interesting enough for me to write analysis or not. Thanks you for suggestion.


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